Empire of the Damned

- Chartres

At the start of the French revolution, the propaganda went on about the brotherhood of man, liberty from tyrants, and from political repression.

It soon transpired that it was Madame Guillotine that was liberating the masses from their drudgery and oppression.

At one point during the revolution, after it’s major successes were achieved, by destruction of the “ancien regime” and the mass murder of the ruling class, it was proposed to pull down Chartres Cathedral, and build in its place, hubristically enough, “a temple of wisdom”.

All this while “the terror” raged, a political, and social purge, of all those who had power, or were born in line to power, or had married into power, and so on..

During what is known as “the terror”, many thousands of French people were executed, in public, by their fellow citizens of “the republic”, the republic of liberty and justice, of egalitarian principles, of power being transferred, apparently, to “the people”.

Well, everyone found out shortly after, just which “people” granted themselves Absolute Power, by slaughtering all of their enemies, and afterwards, granting some limited powers to others, for purely practical reasons.

France is still a mess because of that pathological liberalism, which at first affects to reason and empathy, pretends to morality and justice, and swiftly becomes identitarian, fiercely dogmatic, tribal, murderous, and, if left to its own natural progression, genocidal.

I believe that this is one main reason why the French ruling class and the Germans get along so well in the Communist Empire that is the EU. That’s one of the many reasons I voted to Leave the blasted Empire of the Damned, with all of its horrific and twisted Communist ambitions and policies.

They, the bureaucrat liberals that rule the EU, don’t want us, the British, to leave, unless we pay £39 Billion for the privilege, in a ‘deal’ that would see us permanently, and even more deeply tied to the EU, and continuing to pay equally heavily for that privilege too.

We want this rotten, allegedly British, parliament of ours, to be dissolved, preferrably in acid, of course I jest, but British politics is a complete mess because of them, and we’re ripe for take-over by any old bright and shiny ‘soft’ totalitarianism that has enough resources, and the will to power.

Basically, the international Left, the global Communist movement, of which the EU is a major component, is the probable nemesis of the west.

Pictured, is Chartres Cathedral, which the Compassionate Socialists of Eighteenth Century France wanted to destroy.

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  1. Well, that at least is a hypothesis that is not impossible to imagine, whether it’s actually anywhere near the truth or not. The minds of others remain infuriatingly impossible to read, especially at more than one remove of space and time.


  2. SIBL in NYC is closing, merging with the new Niarchos Libaray. Google used NYPL like a spent whore, scanned all their books then dumped them. All the off copyright books are on archive.org, the copyrighted ones on books.google.com. Beware the way google dumped their deja news franchise, they might start censoring books once they do to libraries what big box did to retail. All the scholarly journals are on jstor.org, no longer on paper. There is still scaffolding on the third floor of the “Lions” NYPL. Libraries and schools are disappearing off to the internet. Check out k12.com. No one trusts the professulas, psychatrulas, teachulas and reportulas to teach our kids their fake news. Times v Sullivan is the origin of Fake News.

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