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Boris, Brexit, & Beyond…


It must seem obvious to all but the most dim-witted observer that Boris Johnson is, not only the people’s choice to run the office of Prime Minister of Great Britain, but the best choice available for the job. He’s the only one who has unequivocably and publicly acceded to the British majority referendum vote to take Britain out of the EU.

I’m unsure if Mr Johnson knows that a no-deal departure would actually be the best result, but I suspect that he does, and is smart enough to keep quiet about that at the moment.

The reasons that most MPs, MEPs, and MSPs, babble on about the apparent importance of a ‘deal’, are quite straightforward.

One reason is that a number of them believe that without some sort of ‘deal’, the business side of our relationship with the member states of the EU would be adversely affected by the appearance of tariffs etc. More on that later.

Another reason is that these politicians are always on the make. They want to be a ministerial part of whatever ‘deal’ is cut, so that their lucrative realationship with the EU doesn’t alter except in a financially positive way.

It’s also true that many confuse trade deals, with a “divorce” deal, which is what the Remain camp are fearmongering over. The fact is, we don’t owe the EU a penny, they, in fact, owe us Billions. I’ll concentrate then, on the fears raised over trade deals.

So, as for German car manufacturers, for instance, putting huge tariffs on their exports to Britain; why would they do that? We’re their biggest European customer outside of Germany itself. Do Remainers really believe that the Germans would commit such a rash act of financial suicide?

This is one of the main points of leaving without a deal, and trading under WTO rules, which WE helped to write, and with just such a situation in mind too.

Without a ‘deal’, we’re no longer tied, in any way, to the EU, and can say to all traders worldwide, “Make us an offer.” Does any sane person think that the Germans would just cut themselves out of such trade, out of anti-British spite?

Dream on… Life after Brexit will be better, in the short, medium, and long term, IF we play our cards right, which is where Mr Johnson comes in. Boris Johnson was classically educated, as we used to say, and understands the bigger picture, the long term view, he will, he says, take us out of the EU, deal or no deal. No deal is preferable, because a ‘deal’, means some politicians have conspired to keep us tied, somehow, to the EU.

Boris Johnson could be Britain’s last chance, much like President Trump is America’s last chance, the last chance to set things right before the electorate succumb to the propaganda and vote for Communists – describing themselves as “socialists.” Their plan is to wreck everything that is essential to the West’s survival, finally bringing down Western Civilisation, deconstructing it, culturally, morally, socially, religiously, politically, academically…..

The Left has also managed to infiltrate the global environmentalist movement, and no less a man than Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, has publicly denounced the “climate emergency” talk as total lies, with no foundation in actual and real data.

Climate change is a ubiquity, a constant, but “global warming”, and “climate emergency”, are politically motivated propaganda memes, to get people to act against the economic and structural foundations of Western civilization.

I believe Mr Johnson is the right kind of sceptic, who would want the real data, and not some politically engendered extremist untruths, monstrous lies that defy logic.

China is now, by far, the world’s biggest polluter. Why do the climate activists of the west, not demonstrate outside the Chinese embassy? Or even go to China and do their activist schtick there?

Well, for a start, in their book, that would be ‘racist’, but mainly, they actually don’t know, or care, about the climate, and how it might or might not, be changing in this epoch. They are actually only concerned about power, the getting of it, and the retention of same. Your rights!?…. As if they cared about you, or your so called ‘rights’.

Your acquiescence in the Left’s designs, is all they desire from you, that you agree, that you otherwise shut up and get on with your work, and that you ‘protest’ when and where they say you should, and go home smug and self-satisfied afterwards.

Satisfied that you “did your bit for the cause”, even though that “bit” consisted of pointless gesturing, and the usual narcissistic virtue-signalling of the activist crowd.

The “Stop Brexit” meme would be laughable if it were not so insulting. Seventeen million people are told that their democratic vote counted for nothing, because they voted the wrong way. That’s the message of the Remain camp, that those who voted to Leave the EU, are a mixture of “racist bigots”, and “…people too stupid to realise what they were voting for..”.

The contempt with which these people dismiss a majority democratic vote, because it wasn’t the result they wanted, has no equal that I know of in my lifetime.

The fact that these are the same people who call the democratically elected President of our closest ally, a “fascist”, means that they have no political sanity, they are sloganeering “useful idiots”. (That’s the nickname that Lenin used when he talked about western socialists, a very revealing name, I would say).

Even if Mr Johnson isn’t a particularly great PM in the scheme of things, at least he will, hopefully, deliver Britain’s exit from the EU. Everything else, can be debated after that status has been attained.

The projections, based on current trends in the markets, are that Britain will do exceedingly well once out of the suffocating grasp of the communists of the EU.

This is what the Left does not want, a prosperous West. They are in the business of deconstructing and destroying the west, in every way, and at every level of life. Look at the fuss about “gender”, which wasn’t a word used much, just an intellectuals way of saying “sex”, now it’s a political status, and has to be “protected” … from what?

All in all, I believe Boris Johnson to be our best chance to regain a hold on our own culture and society.

IF we take the opportunity-bull by the horns and don’t fudge everything and crawl away whimpering about past glories, as we have been doing, then we might just be able to start a process of reversal of the Left’s many disastrous, society-destroying policies, and may be able to say that Great Britain might reappear, to once more face a brighter future, all things considered.

Boris Johnson for PM – because no one else comes close…..

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  1. All those Irish crybabies with their backstop! England needed to invade Ireland because all the drunken Irish ended up on British streets. So the Brits sent them to America as indentured slavery and now they say they, too, were slaves! Fact is the Irish had representation during the Famine, but never mentioned it on the Parliament floor, because they were mentioning all their clannish concerns instead. Their famine was because they fed blighted crops to basement pigs and used the manure instead of burning them. And in America they spread the most plagues like yellow fever.


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