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The Assisted Suicide of Western Civilisation


I find it strange, and appalling, that we in the West, would characterise the desire of many Western Women to legally murder babies, just as and when they ‘feel the need’ to remove life from a defenseless baby/infant, as somehow having something to do with that amorphously vague concept of, “Women’s Rights”.

What about the rights of the unborn? The rights of a newly born infant? Or is it only adult women that matter to women, and babies and men are just so much annoying dross, to be got rid of at the first opportunity? That’s how it looks to me.

The convincing of so many generations of women that abortion is a good thing, in and of itself, and that they should have the right to commit murder day or night, so to speak, seems to fit suspiciously well with international Communism’s decades old plan to deconstruct and destroy western civilisation. (In line with ‘militant’ Islam’s goal in the west).

This is presumably so the “Socialists” can arrange their version of “Year Zero”, a “Fresh Start” on constructing and controlling in every way, a “New Society”. This Sinister Totalitarian Ambition is very real, and I do believe the West is going straight down that slope, which, by the way, doesn’t last long before it stops being a slope, and becomes a vertical drop, into Hell.

Murdering the next generation of our own, while bleating endlessly about “the poor black babies” of Africa, and the “poor Muslim” “refugees”, and “saving” them, from having to live in the country of their birth, most often in the society of cultural and historical Islam.

This is symptomatic of the intellectually diseased Left, and their antipathy to everything about Western Civilization that makes it good.

At the same time, these ideologues are also endlessly praising Islam, pretending that it is the pinnacle of culture and civilisation. This is yet another reason for their hatred of Christianity, aside from what I consider to be their innately Satanic point of view.

In order to replace Christianity with Islam, Christianity must first be destroyed. Witness all the attacks on Churches, and Christians worldwide. These attacks are not coincidental but part of a broader plan to rid the Western World of Christianity, Western Ideas of Civilized Life, and, of course, all the remaining White European descendants.

To that extent, and for those reasons, Public Figures on the Left, (which is most of them), repeat the mantras of self-hatred and self-destruction, and specifically on “Whites” through abortion.

These baby-murdering cretins, talk as if they were promoting virtue, when they are actually doing our enemies work for them.

We are being murdered, and replaced, and [our] Civilization is being deconstructed, and destroyed before our very eyes.

Our response to this nightmare thus far has been to ignore it, to pretend it isn’t happening, and to demonize anyone who draws attention to it.

It illustrates to what extent we have taken refuge in political correctness, and the result of that is that we are then guilty of Unforgivable Moral Cowardice

When will our collective “Spartacus*” stand up?

I don’t believe he will. I would rejoice at being proven wrong.

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  1. Assisted suicide is the next step from abortion. But you have to understand that was always how the environmentalists thought. Two thousand years ago the Romans persecuted Jews and later Christians, because they were overbreeders. They refused to practice sodomy and infanticide as birth control.(see Josephus, Against Apion) Two thousand years ago the Jews were ten percent of the Roman Empire, and the Jewish diaspora became the core of the first Christians. Paul’s Epistles were primarily to Diaspora Jews. Turks, Greeks and Italians today have five percent Jewish DNA because of this. When Basil of Caesaria wrote his canon against abortion (banning aborting mothers from communion for ten years) aborting women placed strychnine, rat poison, in their wombs. American environmentalism (ca 1900) was a response to overbreeding by Ellis Island immigrants. They preferred hugging trees to deplorables. Alva Myrdal invented social security as a form of birth control, on the theory that folks would have less kids if they were guaranteed a pension. Except today we need to import kids to pay the pensions.

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