Thales:  (500 BC): Discovered static electricity

Pythagoras (500 BC):  Mathematical and Geometric theory…beginning of Algebra. Detailed study of hydraulics and mechanics.  Size, mass and volume calculations, engineering and invention, especially water flow, aqueducts, pipes, sewers and plumbing systems.  Without sanitizing hot water and elimination of human waste away from food and water sources through flushing toilets and sewage systems, it’s not a civilization!

Hippocrates (400 BC) and Asclepios (mythological pre-historic) :  Created everything we know today as modern medicine.  They made the first brain surgery.  They were the first to say “demonic possession” was an illness, a sickness, not a superstitious “possession” of a person by a demons or Satan.  They were the first to say that mentally ill people had chemical imbalances and don’t need exorcism, they need medicine to balance the body’s chemistry.   Remember that the Catholic Church still label some mentally ill people as “demonically possessed” to this day.  

Lefkippos and Democritus (400 BC):  Created the first atomic particle theory, which is the first rational attempt at explanation of the natural world and universe that does not rely on superstitious powers or sheer faith.  They knew that there were cells, molecules, and atoms.  They also believed that there was ONE higher power ruling the cosmos that the human brain cannot conceive of, but they broke matter down into particles.

Euclid (300 BC):  Basis of Geometry.  The “father of Geometry”.  They were laying the ground for calculating the distances between the planets and measuring quite correctly the circumference and diameter of the earth.  

Aristarchus:  (300 BC):  First Heliocentric astronomic theory…Greek “religion” always consistent with this heliocentric view and put the Sun at the center, and it focused on “Enlightenment” and the natural source of life (Vitamin D, photosynthesis, heat, etc.)…hence the Sun…hence Apollo, the Sun “god”, who was by far the most popular, judging from the number of temples dedicated to Apollo throughout Greece.  Egyptians copied/shared this concept with their own Amman Ra.

(Note:  Ancient Paleolithic pyramids and Cyclopean walls and complex tombs are also  found all over Greece. Archeologists and scientists still don’t know how the stones were moved or how they were so precisely cut.  These pyramids and walls predate the Great Pyramid of Giza.)  

Note also that Greek “gods” were not worshipped.  There was no bowing down. They were not idols.  They were venerated, like churches venerate icons.  They were anthropomorphic representations of human characteristics and virtues to either be adopted or rejected on the path to human enlightenment, or Eudemonia.  The idea was to achieve more purity and enlightenment.  To become a better, more rational person, to become more godlike.  

Eratosthenes (250 BC):  Proved that the earth is round and very accurately measured the size of the Earth in a measurement called “stadiums”, an early, large unit of measure based on the size of the average Olympic stadium.  (What can I say, the Greeks were always sports fans!)

 (Note: During the time of Galileo, the Church considered a heliocentric cosmotological model to be a “heresy” punishable by death or exile.  700 years later, the Christian church was still singing hymns saying the Earth was “hanging” or “floating”—showing that the church still didn’t fully understand or accept the mathematically-proven Greek science that predated Christianity).

Archimedes (250 BC):  Mathematics, Geometry, Basis of Physics and Mechanical Engineering (he was killed by Roman Centurions in his own workshop, who burst in and were too ignorant to understand the work he was doing and how important he was).

Hipparchus of Rhodes (150 BC) (or a student of Archimedes, we can’t be sure):  Created the first analog computer, the Antikythera Mechanism.  This is the first PC.  This proves the high level of scientific knowledge of mathematics and mechanics of the ancient Greeks.  These highly complex devices were in use by navigators and mathematicians for calculations and several have been found. 


Hipparchus compared observations of a solar eclipse in Syene and in Alexandria to determine the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  Hipparchus measured the distance from the Earth to the Moon during a  solar eclipse  that was a total eclipse at Syene and a partial eclipse at Alexandria. 

