China Shows How.

- China-smartphone

By the majority of internet connection being through ‘smart’ phones, bigger than ‘bite-size’ content, will completely disappear.

The long term effects of this on an internet obsessed Western world, can possibly be seen, if one accepts that reasonable predictions of the future can be made, accepting that they might be one hundred percent wrong.

In the meantime, ‘controversial’, [political] content, is not easily available, and very soon, it will not be available at all.

The Left’s obsession with censorship is morphing into a global, politically totalitarian meme, and if one observes China, and it’s horrific, post-Orwellian “Social-Credit-System”, then the realisation is that, inevitably, our societies are all headed that way..

Drop out of the matrix, and into the real world and actually oppose what’s going on, on the ground, so to speak.

These words are as much for me as they are for all of you.

Turn off the social media and TV news for a few days/weeks, whatever you can manage, connect with your family, your friends, your neighbours, go to the theatre or to see a musical event you know you’d enjoy, take a family member and/or friends, make a real event of it have a meal together beforehand.. escape..

There has to come a time when we stop using the damn machines they made to enslave us into their brave new world.

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