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From Kipling to Karl Marx – The Fall of Empire & The Rise of Socialism

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Women in the West are equal, at the very least, to men, if not in many ways gaining more privileges instituted in law. So why does feminism, which only in rare instances targets non-western societies for disapproval, still exist in the west?

The reasons are as simple as they are astounding.

The Left uses every societal pathway, to infiltrate it with propaganda and ideological nonsense masquerading as scienctific fact, thus the gender bender agenda, the climate alarmism lies, and the Antifa end of the “social justice” movement, all of this, of course, in the most free and ethically advanced societies on the planet.

Why would anyone claim that the most free and equalised societies in the history of the world, are simultaneously the most totalitarian and corrupt societies that exist? It’s double-talk. Orwell unwittingly showed them the way, they didn’t ignore his warning, they are trying every day, to live up to the threat he knew they pose because of their ideological faith.

Anyone who hasn’t seen this multiplicity of means to a Communist political end, should see it now, or forever miss the point of the Left in the West. They’ve spent generations, tearing at “The White-man’s Burden” till it lies in tatters. The term “Socialism” is just a soft word for Communism, you vote for a “socialist” and you get Communist political change, and the enforced adaption of your society to Communist ideals.

Lenin’s sarcastic term for Western Socialists, “Useful Idiots”, should have rung more mental alarm bells than it seems to have done, or maybe fewer and fewer people read much of historical worth and truth, even many well-read folks might not know he got the idea from Marx, and indeed, it seems that entire generations have been misinformed, uninformed, and indocrinated, rather than educated about anything that’s true or that actually happened.

The malaise of the West, its self-harm, it’s slow collapsing under the weight of its own complicity in civilisational assisted-suicide, is the decades-long work of the International Left. The one that openly flooded the West at the time of the fall of the Berlin wall, having sent its preceeding moles, and its ideological tools, it’s “useful idiots”, all the disinformation and propaganda they needed, to start the bogus ‘revolutionary’ era that we’re supposed to be currently enjoying.

Kipling was right when he talked about “The white man’s burden”, he foresaw how political changes forced societal and even cultural change, rather than it happening ‘organically’. He correctly diagnosed his, and succeeding generation’s, growing inability to hold on to the empire. That inability was fostered by not reforming the Empire’s worst excesses immediately, and Kipling therefore could not help but justify himself, to himself, for having some sympathy for the plight of the Indians who were Nationalists.

The situation wasn’t helped by individual cruelty, and seeming empirical indifference, no quick reforms, insufficient immediate and public punishment of evils perpetrated against the population, and a general lack of basic freedoms. The Communist Party, the Russian “International” one, was first on the scene after India’s independence, promising political freedom and better conditions, increased wages, and, crucially, power, the power of the ballot box, in return for making the communist party the sole institutional political power in India.

To this day, the political descendants of those violent Marxist parties still exist in proliferation, and they’re even more violent.

We, the British, ran away after a botched hand-over of power, including failing to mention the fact of partition until after we’d left the sub-continent. All in all, a sorry tale of high hopes, dashed by incompetence, malice, greed, and an overly proud and domineering attitude towards the population of India.

Prior to all that horror and stupidity, the political aftermath of the first World War had taken us far down the road to self-destruction, and because the Church supported it, and even glorified it, claiming that it was a war for civilisation, when it was just a slaughter of the young men of a generation, Christian belief pretty much died, in Britain, between the wars.

After the nightmare of World War Two, and the loss of empire, a Socialist government was voted in, Churchill voted out, and people rejoiced at their apparent freedom*, but not for long. The fifties saw Britain lag behind America’s decadial glory, and by the time our economy started to revive, the inglorious sixties had arrived.

We were now apparently expected to laugh at Royalty, to sneer at the Christian religion, and to physically attack our political opponents, in a ‘revolutionary manner’ no less. Such moral and cultural degeneration, of manners, of intellect, of deference, of respect, of art, of the language, all happened much more quickly than it might have done ‘organically’, it has been made to happen, that’s what “the sixties” were for, to force change through the indoctrination of the young.

