As the American President Donald J. Trump spoke at the UN today and later met with world leaders, standing strong for America once again, Democrats were meanwhile busy shooting slings and arrows to aimlessly diminish him, even as he represented us all.

Think about the timing alone of such a cruel and selfish gambit. Their acts serve to directly embolden all our enemies around the world, many of whom were present today in NYC and were therefore able to hear the left wing fake news media reports on NYC cable TV in their hotel rooms.

Understand something: The “American News network” for most Europeans and Asians is CNN. Period. They don’t get Fox or OAN in Europe, Africa or Asia. CNN delivers the same, leftist-skewed message to the entire rest of the world. The BBC tells a similar left-tinged tale. Same with Sky News. All the rest of international TV is mostly just business, sports, movies, the odd documentary, game shows, or cooking shows. Anyone who has travelled abroad can verify this. European TV especially is tightly controlled and not very controversial in subject matter.

When foreign leaders want to know what’s going on over here, they often contact whatever friends and colleagues they might have in ivory-towered American academia (remember many of them come from wealthy families and attended our private boarding schools and Ivy League universities). When they do, they usually hear the same tired, false anti-Trump drone being pitched from Ivy-covered lecture halls, NY Times and Washington Post editorials, and from CNN.

The information fix from these “Independent” outlets is so lock-step that sometimes all four sources, plus social media, use the exact same phrases and terms, as if they all got the same memo, on the same day at the same time.

Not realizing how limited the media and information they receive is, or what a giant, vapid bubble they live in, or exactly how far left of true normal most American Democrats are, especially in academia, they assume from what they hear and see that our whole nation has no confidence in Donald Trump. They conclude from this, tempered by their own confirmation bias, that America doesn’t support the president. This could not be further from the truth, of course. The President is wildly popular. But they don’t know that.

The Democrats’ attempt today to take the wind out of President Trump’s sails as he delivered his best state of the world address at the United Nations is therefore a betrayal of the highest order.

They did so even as he spoke glowingly of our allies and strongly chastised and chided our enemies. Their action gave courage to our enemies and may have even given our allies pause.

It shows that Democrats and the preponderance of the American press and broadcast media are deeply complicit parties to the very real globalist socialist cabal that seeks to take over our nation—the very globalist socialists that President Trump so eloquently called out and warned us about in his speech today.

For this betrayal of our nation alone, those Democrats perpetuating the media hit job should be impeached and removed from office.

Not President Trump, THEM!

Listen to the full speech here. It was masterful.


No wonder they hate him. He is the worst enemy of tyrants! He’s their worst enemy because unlike them, he bears witness to the truth.

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