At the same time that an observer at Syene saw the entire Sun blocked by the Moon, one at Alexandria saw 1/5th of the Sun’s disk, that is 1/5th of 30 arcminutes of the Sun’s disk was visible (The Sun’s angular diameter is 30 arcminutes or 1/2 degree). The angular size of the visible Sun seen at Alexandria therefore is 1/10th of a degree (0.1 degree) and this angle, expressed in radians and applying the small angle approximation gives the ratio of the Syene-Alexandria distance to the Earth-Moon distance. Hipparchus also measured the  precession of the Earth’s rotation axis through time, the beginning foundation of quantum theory (time/space/dimension). Today we know that the precession period is about 26,000 years. While the North Celestial Pole today is near the star Polaris, in 3000 B.C., it was near the star Thuban in the constellation Draco, and in 14,000 A.D., it will be found near the star Vega in the constellation Lyra.

Analog robots were also created during this timeframe, using steam power and Pythagorean hydraulic systems. 

There is also the story in Greek “mythology” of Talos (/ˈteɪlɒs/; Greek: Τάλως, Talōs) or Talon (/ˈteɪlɒn, ən/; Greek: Τάλων, Talōn) who was said to be a giant man of bronze powered by steam and hydraulics, a battle robot really, who mechanically protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders. He circled the island’s shores three times daily and hurled and launched huge boulders from the cliffs on approaching invaders and their ships. 

Even the genesis of the mysterious Sphinx and all of its riddles of life was attributed to the ancient Greeks who existed before the Egyptians.  The symbol of the Sphinx is widespread in Greek art and architecture, including in ancient archways protecting underground tombs, such as the one in Ampipholis in the Greek region of Macedonia.  

We are slowly finding, as we have with the discovery of ancient Troy, which was incorrectly assumed for a thousand years to be simply a Homerian construct or a “myth”, that much, if not all of Greek “mythology” is actually just very old Greek history.  

Heron of Alexandria (50 AD):  Created the first steam-propulsion mechanism/internal combustion theory (used to this day—jet and rocket propulsion and acceleration based on the expansion of gases in a chamber to drive pistons would not be possible without this theory).  It was the first flight by the first “drone”…a steam-powered mechanical pigeon.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Greeks couldn’t create more development and enlightenment for the advancement of humanity because they fell under the imperialistic Romans, who, while adopting the Greek Pantheon and many Greek traditions and organizational systems and technologies, attempted to control the Greeks and their free-associating and inventive ways since they were afraid of any “revolutionary” thoughts.  Roman Emperors became more and more paranoid as the Empire extended, about any thinking that could possibly subvert their increasingly fragile rule.  

When the Roman emperor converted to Christianity, he began killing Greeks as “pagans” or forcing them to convert to Christianity.   

Throughout time, religious shamans and witch doctors have required the power of kings and military tyrants to survive.  

Along with brute force, tyrants have needed and relied on the mystical superstitions of the witch doctor to hold sway over ignorant, uneducated and sometimes primitive people.   

When the Romans converted to Christianity, suppression of any new scientific thought and technology accelerated, as Church mystics allied with kings, nobles, and militaristic strong men and monopolized thought leadership with their own “safe” and “controllable” theories and superstitions, which served to cement an secure power and further their tyrannical agenda.  

The ancient Greeks founded rational thought and free republicanism.  

But the Church sought to suppress rational thought and supplant it with doctrine and dogma along with superstition and promise of salvation.  This is the antithesis of reason, individuality and freedom.  

Under this system, as with communism and socialism and Islam, the human is merely a tool of the church or the state, to be used at the discretion of the elites–the high priests, witch doctors or tyrant rulers.  This unholy alliance represents a natural, symbiotic marriage of convenience for the purpose of tyrannical control, between the “Witch Doctor” and the “Attilla” figures that Ayn Rand so brilliantly identifies in her excellent book, For the New Intellectual.  

We have seen this marriage between Witch Doctor and Strongman fleshed out throughout history, most recently with the uprisings of Islamism, Facism and Marxism and the cults of personality created by Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others, including, possibly, even Obama.  For such a system to exist, there needs to be broad disinformation, propaganda and misinformation through control of communication, knowledge and education.

