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The Legacy of Identity Politics and Liberal Illusions. A Generation of Maladjusted Narcissists.

Eight years of Democrat rule ended, amid scenes of lawlessness by a huge number of their supporters, yes they were a minority, but that’s still a lot of people, thousands, who vandalised private property, assaulting people, fighting with the police, throwing rocks, bottles, wielding baseball bats, looting, committing vicious assaults, vandalising people’s cars and shop windows of businesses large and small, this all points to large scale, well organised violent criminality, lots of people coming out ‘tooled-up’. Blackshirts, fascists pretending to be anti-fascist.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their Media lackeys, as usual, blamed everyone and everything except themselevs and their own supporters. And yet, Mr Soros, to name but one instigator, seems to have put rather a lot of money, and some fiery demagogic Town Hall rhetoric, into this vicious and criminal political tantrum.

DNC people were filmed supplying bus-loads of ‘protesters’ to the cities that then became the worst affected.

Mr Obama, the ex President, seems to do a lot more now than just talk, unlike during his presidency. He publicly declared his house to be “the centre of the resistance”, doing so without any apparent sense of shame or ridiculousness.

Democrats are more than okay with that. If Mr Trump has to say/do something about it, then whatever he says/does, Democrats will be waiting to try and discredit any action he takes, this is certain.

So the anarchy and lawlessness works for the Democrats, they can exploit it as a sign of the people’s unhappiness (possibly hinting at congressional annulment of the election result?) They can say that his supporters are infiltrating peaceful protests. They could claim that his Presidency will be plagued by such events because of his perceived unsuitability for the job etc etc etc.

No-one has, on any network, pointed out the mistake everyone made, look to the language, and look to the constitutional facts, ‘protesters’ do NOT have ‘the right’ to protest, the constitution specifies a right to “peaceful assembly”, and neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights mention explicitly a right to protest, and certainly not a right to riot.

So although we could all say that such a right of peaceful protest should maybe exist, or exists as a perceived common law right, there is no right to vandalism, assault, arson, theft, intimidation, or violent public disorder.

It really is a poor show on the part of the Democrats that they are in fact worse than unwilling to police their own people, (they’re actively fomenting the anarchy) and they also can’t be trusted to be honest about anything important.

The media battleground is something Democrats thought they had sorted, in the bag, they didn’t realise that millions have seen, and can see through them and their despicable, anti-American tactics.

2017, 2018 and 2019, so far, have shown everyone how much co-operation Democrats will continue to refuse the new President, and how much they will block and stymie every positive change he wants to make to the mess they made of America. God Bless Donald Trump, and God bless America.

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  1. Thank you for those kind words, Anthony. It means a lot when you take the time and care to read, evaluate, and comment on any of my articles, most viewers leave no trace except that they’ve looked at the page. I think we need to put the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons immediately below the articles, or at the top, if we can.


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