The Right to Kill

What we’ve witnessed in the last two weeks in both the States of New York and Virginia is an abomination.

The legalization and the proposed legalization of infanticide. Regarding abortion the crux of debate has always been at what point does life begin, the answer they’ve given is it doesn’t matter.

Whether or not the fetus can survive independent of the Mother is no longer an issue. It is now acceptable to murder the newborn, to destroy the child after it’s been removed from the womb and taken its first breath.

The Legislature and the Governor of the State of New York have convinced themselves that such an action does not constitute murder. By doing so they are not only lying to themselves but to the public at large. What else could the wanton destruction of human life be and how much further will this be permitted to go?

If a person decides that when a child reaches the age of two that they no longer wish to be a parent, will ending its life also become acceptable? It’s almost impossible to believe that this is no longer a ridiculous supposition. But in view of what’s just happened it may soon become a germaine point of discussion.

How has Society been allowed to devolve to this point? It is the height of insanity that immediately after introducing a bill which would permit a child to be murdered after its birth, the same person introduced legislation to protect the life of a worm. Though there may be some logic in this. Because only a worm could countenance the wholesale destruction of human life.

Youth and reason are incompatible. Youth is driven by passion without fear or thought of consequence. Only too late does it realize the depth of its mistakes. It cannot be trusted to make the right choice and the guidance it requires in modern society is clearly lacking. Lust has no conscience.

I would rather see every female of reproductive age given an implant to prevent pregnancy at the time of puberty than be put in a position to make a decision which will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Though engraved on the tablets brought down from Mount Sinai, it serves simply as a reminder, because from time imemorial “thou shall not kill” has been engraved in the heart of humanity. Though in view of the actions of New York and Virginia it must be asked if we’ve abandoned the right to the title.

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  1. The laws of God, cannot be so debased, with impunity. Those who fear not the judgement of the Lord, shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is raising Hell to the level of our streets.

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