Hong Kong is China’s Danzig

- HK

When Danzig was the name on all European lips, and on a great many of those outside Europe from Brisbane to Delaware, and many points between, it was because it was a city on a frontier that had become the hottest political potato since Sarajevo, which had unknowingly hosted the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian nationalists, thereby gifting us the 1st World War.

Hong Kong fits this bill, somewhat loosely, but fairly convincingly, IF the Chinese regime has actually decided that the time has come to stretch itself, to acquire new territories apart from its entirely legal, though ethically dubious expansions into Russia’s far east, which it is geographically close to, and India’s south east coast, which, likewise, is easily accessible to the Chinese fleet.

Whole towns of Chinese workers, employed by the Chinese state, have begun to colonise these extra-territorial locations, and under signed agreements with the two countries, have greatly expanded their total agricultural production, growing wheat, rice, and vegetables in Siberia, and their reclamation of vital minerals (coal mines and oil wells), to the lands of other continents and other nations, whose politicians and business people are being made richer than Croesus, by this less-than-subtle colonisation. By the “soft-power” of “business integration and mutual investment” that characterises the media propaganda of such agreements, if and when they are indeed made public.

China also has eyes on Australia, and has been using the tactic of the Muslims, “Hijra”, the “soft jihad” of constant immigration, just keep sending your people there to “emigrate”, and it’s only when it’s too late, that liberal democracies notice that they’ve actually been colonised.

To put this in perspective, the audience for the Rush Limbaugh Show, is larger than both the modern -day Australian descendants of western European ‘whites’ and the Aboriginal population of Australia, put together. That’s worth considering.

In China now, it is a criminal offence to complain, I mean it, it’s literally illegal to complain, and because the government of China has enforced their own Communist brand of “social credit” through the ‘smart’ phone network they’re able to constantly track everyone on the network, and their friends, their conversations, even if they talk in their sleep. Once signed up to the network, and it’s illegal not to sign once the ‘offer’ has been made, it’s also illegal to turn one’s phone off except to ‘refresh’.

These officially issued cell-phones are able to listen to all your conversations and video everything 24/7, even when your phone is at odd angles to faces etc. They use the most advanced facial-recognition, and voice recognition technology in the world, bar none.

If ‘the user’ says something that’s “unliked”, their “social credit score” can be reduced, suspended, revoked, or, and this is particularly sinister “unmade”.

This would mean they had been “unpersoned”, either because they have been sent to a re-education camp, or because their entire history has been wiped, in which case entire families, and even sometimes, villages, are erased.

This has been done to the Uighur population in southern China, a great many of them are in the big concentration camp in Xin Jiang province.  In China, people are regularly “disappeared”, for “wrong-think”, for having Western connections and/or sympathies, also for being reluctant to join the Communist Party.

This is to preclude the suspicion that I have, that the full annexation of Hong Kong (HK), by the mainland regime, would signal China’s confidence that the west would do nothing, just as Hitler rightly guessed that France and Britain would do nothing if he invaded Poland over the plausible pretext of Danzig being a German city entirely surrounded by Polish territory.

The Chinese Communist Party has been “integrating” the population of mainland Chinese with that of the HK Chinese, the HK Chinese are democratically minded, western minded, liberal-minded in thought and attitude, the mainland regime is colonising HK with loyal party members and their families, of which there are many millions.

This is one of the complaints of the HK protestors, real protestors, who have something genuine to complain about, that they’re being colonised by the families of the Chinese military and law eforcement, as well as by Chinese Billionaires. They’re also being arrested for the ‘crime’ of journalism, as well as of a host of other activities which regimes elewhere are in the process of instituting in law as being ‘criminal’. The “copy-cat” syndrome of those obsessed with power.

In mainland China, political dissent is a criminal offence, for which the ordinary response from the state is to arrest the guilty party or parties, and send them to one of many “re-education facilities”, or as we more accurately call them, “Concentration Camps”.

In Xin-Jiang province there is one such infamous camp, known to many Chinese as “China’s Auschwitz”, from which many internees do not return to their families. The same threat hangs over the heads of the families if they ever even talk about their “unpersoned” relative, the ‘smart’ phone hears all.

If China decides that HK is the next valuable acquisition on it’s wish-list, then it could be the catalyst for something truly catastrophic in terms of the power of global diplomacy, the fragility of liberty, and the rule of a just law for all.

The current tactic of the Chinese regime is to isolate their prey, surround the region with their military, air, sea and land, and induce a media black-out, a total ignorance of anything happening because they would claim “territorial soveriegnty” and/or “national security risk” from “terrorism”, which would turn out to be, yes, you’ve guessed it, the HK democracy protestors who very recently waved the stars and stripes and sang the star spangled banner, while the US media bickered over ‘what Trump said’. Their ‘cry freedom’ was a plea for help to America and the world.

It was ignored, despite Trump’s pleas to the mainland Chinese regime for calm and demilitarisation, no-one else in politics deigned to comment.

Is HK a political and territorial powder-keg? Yes. Is it a key to an abrupt and massive challenge in global power and economics? I don’t know for sure, but it certainly looks like that from my historical perspective.

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  1. Notice how Beijing caved as soon as the Hong Kong protesters said “Taiwan, you are next”?
    Now they need to reach out to folks in Shanghai and Beijing who also want a better future for their kids.
    You see, CHinese people aren’t that different from us after all.

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  2. I know that, my oldest friend is Anglo-Chinese, and I knew his Chinese father, who was my dentist when I was a child, and his Scottish mother, his siblings too, anyway, I wasn’t trying to say that the Chinese people are so much different from us, though there are some huge cultural differences and so on.

    What I am saying, is that the regime is gearing up into a frighteningly real police-state that makes the future-noir sci-fi genre look pathetic by comparison, their tech is really scary, and the intent behind all of their beefing-up is all too obvious, and doesn’t make for calm, or feelings of peace and security.


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