Media Bias

Do You Believe Jussie, or Your Lying Eyes?

Watching GMA yesterday morning even “in the Lib tank” host George Stephanopoulos was actually floored when one of his co anchors continued to maintain Smollett’s innocence.

“They have video of the two brothers buying the hats, and the rope, they have the check.” said George.

The woman next to him responded, “So says the Chicago PD.”

“The Chicago Police Department has a reputation for not being forthcoming with evidence and on that basis they should be challenged.”

What? Right before this exchange ABC showed the video footage of those two guys in the convenience store making the purchase.

So because this guy is homosexual and black we’re supposed to buy his bullshit instead of, dare I say, “hard evidence?”

This is a sympton of a greater disease in the MSM.

More than two years after the fact, they and their cohorts in the Democrat Party still refuse to accept that Trump was legitimately elected.

Now that the Mueller investigation seems to be wrapping up with what appears to be zero evidence of “Russian Collusion” (which BTW is not a chargeable offense), the Democrats have already signaled they’re unwillingness to accept its conclusions unless it recommends “Frog Marching” Trump out of the White House.

Reality no longer matters to these people. If the facts don’t fit their narrative they ignore them, or speak over and around them creating a cloud of distortion and lies they then spread through their respective “echo chambers.”

With very few exceptions, the News as we knew it no longer exists, without acknowledgement it’s been replaced by “Newspeak!”

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