Add to that, the French Post-Modernist ‘philosophers’, who have contributed all the drivel about how any over-arching narrative, of any society, of any civilisation, is predicated solely on the self-advancement of politically hermetic identitarian groups. Foucault’s ideas, and much of the rest of the French Post-Modernists ideas, are now taught as being politically and philosophically true, in schools and colleges/universities throughout the Anglosphere and the West in general.

So the fact that our civilisation was founded in the West, not without external influences obviously, but it is a Western civilisation, and not an Eastern one, apparently makes it ‘racist’, misogynist, ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, etc etc.

This is the politics of the Anarcho-Communists of Antifa, they want to tear down Western Civilization, and replace it with, well, what exactly?

With a Communist State, they’ve been indoctrinated, I won’t say ‘educated’, to believe that Lenin was a great Leader, and that the political ideas of Karl Marx, are an endless source of, not only political wisdom, but ‘cosmic’ wisdom. Scary stuff!

The rise of the ‘permissive’ society, and exploitation of the near-total collapse of Christian belief and worship in Britain, after the two World Wars, was the Left’s chance to totally transform the ethics of Brtish society, mainly by targeting education, again it “had to change”, apparently, to “accommodate the new era of freedom and [consumer] choice”, this was all the work of the ‘Fourth Internationale’ (Russian Communist) Left.

We were told about the ‘glorious’ “empowerment of the workers”. The national over-arching narrative was now one of ‘Socialism’, the propaganda slogans were along the lines of, “for the people, by the people”, and Labour Unions sprang up everywhere. Does that sound eerily familiar? It should.

Those same unions were the main reason for the eventual demise of British industry, especially heavy industry. Under the guise of being interested solely in the betterment of the conditions and pay of the workers, the Unions were able to ‘establish’ themselves, thus becoming part of the “establishment”.

The union’s top agitators and ‘class-warriors’ infiltration of Communist ideas into the minds of the British working class, and their consolidation of the loyalty of the witless busy-bodies of the middle-class ‘socialists’, meant that they were able to completely control the situation.

The unions started off as seeming to be only for the purpose of representing the needs, claims, and interests of the workers, to the management, that was the stated and believed ideal, as they corrupted into the mire of socialist dogma however, they more and more indoctrinated their membership with Communist ideas.

As a result of realizing their personal, political power, the Union barons became utterly corrupt, and in the end, now almost exclusively represent the interests of the management [and themselves], to the workers.

It’s so easily done by these agitators, approaching the workers rep and saying, “Oh, the management have said/offered _________”, and then either playing king to the workers, if that had been arranged so as to be in their own political and occupational interests, or siding with management if that was actually more expedient.

If only the workers were a bit more worldly, a bit better educated in history and political philosophy, they might see through the Communist propaganda more easily and more swiftly. Thus the reason for the State’s “educational reform” from the sixties onwards to this day, doing the opposite of that which it claims to be doing, it’s indoctrinating, not educating the young, and many others too.

Education was always a big target for the Communists who were interested in keeping students supplied with the kind of propaganda that would push their views in a Leftward direction. Their infiltration of academia has been nothing short of spectacular, there are virtually no Conservative, or even Liberal voices in British academia, only the hard Left, Post-Modernist, neo-Marxists, it’s the same in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in multi-lingual Europe.

What happened after 1960, was change, but it was not for the better, regardless of what the current crop of ‘teachers’ and commentators* say, I’m not impugning their unknown individual integrity, per se, but the facts don’t support their collective view of the alleged ‘benefits’ to society, of the replacement of the excellent grammar schools, by the secondary comprehensive, which has been and is simultaneously dumbing-down and politically indoctrinating the hapless students.

The Socialist ‘Government’ of Britain at that time introduced this “comprehensive education system”, run by the State,and it has been a disaster for the population and our place in the world.

The change was designed to remove access to the last remains of what we used to call a classical education, from the British working class, the poor if you like, though they’re thankfully not ‘poor’ any more in any traditional understanding of that term, but I digress.

The rich could and can still, buy a good education for their children, everyone else had and has to rely on the State, and the whims and variances of different governments and of each individual Minister for Education.

This has resulted in generations of British working-class children becoming less well-educated than, say, children of the working middle-classes in India, certainly in places like Singapore and Hong Kong, we see an historic reversal, all across industrialised Asia, and non-Islamic Africa, the story is the same. Why is that?

