Captain Marvel: A Split Decision

I make no pretense of being a Comic Book Fan Boy (Man?) I’ve read some over the years but the majority of what I have read did not involve Super Heroes. I far prefer the grittiness of “The Walking Dead.” A series that often outshines its Television counterpart.

I’m by no means entrenched in the “canon” of either D.C. or the MCU.

Generally speaking I like the majority of these Films and on that basis I must tip my hat to Marvel. I’ve watched the first “Avengers” film countless times and consider it to be the “creme de la creme!”

Fast forward from 2012 to 2019 and we now have Marvel’s latest outing in the form of “Captain Marvel”, their first solo female entry. I know zip about this character, which interestingly isn’t surprising because she’s been pulled from the backshelf and I’m by no means in the minority.

What little I do know about the graphic novel series (please can’t we just go back to calling them Comic Books?) is it’s been rebooted multiple times and also changed its sex, the latest incarnation being obviously female.

Yet despite all of this finagling, its consistently failed to find an audience.

Which, brings me to my main point.

Checking YouTube last evening I was made aware that the first reviews are in. Given the level of controversy surrounding this film, (see my previous article) I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and immediately proceeded to (given the revisions made to the Site last week in favor of “their Master’s voice” read that Disney and their huge wad of cash) the now truly, “Rotten Tomatoes”.

As of this writing, there are a total of six featured reviews on the Site and with one exception, the opinions are split on the basis of traditional sexual identity. The male reviewers hate it and the female reviewers while acknowledging some flaws, still manage to gush over it, no pun intended.

What carping there is by the Women is that it’s not feminist enough. The only thing that would satisfy this bunch would be Billie Jean King in the lead and the ghost of Bobbie Riggs as the main villain.

Rarely and think it’s more fair to say never, have I seen this kind of disparity along gender lines. It is astonishing. The sole exception being Peter Travers review on behalf of Rolling Stone.

Based on its promotion and the comments made by its lead Brie Larson, Captain Marvel is meant to be a “Woke”, “SJW”, “New Wave Feminist” extravaganza. And of course we all know that’s exactly the type of audience Super Hero films tend to draw. Not!

But it does explain the Traver’s review as his publication embraces that agenda.

Agenda? That’s another issue. Since when did these kinds of films either have or require an Agenda?

Pardon my knuckle dragging but I thought the whole point of these movies was to entertain, sell popcorn, and sell tickets, allowing the viewer to bathe themselves in the light of escapist entertainment far removed from the troubles of the World, not have them shoved squarely in their faces.

What’s more interesting is RT’s lies by omission as they have not bothered to include the review by John Oleksinski of the NY Post on their main page (who clearly fits the designation of “top critic”) titled, “An Aimless Superhero Slog.” Granted, another male reviewer. He was relegated to the back of the pack landing on page five of seven getting the short shrift as have most of the more critical reviewers.

By failing to include a more balanced sample in its featured section Rotten Tomatoes has further diminished its already rapidly declining reputation.

So which is it, a “Slog” or “Plucky and Pleasing” as described by Katie Walsh of the Tribune News Service?

So far that seems to be determined by whether one pees standing up, or sitting down. Based on of course my gender, but also on the quality of the reviews thus far, I tend to err on the side of those standing up.

The audience score has yet to come in but the final verdict will be delivered at the “Box Office.”

Stay tuned!


If it does do well it’s because Disney has forced any major competition out of the Theaters for a solid week!

See the video below.

New article up.


Images Copyrighted by Marvel And Disney Studios.

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  1. Another great article, Anthony. Your review is by turns, funny, poignant, and intellectually engaging.

    In the fictional realm of “super-heroes”, when the female becomes the hero/heroine, what role is there for whatever equivalent there will be for the lead male of the cast?

    If the makers relegate males to subservient positions, or just wither them away altogether, vanishing the male supporting character as well as the male lead, then the fictional realm will not have much internal logic left to develop a storyline that contains more than “Female lead does everything & saves the world, without any assistance from her emasculated male colleagues” Then it becomes an entirely misandrist movie, a hate-fest against masculine power.

    In all but name – a proto-lesbianic celebration of the unattached female’s apparent power and drive.

    The premise of this movie is very bad, the acting is irrelevant, as are the effects and the general dialogue, it’s another lead balloon from Marvel.

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