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Forty Nine Muslims are confirmed as dead after a gunman opened fire on them at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cue much hand-wringing and vicarious [fake] grieving by TV presenters, politicians, and the liberal media’s talking heads.

I await the usual self-loathing analysis and commentary by western TV pundits, assuring our western nations that it’s all our fault.

One NZ TV commentator said that the shootings were “an event of unprecedented violence” – What about the Manchester bombings? London Bridge multiple murders? Charlie Hebdo slaughter of 12 cartoonists? Theo van Goh murdered for a film? The music theatre massacre in Paris? The Spanish trains bombings? …And all the other atrocities commited by Muslims against non-Muslims in the west, tens of thousands of incidents of violence and murder.

I can’t hear the Muslims apologising for any of the horrors commited by their own against us in the west, that’s because they never have and they never will.

They can, and do, take collective offence at the drop of a novel, but they can’t, and won’t take collective responsibility, which is rank hypocrisy of the worst kind.

The media narrative that you will get from the MSM will be inclusive of only one viewpoint of this event. White supremacist, Islamophobic terrorist, commits mass murder of innocent Muslims and it’s all your fault.

If you weren’t such a racist, such an Islamophobe yourself, this monster would not have been created, if the atmosphere in the west was one of tolerance and love.

Thing is, we all know just how tolerant the west has been, and is, but the dammned liars of Islam get away with pretending that they, and no-one else, no other peoples, are the perrenial victims, the poor pious Muslims minding their own business, are murdered by a racist white supremacist fanatic Islamophobe.

On the day of the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001, Muslims all over the middle east, and in Pakistan and other Muslim majority countries, were seen celebrating the attack on New York, and by that, on civilisation itself.

They cheered at the news, laughed and smiled, and Muslims also partied in the streets of Palestine and Gaza because three thousand of us had been murdered by only nineteen of their own.

It’s sobering to think, that Osama bin Laden, was in large part correct when he decided that this generation of westerners had no stomach for the fight that Islam was bringing to the west.

That’s not to denigrate the heroism and commitment of our armed forces to doing the job wherever and whenever required.

They are hampered by our press and the utterly manufactured, media created, “public opinion” though, by the self-proclaimed and entirely hypocritical anti-war movement,[not a word from them about the Chinese in Tibet,or Hezbollah in Lebanon, or Al Shabbab atrocities in Christian Nigeria].

The miltary of the west are also hampered by western politicians, who are more concerned about their own re-election than extracting some justice from the whole sorry, bloody mess.

So we’ll never get much in the way of truth from these politicians and their media lackeys, we’ll only get the narrative that they consider ‘safe’ to tell us.

They are in permanent fear of riots, of inter-religious warfare breaking out, this is another reason why the Liberal-Left establishment are trying so very hard to get rid of all remnants of Christianity in the west.

Christianity’s replacement by Islam, will only happen more smoothly, if Christianity in the west has been discarded, discredited, made out to be an historical embarrassment, and the churches bulldozed to make way for their replacements, ever-more mosques, and the modern west’s, steel and glass monuments to the making of money.

If you abandon God, guess what? God abandons you, and then what? Your civilisation dies, that’s what. Look at California, if you can bear to do so, and it is, in large part, a replay of Sodom and Gommorah, with potentially the same result looming over those diabolical places and their denizens, or inhabitants, if you prefer.

The future of the west is Islam, and I’ll keep saying that to my fellow westerners, until it is either a prophecy come true, or we have made it unlikely to succeed.

I’m not in any way suggesting that we do the same as the crazed gunman in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Slaughtering people in revenge for homicides commited by their fellows, or for their faith, is not a particularly Christian act, even though a more muscular Christianity of the past did exactly that, in the form of the crusades, which were actually an act of revenge for the murderous consequences of the Muslim invasion of southern Europe, and an act of war in response to the Muslims act of war of invasion.

We have to try to use a majority of Muslim voices to reform Islam, and that’s where the obvious difficulty lies, not only because most Muslims won’t listen to a word any apostate says, they won’t even listen to an Imam who preaches non-violence, peace and tolerance.

This demonstrates more clearly than just about anything else, the myth of the ‘moderate’ Muslim as being a majority in the Muslim populations of the west.

Either we tame Islam, [Muslims], and make it [them], house-trained, or we expel it [them], from our shores, or Islam destroys our civilisation, and replaces it with its own highly organised barbarism.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if a more muscular, but not murderous Christianity did revive, I would certainly welcome such a phenomena with great relief and joy, but it doesn’t seem very likely when our churches are full of traitors to the faith, paedophiles, pederasts, Islamophiles, perverts and moral cowards and weaklings. Oh for the faith of centuries past, for the power, the glory, and the will to win.

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