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Brexit & the SNP – The Other Border Problem

It’s too bad that the Right is so feeble, (apart from the far-Right psychos), while the Left is so ingrained in every institution and agency.

The bulk of the political class, certainly most of the metropolitans, are pretty far Left of centre on crucial issues, like free speech, conservative speakers, journalists access to the public, and, saliently, membership, or otherwise, of the European Union.

The one thing that I believe gets the Left most riled about the prospect of Britain leaving the EU, is that Britain’s border control will be solely the preserve of Her Majesty’s Government appointed Border Agency.

No more mass immigration, apparently. Though I suspect very strongly that we will have to fight to hold politicians to that promise, implicit or not, everyone knows it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, Brexit is the last straw.

The British Left will feel the loss keenly, and conservatives everywhere in the country should be galvanised by that.

It’s not a panacea though, it’s the very first step in the “UK” returning to looking and sounding more like a Britain everyone over fifty remembers, cosmopolitan, but not multicultural so much, or at least, not growing the trend to the point of our own cultural demise, which is where any state or country that is controlled by the Left, is headed, and many of the British people can see it everywhere in their country, wherever there are sizeable populations.

Those with the eyes to see, will see, and those who look through the lens of ideology, will not see clearly.

At the very least, Brexit, if it actually happens as a no deal exit, will force British politics to change somewhat. There will be no change from the SNP though, except to double down on the fiction they describe as “Scottish independence”, a fiction because it is their many times stated intention to join the EU as a newly “independent” country.

There are no independent countries in the EU, only member states, who do what they’re told, or face gigantic fines, sanctions, court actions, and reduction of member status.

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, knows this, or, if she doesn’t, then she really is completely witless. I suspect that she knows the price of Scotland joining the EU as an independent country, the price would be the revenue from the oil that is sucked-up from the depths underneath “Scotland’s” territorial waters.

That oil is Scotland’s only significant revenue, and one which the Nats have claimed will pay for everything Scotland could ever want, a kind of Bahrain in the rain, is how they paint it.

The depth of the nationalist voters despair when all of this becomes apparent to even them, if it ever does, would be something I would not wish on anyone. It’s interesting to me, how things are hidden in plain sight, like the benefit to Britain of leaving the EU with no deal, and the SNP’s BIG LIE.

I’d like to think, that the Scottish voters, would return a resounding “No” to a second “independence” referendum, but with the Nats literally buying “Scottish” Muslim votes, (See “Islamabad Thing“) it might be a vain hope after all.

Just when we might be rid of one useless female ‘leader’, up pops the nightmare vision of the other dangerous woman in charge, threatening to ruin the whole point of Brexit, and ruin Scotland while she’s at it, chaining it to the EU in perpetuity, or at least until the oil runs out, or the EU crashes into history and is blasted into a million pieces, whichever comes first.

The other border problem, which the SNP have not said anything about, is, potentially, between an EU member, Scotland, and an independent England, {forget the Irish backstop for a moment}, how on earth do the Nats propose to sort that one out?

If Scotland is in the EU at some future date, and England is not, that border will be between the EU and England, and British people would need passports to travel between the two, a ridiculous situation that we cannot allow to happen.

What would happen to the NHS in Scotland then? The SNP already underfund it, as they do everything else, giving money with one hand and taking it away with the other.

A hard border between Scotland and England? I hope I never see the day that such a thing could happen.

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    • Must they? I do not believe it is in the interests of the Scots to do anything more than enjoy free trade and cultural friendship with these “celts” as you call them, (whatever that word means).

      Scotland has done, and does, well out of union with the rest of the British Isles, it’s far from perfect, but better than any of the alternatives, in my opinion.


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