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Scotland and Brussels – Going Down Together?


The SNPs committment to selling the Scottish electorate the idea that they’re voting for independence, is total, but it is dishonest.

The SNP are also committed to full membership in the EU, both are extreme Leftist entities, and full EU membership would axiomatically negate any independence for which SNP voters and supporters thought they were voting.

The SNP calculate that because Britain is sorely divided on this and many other issues, they can count on playing the different voters off each other, and the fact that Britain issued a ‘Leave’ vote in June of 2016, that alone, in their and their supporters eyes, justifies calling a second independence referendum.

The SNP committment to full EU membership is therefore obviously stronger than their apparent committment to a genuinely independent Scotland, they’d rather join with the big Euro-Soviet Union, than actually allow Scotland to try and go it alone as a genuinely independent sovereign nation.

There’s no such thing as ”national independence within the EU”, which is the chimera that the SNP have managed to get their supporters to believe is real, this situation is a perfect illustration of why the lacuna (gap) in political conversations is so important, and why it’s vital to see beyond the rhetoric of politicians, and to therefore figure out what their real motives and ambitions are.

Another lacuna in this conversation, another important thing left unsaid by most commentators, is that the voters in Scotland don’t want the SNP’s brand of so called “independence”, they certainly don’t want indefinite rule by the SNP either.

Having trashed themselves, Scottish Labour are struggling to do more than make page five in the Lefty broadsheets.

The fact that the SNP literally BOUGHT VOTES from Muslims, in other words, paid them to vote SNP, and for this mythical “independence”, means that significantly fewer than 45% of non-Muslim Scots, voted Yes.

The Yes voters otherwise, are seriously brainwashed, as bad as the Brexit Remainers. The cognitive dissonance involved is astounding in scope and scale, thus demonstrating the true power that media repetition wields. The Propaganda is passed off as News time Commentary, and the viewers that believe, have that belief reinforced day after day after day.

The Scottish Conservatives who support the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, are just what Scotland needs, the fools used to talk about “joined-up government”, well, now we can have that, after years of SNP fanaticism and failure.

All in all, the country formerly known as Great Britain looks like it may never return, and Scotland is run by a mixture of clowns and criminals.

The price of Scotland joining the EU as an independent nation, would be the revenue from the oil, Scotland’s only real revenue, so we’d have to go, cap-in-hand to the EU, to beg them for more of OUR money.

There would also have to be a hard border between Scotland and England, if one finally leaves the hated EU, and the other joins as a country freshly seceeded from its only land-border neighbour, trading partner, and ally.

I guess there is something else to say about all of this nonsense talked about “an independent nation in the EU”, and I would have to aim it four-square at the Yes voters and supporters.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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