Nothing can save “Captain Marvel” from itself.

Notice anything odd?

Virtually a blank page.

Rotten Tomatoes has suspended user comments on Captain Marvel prior to its release. No doubt at the behest of its masters at Disney.


Because the “want to see it” score dropped from 96% to 20.


Because the “Star” of the film has spent the last month male bashing.

Like it or not the Comic Film Universe is made up primarily of male viewers. The guys drag their partners with them to watch these films.

Not unlike the way women drag their significant others to chick flicks.

So when the lead actor / actress bashes the target audience, this is the result.

The film is less than two weeks out and the one figure that RT left up shows that out of the entire Country, only 15,000 people have expressed an interest in seeing it.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this Movie is going to tank faster than the Titanic.

When is Disney going to finally realize that SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) and ultra feminists do not drive the Box Office and stop biting the hand that feeds it?

The “Suits” may be “Woke” but they’re asleep at the switch!

Image Copyrights Disney /Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. When will stupid modern* humans learn that a c__t and c__k do different things, and you can’t get one to imitate the other? This “gender-justice” madness has to stop, it’s just untenable.

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