During these cultish times, everything about science, history, philosophy and free thought is either altered or abolished and scientists and free thinkers are regularly killed by torture and execution after “inquisitions” and kangaroo court trials in attempts to silence opposing viewpoints and stifle free speech.  There are human costs to such an agenda.  Millions of people died from wars, plagues and illnesses which probably could have been avoided cured by more enlightened leaders and doctors under normal circumstances, but the enlightened were executed and the doctors were seen as magicians and charlatans.  All blessing came from above, whether it be the church or the state.  “You didn’t built that!”  “It takes a village!” Only God or a miracle, or allegiance and belief in the State AND the Church could possibly protect and save the depraved masses of people–or not. 

Priests, Bishops, Popes, and religious leaders became like Witch Doctors–mystics who divined the future through their “magic” lens and blessed the rule of the Kings.   They didn’t have much medicine, for they had destroyed the ancient rational science legacies, but they did things like bloodletting and leeching to “cure” people.  These men were mostly quacks who did more harm than good.  

Science was abhorred. Experimental dissection of cadavers for scientific purposes was punishable by death.  Real medicine was seen as “alchemy”. Only under the protection of the tyrant could a narrow range of practices be tolerated.

George Gemistos Plithon: 1300 AD…friend of the Greek Byzantine Emperor Palaeologus Emanuel, who allowed him to secretly practice science in the old Byzantine center of Mystra (near Monemvasia in Peloponnese) was a temporary exception.  

Plithon revitalized Platonic theories of Philosophy and began to teach Socratic dialogues to young students and started a secret new academy.  He wanted to change the situation because everyone was uneducated and poor except for the aristocrats.  He was a huge freedom and civil rights advocate and he wanted to create a new modern Platonic Politia that would break the chains of feudal serfdom and continue the tradition of Greek technological development.  He had an idea to recreate the nation and create land grants to the people, because the citizens were like indentured servants without private property in a feudal system run by royalty and the Church, who owned all the land and means of production.  

The Church and political leaders were threatened by his ideas and he started becoming the enemy of the Church and the nobility, who chased him and tried to persecute him.  He wrote a letter to the Byzantine King, discussing pedia and specific Greek nationality and citizenship as opposed to a broader Christian base of wealthy noble ownership.  He recognized that progress was impeded by this monopoly of power in the hands of nobles, kings and church leaders.  Plithon was branded an enemy of the church and of the Byzantine monarchy and finally escaped to Italy with some of his students and became one of the founders of the Italian Renaissance.  

When he died, his remains were taken to the Peloponnese in Mystra to be buried there, according to his wishes to be buried in Greece.  When the Muslim Ottoman Turks took over Greece, his followers came secretly back to Mystra to take his remains from his tomb because they couldn’t accept for such a man to be buried in a place that was again ruled under slavery, in this case, by the Turks.

So, as we can see, the technological revolution of the 18th Century would likely have happened 1,000 to 1500 years earlier if not for the Christian and then Islamic and then German suppression of the original Greek scientific path of development.  

Today, technology runs so fast, and Moore’s Law is true mainly because free thinking and experimentation is largely accepted, funded and encouraged. 

Imagine how fast it would have run if the Greeks were not suppressed by the Romans, then the Christians, then the Muslims, who forbade the education of the Greeks for over 400 years, and then the Germans, who have sought to rule Greece by placing Prussian and Hapsburg kings on the Greek throne, supplanting the natural Greek tendency toward republicanism and Constitutionalism with their imposition of oligarchy and monarchy under a flimsy guise of democracy.  They have mostly succeeded until today. 

This type of suppression is what created the period called “The Dark Ages” and Greece has really never recovered from it. It was called Dark for a reason. Christianity and Islam and later the Nazis and Western Europe turned the lights out on Greek technological thought and development.

And the paving of the Road to Serfdom continues, serving the needs of witch doctors and tyrants far and wide, from the monarchies of Europe to the Imams of the Middle East. 

All who rely on a low-information populace to seize and maintain power benefit greatly from a darkening of enlightenment.  It is in this rather dim darkness, that an agenda persists in modern times to downplay or eliminate from history the role and influence of the ancient Greeks in world development and enlightenment.  

