EB533CD1-6A46-4C26-B44C-9ADED04A02B0Let’s say hypothetically you’re living under the risk of political or religious oppression under a dictatorial or statist, militaristic, government, like Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala, and let’s say you “escape” and make it safely into nearby Mexico.

At that point, aren’t you safe? If not, why not?   You have effectively removed the perceived threat.

Why do you have to keep going, walking over 1,200 miles more, through rough mountain and desert terrain, without easy access to food and water, risking not just “persecution” but death, all the way to the United States?  That is, unless of course you are carrying a backpack full of cartel drugs or are moving underage kids or women for human sex trafficking, and you are afraid the cartels will kill you if you don’t deliver your “cargo” across the border.

I mean, according to the leftist protestors, the shadowy-backed NGOs and La Raza (aka Las Racists), Trump’s America is a dangerous place for brown people!  Isn’t that what they always say?

Apparently they don’t really even believe their own lies, since they insist America is also the holy grail for brown people.  But that’s beside the point.

A person only needs “asylum” so long as they are in a place where they’re not safe. Standard international law requires that when it comes to seeking asylum, asylum seekers are required to either make the request at an embassy or consulate in their own country or make the request at an embassy or consulate in the first safe country they arrive in. 

First of all, nobody really believes that these predominantly Catholic illegal immigrants were being persecuted in predominantly Catholic Central American countries do they?  And even if they do, does anyone really believe that illegal immigrants are persecuted for their religion or political beliefs in Mexico?  If so, where is that evidence?

By refusing to take asylum requests, Mexico is basically taking the implied position that Mexico is not a safe place to be.  We know that’s not true either.  If it was true, why don’t La Raza and the amnesty organizations protest persecution of Latinos in Mexico instead of staging their phony protests in front of Trump Tower, in the most diverse city in the world in the freest and most accepting country in the world?

I’ve been to Mexico many times.  Some places might be a little sketchy for a non-Spanish speaker, but I speak pretty fluent Spanish and I have never felt unsafe anywhere. In fact, I find the Mexican people in large part to be warm and friendly and very generous of spirit.  The people are certainly not “oppressed” or “persecuted”.  In fact, many American ex-pats live there happily and safely.  And of course, the fresh food and tequila are absolutely amazing and you will always get a smile and a helping hand from the locals.  Even the grocery stores are huge, clean and spotless.  But I digress.  

For years, U.S. policy has simply accepted the false narrative of an “unsafe” Mexico for illegal Latino immigrants, and has allowed the torrent of illegal border crossings to continue, and that’s led to today’s chaos. 

Congress, derelict and ignorant in its duty, bribed by special interest groups like La Raza and international amnesty and migrant organizations with shadowy financial backers, has mis-served the American people and has exacerbated the situation.  Now its a burden on the taxpayers.  

Finally, we have a president who has decided to take action.  President Trump and his Administration has sharply put the opposition on notice, telling Mexico and Congress, as well as the Leftist agitators and shadow-funded NGOs, that we’re not buying their crooked scheming and the corrupt rigging and gaming of our immigration system anymore:

According to news reports over just the past few days, The Trump administration wants Mexico to agree to take almost every asylum seeker that crosses into Mexico – pushing the Mexican government to sign an agreement that would essentially bar Central American Illegal immigrants from trying to flood our borders or gain asylum in the United States.

There were signs Thursday that Mexican negotiators for Mexican President Obrador might relent. If that happens, the U.S. and Mexico could sign a little-known treaty – called a safe third-country agreement – that would have huge implications for immigration in both countries.

When people cross the border from Mexico to the U.S., it’s not as simple as:

a) Entering legally at a port of entry or making an embassy application.

b) Sneaking across the border illegally. 

Both of these scenarios exist, but so does this one: 

c) A person crosses the border illegally, but claims a need for asylum from persecution.   

Asylum, and what conditions one needs to qualify for it, has a very narrowly defined definition under our law. For example, there is no granting of economic asylum.  Being poor also isn’t a condition for asylum.  Economic crisis in your nation isn’t a qualifying condition for asylum.  Living in a statist or Marxist nation also isn’t a necessary qualification for asylum unless you can prove political or religious persecution, as pogrom Jews in The USSR did.  

But regardless of that, current U.S. law allows a person to stay in our country until the asylum request can be adjudicated, and that creates a gigantic incentive for migrants to cross the border illegally and claim they need asylum.  Often, if they’re not held in a detention facility, they are scheduled for a court date and then they skip out on their hearings and disappear into America.  

In fact, hundreds of NGOs masquerading as “humanitarian aid” organizations are coaching illegals to game our system in this way.  They teach illegals exactly what and what not to say if they are caught by DHS, police or border patrol.  They provide pro-bono legal counsel to those seeking to break our laws.  They even teach illegals which sanctuary cities to run to and how to get their kids into school, if in fact the kids are even their own, which we are finding, to our horror, many are not.  

When you really think this through, none of it makes any rational or logical sense unless there’s a hidden agenda to swamp the boat and destroy America. 

Unless you’re also under some threat of oppression or persecution from Mexico, why do you need to illegally cross our borders and claim asylum in the US? 

Why can’t you just stay in the first safe country?   

Or, once you make it into Mexico, why can’t you continue on to an embassy or consulate or legal port of entry and try to enter the United States by making an application for either asylum or permanent residency, in accordance with U.S.C.I.S.  immigration law?

Now, we can understand why Mexico might be resistant to taking in all these illegals, but why then is it reasonable for Mexico to resist the illegals, but also somehow “racist” for the United States to legally do the same thing? Both countries are concerned about the same issues but there’s an international double standard being applied by the left and their media lapdogs.  Why?  Agenda?

We’ve been letting Mexico off the hook for years by pretending it’s not an option for illegal immigrants to seek asylum in Mexico instead of here.  But it is an option, we’ve been acting under false pretenses and Trump knows it, and that’s why he’s hitting Mexico hard with the only thing short of military attack that will get their attention: tariffs that hit the Marxist Mexican President’s wallet directly.  

Mexico should be the one handling these asylum requests, and when it does, it will become much easier for the United States to secure its own border and to adequately screen and take in the LEGAL and qualified immigrants we really need.  

But Mexico is a stubborn burro.  It wants the carrot, but only the big stick will assure that it moves forward and does its job.  

That’s why this needs to happen now.  This isn’t a trade war, it’s merely the stick part of the proverbial carrot and stick, always a necessity when dealing with Marxists, tyrants, and stubborn donkeys.  

We don’t want a trade war and we don’t want another Spanish-American War.  

And this isn’t a trade war, despite all the comments from fey, pearl-clutching, know-nothing, foppish, leftist journalists and never-Trumpers who claim it is.  This is merely a tiff between neighbors.  But make no mistake,  it’s a serious one.  

And Mexico should remember why the US Marine Corps hymn includes the words, “From the Halls of Montezuma…”

If they do, they will stop the flow of illegals using their military.  It’s already started to happen, which means they understand we are not fooling around.  

Update: As of 6/7/2019, Mexico has signed an agreement with the United States to cooperate and block illegal immigrants from flooding our borders.  6,000 Mexican troops are being deployed to beef up enforcement.  Mexico has also agreed to receive asylum applicants until their claims can be adjudicated. 

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