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Die Judenboykott – Boycott against Jews

At this moment, there is a Europe-wide boycott on produce from Israel, which started as an apparent expression of international disapproval, by a boycott of produce from farms in the ”occupied territories”, it has widened, and looks like it’s being extended in time as well as scope.

The boycott hurts the pockets of Arab / Israeli farmers too, not that the boycotters care, or care to find out.

The boycott has support from the EU Council, Labour Unions, Liberal and Leftist media, and extreme right wing groups, as well as from Islamists everywhere. The boycott of Jewish commerce is nothing new, and this recent regurgitation of it is just that, nauseating, sickening.

The reasoning given is straightforward, or is it ? The reason has shifted in emphasis from being about produce farmed on ‘illegally’ occupied land, to, for instance, a boycott of Israeli scientists by the faculties of the “Ivy League”, a boycott of Israeli books and authors by a Scottish council, and various other instances of deliberate public injustice towards the Jewish people,dressed as redress, but none of which makes Arab Palestinians’ lives measurably better.

But then, it’s not about ‘liberation’, or improving the lives of Palestinians, no, it’s about Liberal and especially Leftist politcal credentials, and domestic politics’ effect on foreign policy, including the media narratives that get people ‘on board’.

This is how the Shoah started, the Nazi ‘Judenboykott’ of 1st of April 1933, directed at Jewish businesses, set about the removal of Jews from German business life. On gaining power, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei, NSDAP, or Nazis, began to spread propaganda targeting the Jewish people, with the intention of intimidating them and making them powerless to stop the slaughter that was to come, with the added objective of appropriating the property, wealth, and businesses of the Jews whom they had displaced, and sent off in cattle trucks, to fulfil the plan for a ‘final solution’ to ‘the Jewish problem’.

Since the mid 1920’s in Germany, boycotts had been used against Jewish businesses by the commercial middle class, most of them being National Socialists. By the time of the late twenties, inflation soared, and in the thirties of course the Wall Street crash brought Europe to its knees as well. Once again, this was served up as being the fault of a plot by Jews, such paranoid scapegoating is popular with those who are politically ignorant and naive as to how things really work.

The middle class in Germany, were only too happy to blame Jews and steal what assets the Jews held, everything from hotels, to factories, newspapers, banks, all of it stolen from Jews as a result of the boycott action and how it was worded and carried out.

In the spring of 1933, National Socialist aligned newspapers in Hamburg, presented the Nazi organised ‘Judenboykott’ as a so called ‘Volksaktion’, a ‘people’s action’, it was allegedly to be an ”Abwehrkampf gegen die Judische Gruelhetze im Ausland”, a ”Defence against Jewish atrocity propaganda abroad”.

In fact, newspaper headlines read, ”Marschbefehl gegen die Juden”, ”Marching orders against the Jews”, ”Boykott die Juden”, ”Boycott the Jews” and ”Der Kampf ist unvermeidlich”, ”The Fight is unavoidable”. The propaganda of the Judenboykott reached a great many people, as was planned, and by March the 12th 1933, the Hamburg department stores of Hermann Tietz, Karstadt, EPA, and Woolworths, were targeted and boycotted by Nazi pickets.

The first stage was the publishing of Julius Streicher’s ”Richtlinien fur den boykott’, ”Directions for the boycott” on the front page of the Hamburg Tageblatt nespaper, under the headline, ”Die Judenboykott beginnt-Morgen Schlag 10 Uhr !” .. ”The boycott against Jews begins this morning, at 10 o’clock !”

… All of this led, ultimately, to the death camps, once a people have been denigrated, slandered, misrepresented, dehumanised, and reduced to scapegoat status, it is so much easier to begin the process of elimination that the power behind the boycott (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, through their Colonial proxies, Hezbollah, and Hamas) so obviously wish to proceed to. Never again, we said, did we lie ?

Even if “we” didn’t, there are those among us, like a certain female Muslim Democrat Senator of the United States, who share the same vision for the Jews, extermination, and they always start with a boycott.

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  1. The nazis were never conservatives, they were socialists, so it should not surprise you that these actions derive from people calling themselves socialists.


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