While vague references are made to the Greeks “founding Western civilization” very contrary truths are purported to this day as a thread of subtle, anti-Greek propaganda.  It wasn’t “Western” Civilization the Greeks founded, it was Greek civilization that the West suppressed nearly destroyed. 

Freedom dissipates oligarchy and monarchy and decentralizes power, which is why the monarchs of Europe despise the freedoms and liberties canonized by The United States and its recognition of God-given inalienable natural rights for commoners.  They seek to undermine our Bill of Rights and Constitution at every turn, from within and without, just as they seek to suppress the ancient Greek enlightenment and rational thought.  Both concepts erode their statist accumulation and control of power and wealth.

Academic “authorities” in the major universities of the world (most of which just so happen to be located in England, France, Germany, and the United States, ironically–not in Greece where the first Universities were invented!)  contend in their textbooks, white papers and classrooms that binary mathematics and great science and astronomy come from the Arabs and Hindus, that monotheism comes from the Hebrews, that the Greeks, although they brought the world its first civilization, were somehow “Pagans” or immoral pederasts and homosexuals full of base thoughts, that the first written language comes from the Phoenicians and Sumerians, that actual language and civilization is somehow “Indo-European” (whatever THAT is),  that science comes from the Italian and European Renaissance (Galileo, Copernicus, etc.), that political theory comes from the 18th Century French and Scottish Enlightenment, and that pure Greek DNA doesn’t even exist today, due to dilution by Turks, Albanians, Africans, and Balkans, and that the greatest world explorers were either Italian, Portuguese or Spanish (Vespucci, Columbus, De Gama, Cortez, Magellan, etc.), despite actual DNA findings to the contrary.  All of these contentions, purported as “truth” are, of course, preposterous.

You can even see the attitude of the Germans, French and English in their treatment of the priceless mountains of looted Greek antiquities in their museums (The Louvre, The British Museum, etc.).  Their position on these statues and relics is that they will not return them to their rightful place in Greek museums because they say the Greeks “cannot be trusted” to preserve their own history.  

This, after English and German powers have actively meddled in and controlled Greek rule, going so far as to install Western European (German) kings in Greece after the Greek revolution and dominating and controlling Greek monetary and fiscal policy and economic and political policy up until today, and have done more to destroy Greek antiquities than all the Persian, Peloponnesian and Punic Wars combined .

This coordinated and sometimes subtle erasure and suppression of the contributions of ancient Greeks is lastly evident from the systematic burning and looting of the great libraries at Alexandria and Constantinople and the destruction of ancient papyrus manuscripts, art and sculptures by the Turks, the Catholic and Orthodox Christians, and destruction of ancient monumental art and architecture by English, French and German “archeologists” who paid off Turkish authorities and were given free rein to loot and often destroy ancient antiquities.  

The papyrus records in those libraries contained all the condensed knowledge of the ancient world, all discovered, created and or compiled by Greeks.  It took Italian, German, English, and French Europeans another 2,000 years to rediscover all the things that the ancient Greeks knew to be factual science so many years ago.  To this day, we only have about 10% of what the Greeks knew.  

It is about time that our historians and particularly our textbooks, white papers and lecturers in colleges stopped using Euro-centric, biased and dubious Medieval and Victorian information sources and gave credit where credit is due.  As part of that, they should recognize that most of the Renaissance or “Rebirth” was exactly that:  a rehashing of what had already been discovered by Greeks.  

Furthermore, it is high time that we take our heads out of the sand as citizens and recognize once and for all that while we have been busy going about our daily lives and raising families, those to whom we entrusted with government have been slowly closing a noose of indentured servitude around our necks, pushing us once again toward oligarchy and tyranny by an elite globalist nobility.  

Erasing and opening up borders to uneducated, unskilled and unhealthy, disease-ridden hordes who then help to sink our already overburdened social systems created by them is just one example of the treason and subversion going on in the quest for global power.  

We must wake up to the glaringly nefarious agendas of modern-day tyrants and the modern-day witch doctors who ally themselves with them; those who actively seek to deprive us of our natural freedoms and liberties.  

