Everyone, including me, is doing tributes to stars we’ve “lost”:  Dr. John, Tim Conway, Anthony Bourdain, Greg Allman, Butch Trucks, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis, Chris Cornell and others…but what about all of those perfect, innocent little souls who left this planet without a wimper, without even a eulogy…without anyone’s public concern, outrage, disbelief, or recognition.

Where are the tears shed for them?

This is the true tragedy and far more worthy of our sadness and attention than Anthony Bourdain, Greg Allman or Butch Trucks, neither of whom were prematurely deprived of living a lush and fabulous, if decadent and drug-induced, euphoric and immoral life.

What great gifts of entertainment, scientific knowledge or medical discovery might these snuffed out young souls have contributed to our society to advance our civilization beyond decadence, barbarism and self-indulgence?

Would the next Tony Bourdain, Gregg Allman, or Butch Trucks, Chuck Berry, or Chris Cornell, or perhaps, better still, a cure for cancer, or a solution for world hunger, or a cure for autism have possibly emerged from one or more of these young souls?

We will never know.

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