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I’m Tommy Robinson!

- tommy robinson is spartacus

We’re all familiar with the images and the trope of “Spartacus”, the Thracian gladiator who, up until 71 BC, was the living hero of the ancient world. He stood up to the worst excesses of the Roman Empire, and was part of a major Slave Revolt against the harshness of the conditions under which these heroic fighters suffered.

We’re familiar with this because of Stanley Kubrick, who directed the 1960 movie,”Spartacus”, starring Kirk Douglas, based on Howard Fast’s eponymous novel.

The man we know as Tommy Robinson, is the Spartacus of our time, and each of us is Tommy Robinson, whether we know it or not.

The fight against establishment over-reach, is urgent in every generation, ours is obviously no exception.

Tommy is standing up for us all, much as Donald Trump is standing up for the average American, all those workaday heroes like you and your folks, your family and friends.

When someone speaks truth to power, as they say, and that truth is HARD, when it’s a truth that can’t be printed for fear of civil unrest, then that truth teller becomes an Enemy of the State, the Title of Mr. Robinson’s, best-selling, first book.

If more of us told the truth as Tommy does, there would be less corruption, fewer Naked Emperors for us to continually point at.

The problem for Tommy is that, even though a great many people are behind him, we don’t yet know if it’s going to be enough for The Authorities to back down and not threaten his life by jailing him.

He’s there for me, and for you, and not just in the Country formerly known as Great Britain, but everywhere, Tommy Robinson IS everywhere’s everyman, the loud voice of an angry social conscience, wondering why preventable atrocities happen every day, and no-one says anything except him.

When Tommy is jailed, that’s the same as jailing every innocent man that stood up and objected to the corruption of power.

It looks like he will be jailed again, despite the evidence of no wrong-doing, despite all the protests worldwide. Why? Because this Country has become an Authoritarian State, run by serial incompetents, a corrupt media, paedophiles and other criminals, and joke-politicians.

When telling the truth becomes an offence for which the guilty can be jailed, you know your civilization is drowning in a sea of ‘politically correct’ insanity.

Tommy, and the equally real rebel, Spartacus, share some problems, the problems of a tyranny that dare not speak its name, but hides behind words like “Republic”, or in our case and time, “Democracy.”

When your vote has become just a vehicle for the unscrupulous to exploit your unrealising gullibility, and the few decent people that were in politics have either died, retired, or been marginalised, you know what’s coming, or you should.

The ‘soft bigotry’ of Leftist control of the public sphere, Education, News Media, The Movies, the Inbuilt Bureaucracy, the so-called “Deep-State”, means that voices that dissent from their mainstream narrative, can be instantly tainted by undeserved and slanderous name-calling.

This all adds up to making the general public more accepting of the crushing of reputations by clever lies and media manipulation.

If it seems like the most dangerous person in the country, is someone who stands up and tells the truth about things the State would rather remain unknown, then it becomes obvious that the State in power at that moment, is a quiet tyranny. One that doesn’t want publicity of its daily deeds of diabolic darkness, and as a result, wants to do away with dissenting voices, permanently.

Tommy knows that if he is sent to prison again, he stands a more than fair chance of being murdered. As it stands, he has a price on his head, not only among all the “radicalised” Muslim inmates of Britain’s jails, but also among Muslims everywhere, in Britain, but also Worldwide.

The mainstreaming of the ideology of cultural Islam, and the desire for Sharia, has meant that there are still gangs of Pakistani Muslim men that target white and Sikh British children, “grooming” them before gang-raping them; remember, their child victims have an average age of 12, meaning some of them are even younger than that.

These Muslim rape-gangs operating right now in Britain, are fairly safe. The Authorities would rather that nothing more was seen or said, and that suits the gang-rapists of British children just fine.

So when will all the Tommy Robinsons’ stand up?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe they will, but we can always hope.

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  1. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage knows who really killed Jesus.


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