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BIGFOOT found: The footprint of the Green Movement

If we listen to the rumination of millennials and Gen Z-ers, we will soon learn that many or most of them think that the Baby Boomers and their parents “ruined the global environment” with “pollution” through their “wasteful” and “non-green” practices.

At least this is the alt-truth they parrot with so much conviction in their glazed eyes whenever they have an opportunity to speak their “mind”. It is the verbatim litany they’re being taught by leftists in schools and in the national media. Seems they all got the same talking points memo. So much for individual thought.

AND NOW, they want to force-feed us all a costly Green New Deal, based on the brainwashing and lies they’ve been programmed to repeat, and pick our pockets with a raft of new taxes and excises, laundered through Washington, to pay for it.  We’ve seen such money and power grabs before

The real truth couldn’t be farther from these pipedream millenial and Gen Z fantasies.  The Green New Deal is just another leftist RAW DEAL, designed to suck more capital out of our economy, food DC coffers, enrich lobbyists and politicians, and march us all down the road to Serfdom and misery.

Who, older than 55, remembers what we already had over 50 years ago:

•Cloth diapers, washable and reusable, instead of the mountains of toxic human waste in the form of all the disposable pampers loading our landfills. Isn’t it interesting that the toxic runoff into groundwater from landfills my be one of the principal reasons why we drink so much bottled water instead of tap water, which leads to another problem: mountains of plastic bottles.

•Riding Bikes or walking to school, or taking the bus. There were no long school drop-off lines, with an idling, exhaust-spewing SUV and a helicopter mom in synthetic fiber yoga pants for each student—and who knows where those old, used yoga pants go to die?

•One TV and one phone in the home

•Party lines

•No multiple cell phones or chargers

•No handheld devices, iPods, games, etc.

•No personal computers

•No video games sucking our brains out and turning them and our muscles to jelly—we rode bikes, and played ball, hide and seek and other games outside and we got exercise and built strong muscles and got our vitamin D from the sun, until the street lights came on!

•No SRI drugs or psych meds or ADD or ADHD meds for us. And none of the long-term and lethal side-effects either!

•No plug in power transformer “wall worts”

•Cold bag lunches

•Paper grocery and lunch bags (biodegradable)

•Wax paper

•Tin foil-reuseable

•Rubber bands-reusable

•Cloth string and twine-reusable


•Glass bottle Thermoses

•No hot lunch (or once a week)

•Manual not electric kitchen utensils

•Gas stoves not electric

•No electric dryers-clotheslines

•Glass milk and soda bottles-reusable!

•Everything else was canned or home-canned in glass reusable Mason jars which sometimes doubled as drinking glasses, as did the glass containers from store-bought shrimp cocktail.

•No plastic bottles or straws
(Paper straws are not a new idea-we used them for decades-they used to be red and white, like our barber poles!)

•Almost no plastic packaging

•Fresh food came from farms

•Meat came from the butcher or family livestock and chicken coops.

•Bread and cakes and pastries were homemade or came from the local bakery.

•Gardens grew in our backyards for fresh vegetables and flowers

•No hybrid cars, which take twice the fossil fuel energy to build and twice the landfill space and loads of restrictions to dispose of their toxic batteries

•Gasoline not ethanol, which uses twice as much petroleum fuel to produce and requires massive taxpayer subsidies.

•Soda, iced tea and other soft drinks were sweetened with cane sugar, not processed high fructose corn syrup.

•Flour was ground from whole grains.

This was the Green OLD Deal: no laws or taxes needed, just common sense behavior.  It was green before Green was cool.   Just like “organic” and farm-to-table existed as normal food origins, before it was cool.  Everything was farm-to-table   Where ELSE would food come from?

Let’s remind our delusional millennials and Gen Z dimwits and their brainwashed leftist teachers that OUR Boomer generation’s carbon footprint was like Tinkerbell’s tiny footprint, compared to that of the millennials’ and Gen Z’s big-government, big-taxing Green BIGFOOT!

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