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Notre Dame, a Plain Message to Christians and The West

The History we’ve been fed, isn’t actually untrue in the bulk of its narratives, but certainly biased and one-sided in its view, so, consider this anomaly. We rightly hated the Nazis, and then afterwards realised that, by their own actions, the Soviets were our enemies, and in fact murdered a great many more, tens of millions more people than the Nazi regime was responsible for murdering. Which doesn’t diminish the horrors of Nazism.

This is all true, and yet there is an official Communist party of Great Britain, but no official National Socialist party. I am NOT suggesting there should ever be a Nazi party in Britain.

What I am trying to point out is that this imbalance is notable for the acceptance given to communists, who pledge to destroy The West and everything it has made and stands for, and yet we are forced, by law, to tolerate them and their aims.

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), fields no candidates, knowing they’d always lose, so what do they do? They tell all their members to vote Labour, that says a lot.

For a start it says that the Left, in the form of card-carrying communists, predominate in our most important institutions, Education, Media, Politics & Law.

For another, it says that an unknown, but obviously significant number of Labour Voters, are Card-Carrying Communists.

For Britain to finally recover from the two world wars and their catastrophic effect on the people, we need to clear the political field of the current crop of lying, duplicitous swine, and, hopefully, by changes to the national narrative, we can rid ourselves of the cancer of communism by utterly discrediting its ideas, in the public sphere. This will require a monumental and sustained effort on the part of conservatives and properly concerned liberals.

Both the Labour Party and the Liberal-Democrat party, must be destroyed by the Electorate for any progress to be made.

I don’t see any of this as likely to happen, now or later, for three primary reasons:

One, the Left is fighting tooth and nail to consolidate its gains, and conquer more political territory by discrediting conservatism with lies and half-truths.

Two, the people have been made to feel afraid, because the law has, in part, been corrupted, to encompass the sanctions of the Left.

Third, and very annoyingly, the level of political and religious disinterest and apathy over British sovereignty, and the national purpose, the over-arching narrative of what it means to be British, is higher than it has been since the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066.

The numbers of those who have realised that the Left is stealing our Country away from us and destroying our society, are growing, albeit slowly, and they have no power except their voices.

Increasingly those voices are being censored by new laws and judicial precedent, when the Left’s character assassination propaganda has failed.

Social Media is often making things worse, as well as increasing the numbers of disillusioned voters, so we have to calculate when it’s being productive, and when it’s being counter-productive to the aims of those of us who rather like our civilisation, at least as compared to all the others that have ever been, which says a lot for what it meant to be a Westerner, when that was considered the highest gift of providence possible.

Now it is supposedly shameful to be “White”, English-speaking, Conservative, and Christian. The most hated demographic in its own civilisation, as well as by the ‘radicals’ worldwide, that’s a HUGE problem that we need, urgently, to address.

For the Left, it’s not acceptable to have dissent of any kind, they prefer politcal and social conformity, in fact, they insist on it, on pain of being made a pariah, an “unperson”.

The current spate of attacks on Christians and their places of worship, worldwide, is on a scale that our Media will not admit, for fear of panic and anger/reprisals. Islam and the Left are both fighting against Christianity, and Islam against its own ‘heretics’, for global, puritanically harsh, dominance.

The Left are using Muslims to do what decades of communist propaganda could not, their plan is to erase Western Chrsitianity completely, and simultaneously consolidate the Left’s grip on all the institutions of power in the West.

Thereby the globalist Left are gifting the Muslims social predominance, and gifting themselves, an attempted indefinite grip on political power. This is what’s being done to the west.

I am now just waiting for a serious attack on a major Christian place of worship in Britain.

Although two thirds of Scots identify as Christians, the figure is, I think, much lower in England. When, and if, this attack occurs, it will be interesting to see how our Media and Politicians react. Much will depend on the nature of the attack, and whether or not it can be passed-off as accidental.

After more than 800 attacks on French churches in 2018 alone, I am inclined to be sceptical about the idea that the burning of Notre dame was an accident, and not just the latest, and most spectacular victim of deliberate destruction.

It’s no surprise to me that the more “radical” Muslim sites on the net were full of messages of glee and joy at the fire, and spite and hatred towards Christians and the West in general.

We have welcomed cuckoos into our civilisational nest, and they’re doing what cuckoos do, kicking out and murdering the original inhabitants, and taking over the nest. Doing nothing to save our civilisation and societies, is not an option that sits comfortably with me, and nor should it sit comfortably with you.

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  1. You mean like Giuliani getting Albanians to demonstrate outside the Serbian church during Easter eve vigil. And those same Albanians burning down that church in May 2016? Maybe you need to rename NATO: Nazi Albanian Terrorist Organization.


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