Well, ex-colonial institutions that the indigent peoples found useful, were kept, and so they still read Shakepseare, and Kipling, and much more besides, while British children read, if we’re lucky, Harry Potter, and that imbalance isn’t merely coincidental, as we’ll see.

The eye-watering number of trillions invested in Asian industry, large and small scale, by both the West and the Asians themselves, has to be believed to be a sound investment, good returns rely on what Asia can produce, and one of the main products is, highly educated, English-speaking, often indeed multi-lingual, white-collar workers, along with many millions of blue collar workers, and traders, large and small.

This apparently means the West has to subside, for the East to rise, so the fake ‘consensus’ goes anyway, whether there’s any need for the West to fall, at this time, is debatable, at the very least. I think the US President is aware of this, because he is acting to reverse the reversible parts of the situation.

There have also been a series of campaigns in the west, by the Left, that were successful in using ‘social-engineering’ tactics and policies, most notably the horror-show of “political correctness”, to drive through the changes that have led to our current sense of our own societies and civilisation, going through a slow-motion collapse in front of our very own eyes.

Political correctness*, is a device for reducing the general population’s capacity to think critically, by creating new taboos on which speech is ‘acceptable’. Here’s a neuro-physiological fact to think about – If you reduce the capacity for speech, you reduce the capacity for thought – that’s why it’s still being forced on the population.

The global environmentalist movement has also been completely politicized, and is factually compromised, obviously this has all been done by the ‘International’ Left, and so the lies and propaganda, aimed at deconstructing, and ultimately destroying the West, are encapsulated in their most extreme and most heavily mainstream-media-promoted, environmental memes and lies.

No less a person than Dr Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, a climatologist and environmentalist, has condemned the “climate emergency” claims as “dangerous lies”, and he backs up his objections with verifiable facts. The Left’s representatives or spokespeople on the claims made about carbon dioxide and the melting of Arctic sea ice, will no longer respond, except to attempt the usual character assassination, which hasn’t worked, so they’ve shut up about him, for now.

Mainstream media has also seemingly decided that making wild accusations about his character isn’t sufficient, they’ve also simply banned him from mainstream media outlets, except when they want to use his name and the slander against him, to further manipulate public understanding.

Complicit in this madness, are once hallowed institutions. like NASA, and the UN.- which is the favoured vehicle for a covert assumption of power over climate policy, environmental policy, and therefore a lot of power over land-use issues, and fossil-fuel reclamation (oil drilling and fracking). The entire Global Mainstream Media has blindly accepted the data falsification, they’re swallowing the lies, and so is Western Academia, which itself has been subject to the most strenuous response the Left has been able to muster, to answer Antonio Gramsci’s, Italy’s most famous Marxist writer, call to his believers to take, “The long march through the institutions” [of Media, Academia, & of Social & Political power].

The actual climate data doesn’t show anything of the kind, there is no climate emergency, and the carbon dioxide myth has been truly killed-off and buried, for all but a few who refuse to hear the truth, and for the many who get their only ‘news’ from the mainstream media sources that have swallowed the lies.

It’s a real problem, when your mainstream Media, your Governemnt, a few very vocal and media-promoted ‘Scientists’, and Academia, all agree, on what are actually Lies and Sinister Propaganda, as being the truth of the state of the climate.

All of these factors, and more, play into the failure of our society, to cohere, to enjoy being one thing, to enjoy unity, which, afer all, is far more important, than ‘diversity’. Stable societes cohere, incoherent societies collapse.

We are left then with the great adventure, of defeating all of these stupid and sinister Communist ideas and policies, and recreating a still basically Christian society, though we’ll have to societally and culturally reprocess the great gifts that Judeo-Christian civilization is permeated with, that come from the religious traditions of the past half millenium, we’ll need to get good at exploiting its habit of always revitalising itself, until relatively recently, (since 1918).

The changes also need to come, in Education, in Law, and in the way Media represents us to ourselves, so to speak. The changes need to come in Politics too. Mainly, the Conservative Party has to become Conservative again, and I don’t mean Thatcherite free-market absolutism either, but an ancient, reasoned, tried and not-found-wanting Conservatism, exemplified by the life and labours of the great Edmund Burke.

