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EU’ve got to be joking!

Is this government’s Brexit broken beyond repair? I hope so, it’s a shambles, and a sordid betrayal of the will of the people who voted in majority to leave the EU.

We can just leave anyway, under WTO rules, and use the money we save, to kick-start our economy and trade deals with countries, like America, that we were forbidden from arranging while still an EU vassal state.

It’s not “The United States of Europe”, as some mendacious commenters have rendered it, no, it’s the Euro-Soviet Union, in all but name. No less a Man than Mikhail Gorbachev is on record as saying, that the EU is no more and no less, than the old Soviet Union dressed up in western political clothing.

To that extent, and for that reason, our desire for an exit, any exit, is more sensible and courageous than the elites want us to know, ESPECIALLY if we leave with No Deal, we will have a very strong hand, many don’t understand this, and many don’t want anyone else to understand it, or even know about the possibility of it.

Germany has the strongest economy in mainland Europe, yet Britain’s economy is in better shape than Germany’s is right now. They can’t get the confluence between GDP, income tax, and business growth, to line up the way it should, and they’re propping up countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy, those are big problems for the German taxpayer, and the EU27 as a whole.

The EU desperately needs Britain’s financial contributions to the EU to remain in place, or the hole in the union’s combined budget, will suddenly enlarge to unmanageable proportions.

An already massive continental debt will have to be increased, and, frankly, the loans aren’t going to be available indefinitely, at some point they’re going to start being called in, and that’s when the EU will be in the unenviable position of having few choices, the easiest* and most obvious of which will be to declare bankruptcy. Whoops!

Even if that disastrous eventuality does not occur, the EU will struggle to maintain the Euro single currency experiment, devaluation will work to some extent, but it has its own inbuilt problems, some of which may be obvious, like the effects on consumer spending, wages, interest rates, and taxes.

All in all, we are best to leave completely, and as soon as possible, regardless of whether there is a deal between us and the EU commission or not. It would be better to sidestep the commission altogether, and just “crash out” as Douglas Murray rather melodramatically put it, rather than go down with the hellbound communist experiment that is the EU.

I also just found out, the rumour that went around about British Army troops being readied for any negative events kicking off over Brexit, is apparently not just a rumour, we’re living through strange times my friends, strange times indeed.

To finish up, I give you a quote, wisdom from a person who was not always wise, but then, who could ever claim such a thing?

“Socialism only works till you run out of other people’s money to spend” ~ Margaret Thatcher.

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  1. Read Paul Johnson’s Modern Times, he credits Gasperi,Adenaur and deGaulle of sharing a Carolingian ideology in founding the EU. Yet Paul Johnson’s son Daniel and his website Standpoints support Brexit along with Norman Podhoretz and Frank Gaffney.


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