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Antifa & the Democrat Party, Hell on the Streets & a Diabolical Ambition


Portland Antifa, July 2019.

The Far-Left now writes mainstream Democrat policy, and Communist revolutionary street agitators deliberatey provoke the reaction they lie about all the time.

The reaction against Communist domestic terrorism, is founded on the need to keep law and order as the basic secure atmosphere of any truly Democratic state.

Antifa are self-described as “an Anarcho-Communist, Internationally Affiliated People’s Movement” – in other words, Domestic Terrorists, who use lies and violence as their modus-operandi, attempting to both deceive, and intimidate voters of Democratic elections.

Antifa, as Anarcho-Communists, “don’t believe in elections”, just the battle between them, and everyone else that isn’t them.

They are the foot soldiers of the Democrat Party, who openly support them as if they’re “just activists wanting social justice”, which is obviously horse-water, even from Antifa’s point of view.

Does this look “Democratic”, or does it remind you of the nineteen twenties Weimar Republik, Communist take-over of Germany?

In that time and place, the communists took to the streets and violently attacked their opponents when they spoke, they regularly rioted in ‘protest’ at the “rich” (the middle class) and the establishment, robbing and destroying property and assaulting people they had determined were, “class-enemies of the people”. Sound familiar?

For 14 years, Weimar ruined the country, robbed it, staged class-war, roused mobs that looted and burned, all deliberately, as “The Second Internationale”.

The first being the Russian Communist counter-revolution, by Lenin’s Bolsheviks,in November 1917, that overthrew the actual people’s revolution of February ’17, which had been a great success.

But Lenin didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t in charge of Russia, to implement Marxism as he saw fit, and so the Kaiser’s plan to destabilise Russia, by allowing Lenin safe passage from exile, worked only too well, it’s still affecting everything, even now.

The American Democrat Party are a proudly Communist Party. They support Socialism for the masses, and elitism for themselves, their plan to gain power through any means available, and to try and make it virtually impossible to be voted out again, is insane, but they’re committed to it, and couldn’t care less about how much chaos and havoc it causes. They believe that the end they visualize, justifies the means it takes to get there, whatever they turn out to be.

This is the same old Leninist viewpoint, of people, state, and history, and the fact that it’s now mainstream Democrat policy and ideology, is terrifying.

The gloss they apply to themselves, and the smears they apply to their opponents, are typical of those without scruples or ethics, without the decency or morals that were so nurtured in so many generations. Instead they have a cold, utilitarian view of the people and their state, to be lied to without conscience, to be deceived continually with condescension and malice.

It’s hard sometimes to believe that so many people will deliberately act in such terrible ways towards those who merely disagree. But the facts are inescapable.

The Democrat Party uses Antifa, at arm’s length, so to speak, to conduct Domestic Terrorism Campaigns on their behalf, and makes no bones about supporting them ideologically, and “morally”, (which is a bad joke), on their own media.

I wouldn’t put any one of them in charge of, Hmm, let’s see, a pencil, in case they stabbed someone with it.

Vote Republican in 2020, or say goodbye to everything that makes life worthwhile and agreeable, say goodbye to America.

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  1. Anarchism is weird. In Europe anarchists are far left, in the USA far right.
    The John Birch Society proclaims the “Anarchic Tradition of the American Revolution” and “Constitutional Anarchy” Check out the Anarcho-Capitalists on meetup.com

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  2. Meanwhile the press only calls them “antifascist” (not the left wing thugs they are) and spews endless falsehoods against every conservative group/

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  3. “Ideologies are neurological parasites, hijacking a pre-existing and underlying, religious and metaphysical neurological substructure” ~ Jordan B Peterson


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