There is so much to be done, so many changes to change back, to what worked, and not what fits the ideological policies of our sworn political and civilizational enemies.

The obviousness of our opponents working constantly, behind the scenes as it were, to bring about the collapse of our societies, and our civilzation, is shouted-down by mainstream media propaganda furthering the agenda of the Left. The UN is using Media Hysteria surrounding Climate Change Lies, to implement unbelievably vast land-grabs, in Australia, Canada, America, Europe, and in Britain.

What’s even more worrying, initially, than the land-theft, is the constant policy making that aims to shut down sufficient large-scale power generation in Britain, and the west in general, this is in ideological tandem with all the false claims, all the lies about the true nature of climate change, lies that have been heavily promoted in Western Societies for decades.

So, it’s education, it’s media, it’s politics, it’s environmentalism, it’s [non-Islamic] religiosity, it’s the Newspeak of “political correctness”, it’s the law – “hate-speech”, instead of free-speech laws which historically compromised only on public incitement to violence or non-violent crime – as [previously] being the only ‘controlled’ speech.

The Left in Britain, under Gordon Brown, repealed the incitement laws, and replaced them with the idea of a judicial precedent, this centred on the sinister and truly post-Orwellian notions of “hate-speech” and “hate-crime”. One result being that certain people carrying banners demanding physical violence against others, others who had commited no crime under British law, and in fact were often agents of the law, those certain people could/can carry those banners inciting violence, with no recourse on our part, to what had been the law for centuries.

Are you starting to see the pattern? Is a familiar picture emerging? I hope so.

The International Left’s hysterical propaganda, is shown most easily, by the young pretenders of the U.S. Democrat party, their lies and hypocrisy, are now so transparent, that school children can spot the dodgy monsters for what they are, when given the right exposure to opposing views.

The road is long, my friends, with many a winding turn, but if we remain resolute, and fearless defenders of truth, liberty, and decency, and if we always publicly confront the Communist Monsters with the truth of their wickedness, we will stop the premature destruction of all good things, and prevent them being replaced with evil, injustice and lies. Thank you, God bless us all.

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  1. THis is how it all started:

    Wm Temple, vIII, Of heroic Virtue, 1690

    p318 After this recovery, China continued in peace, and prosperous under their own emperors, till about the year 1616, when the Tartars again invaded them, and after a long and bloody war of above thirty years, in the end made themselves absolute masters of the whole kingdom

    p322 Something above two thousand years ago lived Confuchu, the most learned, wise, and virtuous of all the Chineses

    p327 Now for the government, it is absolute monarchy, there being no other laws in China, but the king’s orders and commands ; and it is likewise hereditary, still descending to the next of blood. But all orders and commands of the king proceed through his councils, and are made upon the recommendation or petition of the council proper and appointed for that affair; so that all matters are debated, determined, and concluded by the several councils

    p330 It were endless to enumerate all the excellent orders of this state, which seem contrived by a reach of sense and wisdom beyond what we meet with in any other government of the world ; but, by some few, the rest may be judged.

    p332 So that it may truly be said, that no king is better served and obeyed, more honoured or rather adored; and no people are better governed, nor with greater ease and felicity. Upon these foundations and institutions, by such methods and orders, the kingdom of China seems to be framed and policed with the utmost force and reach of human wisdom, reason, and contrivance ; and in practice to excel the very speculations of other men, and all those imaginary schemes of the European wits, the institutions of Xenophon, the republic of Plato, the Utopia’s, or Oceana’s of our modern writers. And this will perhaps be allowed by any that considers the vastness, the opulence, the populousness of this region, with the ease and facility wherewith it is governed, and the length of time this government has run.


    • Wasnt it the Chinese Communist Party that united the people ,ejected Japanese British European coionialist and US supported war lords from China . ? Recovered annexed territories taken by invaders when China was weak . Lifted ninety million peasants from poverty and create fabulous modern cities .In a comparative short time ,turning China into a major economic military world power ..Was it not the USSR Ist workers state that eliminated over 80% of Nazi armies ,saving Britain and Europe from becoming part of the 3rd Reich ? Were not the Soviets are gallant allies ww2 ?


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