Look at our former president Obama and all the leaders of the EU.  Look at the corrupt Clintons and their global subversions and money laundering operations.  Look at the current Pope with his socialist and globalist dictum.  Look at all the so-called “community leaders” and “organizers” who are now so empowered that they seek autocratic minority rule instead of democratic majority rule.  Look at the “free” trade bills  our globalist world leaders seek to ram through without our voting referendum.  Look at the arms control deals they cut without our say.  Look at the wars they start and the wars they end without completing or winning them. Look at the forced displacement of people as a result of these wars, whose migrants, their lives now destroyed, set their sights on Western Europe and America , flooding our borders illegally, so they might join our bulging dependent classes and have their votes bought by pandering and slandering political elites.  

Both Greece and America are the targeted frontiers of this mass migratory pattern of illegal immigrants seeking “asylum”–but asylum from what?  Wars our leaders started or abetted that set them in motion in the first place?  Look at the climate control bills they sign to hobble our sovereignty and gobble up new taxes on the air we breathe and make us heel to globalist and monarchist tyrannical forces who wish us no goodwill.  They all seek to shut down freedom of speech and thought in their mad grab for power and control while milking the working man and woman via payroll, property and income taxes.  They seek to direct the dialogue to only what they want to talk about or think is relevant.  They won’t answer direct and honest questions, or even subpoenas, judicial inquiries or full indictments.  They won’t submit their records or official communications files for scrutiny or audit, even under subpoena. They won’t permit discourse or debate.  They talk over people in interviews and testimonies.  They act imperiously, with arrogant impunity to the legislative process of our legal system.  They serve less and dictate more these days.  Recent efforts to control and define speech and define or dominate the national dialogue and control communication and education, and efforts to censor the media or put government “monitors” in newsrooms or use the NSA to “monitor” emails, texts, phone calls, and social media are among the easy examples of tyrants and witch doctors rearing their ugly heads and control us. 

This is how they make us slaves again, the Tyrant and the Witch Doctor and their unholy global alliance, scheming to grind up the Middle Class to pave the Road to Serfdom.

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  1. Excellent article. Invaluable. However your assessment of the Greek gods is only partially true. The ecstatic rites of Dionysus entailed an extraordinary degree of worship culminating in the Corybantes. Condemned by the rationalists.


  2. W L Westermann wrote (J Egy Arc 18#1 p27) “Further, I would add that this is another, though humble, example of the greatest among the gifts of the ancient Greeks to human society, namely, the secularization of human life (I have to thank my colleague, Professor Frederick Barry, for this phrase)”


  3. Indeed, embrace the masonic glory of democratic capitalism! Jack N Casavis is considered the Liberator of the Dodcanses by the Greek Government. He is followed by his glorious kinsmen Judge Nicholas Tsucalas, proud Mason, and John Catsimatidis. Vatikiotis (1998) says both Metaxas and Vanizelus were masons. Greek Tectons of the 1821 Revolution included Emanuel Xanthos, Nicholas Scufas, Athansius
    Tsacalov, and probably also Capo d’Istria, Ypsilanti and Colocotron, and indeed the entire concept of the Friendly Company which devised Greek independence in Odessa was masonic and worked in concert with another society, for Israel’s regeneration, equally encouraged by the Mennonite Catherine the Great. Catherine, that grand disciple of Diderot’s enlightened despotism, was the great promoter of Russian
    Freemasony. Pushkin and the Golitsyns were prominent Russian masons, also Ivan Jelagin, Kereknsi, Pushkin’s uncle Vasily Lvovich, Grand-Prince Konstantin Pavlovich, Vasilievlevovich, the famous jurist Mikhail Speranski, General Mikhail Kutuzov. It was Golitzyn who attempted to get Anna of Courland to restore the conciliarity by which the Assemblies of the Land chose the Romanovs. See https://sites.google.com/site/orthodoxmasons/


  4. Indeed, the west turns to secularists like Machiavell and Trump whenever they confront militant islam because they begin to realize their own religions were founded by nuts from the middle east.


    • Unlike other “nuts from the Middle East” however, Christianity is at least based on love of other humans. You won’t find the admonition to “love thy neighbor” in the Quran.


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