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When the founding fathers laid the cultural, legal, and social foundations for America, they were all sure of and agreed on at least one thing, they didn’t want America to become another Europe.

Europe at that time, was a mass of religious tensions, and violence, persecutions, pogroms and expulsions, most countries used the death penalty for heresy.

The Europe of today, is a mess, bankrupt, financially, culturally, and worst of all, morally. The fastest growing religion in Europe is Islam, surprise-surprise. Muslims living in Europe have many more children than the indigenous peoples, plus they are arriving in the tens of thousands every month, and that’s just in Britain.

The rest of Europe is being swamped by the deliberate mass immigration of people, in the hundreds of thousands every month, all across the continent it is variously, the same, worse, or they’ve had more than enough, as in the cases of Poland, Austria, Hungary, and even Italy now, who’ve all declared that they won’t allow such insane quotas to continue to be accepted, and are now refusing to take more migrants.

The EU fines member states huge amounts for non-compliance with policy mandates.

You may be wondering what all that has to do with Trump and what might happen once he’s gone from office. It’s quite simple really, his opponents, the Democrats, do want to make America into another Europe, or rather, what the EU wants Europe to become.

The vision, is one whereby America becomes one huge secular socialist state, and to that end, political correctness is right now being enforced by law, next it will be “hate-speech” that will go on the statute books, the lawyers are loving all of this.

The goal is being achieved using the less than subtle tactics of fascism and national socialism. The FBI is already a political police force, and should be shut down, at least until it can be ascertained whether or not it can safely be recreated without it reverting to type, as it were.

Imagine if you will, nationalisation of everything that can’t be vigorously held onto by the private sector. Nationalised industries become industries that never make a profit, but employ lots and lots of people at nice salary rates, and with handsome pensions, all taxpayer funded, by you, and/or people just like you.

The way in which Donald Trump is making a positive difference to the political landscape of the moment, is largely going unreported, and therefore unnoticed, even by many who are in general accepting, or firmly supportive of, his win, also of a lot of his policies.

If you notice how, with the help of that mannered thug, Mueller, the Dems are trying to clear a space all around Trump, a space into which no Republican, or other Conservative will set foot, for fear of instant destruction by the Democrat party machinery, then you notice their complete lack of scruple or virtue, they will do ANYTHING, to oust Trump, if they can.

This political brutalism is very dangerous for the future of democratic governance.

The policy of isolating the President, and instilling genuine fear into would-be allies and team members, shows just how much the Democrats hate Trump, and all that he stands for, and what does he stand for? He stands for you, for the common people, for the workaday heroes like your parents. He stands for the unborn too.

President Trump also stands against the dangers that threaten to destroy America as we’ve known and loved her, dangers which, if not originated by democrats and/or their allies, are encouraged/not stopped, by Democrats as a whole.

Many people on the Left thought that if Donald Trump made President, that Leftists would be arrested in their beds, or just shot on sight. This is what they were told, over and over, so they have no qualms about cheering when the arrests are of Trump’s aids and allies. They’d love to see it happen to the President.

The Democrat party is getting a real taste for totalitarian state thuggery, employing the exact same tactics used by the Nazi Brownshirts, “Die Sturmabteilung”, or “Stormtroopers” as the Allies learned to call them, though that’s a mistranslation.

The “Storm-Section” ruled the streets and all public gatherings with intimidatory ranks of uniformed men, and the very real threat of brutal violence against any dissenters, especially against communists, and even more especially against Jews.

The Left in America, have, since the inglorious sixties, been appraised of the goal of deconstructing America, politically, culturally, legally, socially, and first of all, the most important priority on their list, academically.

Like the Jesuits, they want the child so they can give society a pre-programmed, completely indoctrinated, young adult.

President Trump would like to stop all of that, and stem the tide of immigration too, and not just over the southern border, stem it for the time being, and at least have some semblance of control over America’s borders.

You should be worried, about what the Democrats are planning for that time when Donald Trump is no longer President, whether ousted, end of term two, or something worse, at that moment, everything they’re doing will become much more obvious, and the country’s position as an American serfdom, servicing an unimaginably huge national debt to the order of, currently, an eye-watering $21.6 Trillion, and owed, entirely, to China, will become crystal clear to many more than see it now.

Donald Trump is America’s last hope, before the hard left of the Democrats get elected, and go about ensuring their indefinite stay in power, because believe you me, that is exactly what they are planning. A one party state, that rules every State in America, and uses force without a hint of concern for inalienable rights.

The constitution will also be “reviewed for relevance” apparently, in other words it will be butchered in favour of the Left’s desire for a permanent grip on power. It will also be butchered in other ways, to confer greater rights on favoured groups… etc.

All in all, America now, faces a greater danger than it did from the Japanese, who could never have invaded, and who could not, as was seen, sustain long term war.

The threat from within cannot be overstated, University professors have indoctrinated tens of thousands of young people into the dangerous ideas of the post-modernists, and worse, Marxism and Leninism are taught as being desirable sources of political wisdom.

Armed revolution is taught to them as morally necessary, thus they joined the resurrected Antifa.

Antifa are Mussolini’s blackshirts, and considering their Italian origin and current huge popularity in Italy, that’s both ironic and appropriate. they’ve been transported to this age, reincarnated as youngsters again, and given their targets.

That mad fantasy might as well be true, because the effects and ambitions of Antifa are exactly the same as the blackshirt fascists, they are domestic terrorists, and should be classed as such by the US legal establishment.

That won’t happen because the neo-Marxists are also in the police force as well. The meaning of Marx’s command to his followers that they must conduct “The long march through the institutions”, is clear, and the fact of its having already been done by the left in America and Europe, is terrifying.

They’re stacking the poor, and immigrants, in huge towers and out-of-town concrete “estates”, out of sight – out of mind. You are not wanted in the public arena, you are not wanted uptown, you are not wanted as a vocal and positively active citizen, you are wanted as a politically correct worker-drone, you are mostly required to be silent.

So, all Republicans, all Conservatives, all Libertarians… and also any on the Left who just can’t stand what’s happening on their side of the fence, should stop, think, and help Donald Trump in any way they possibly can, because he just might need that help soon.

The truth is, that if the American Right, and I don’t mean the identity-politics crowd or ethno-nationalists on the Right, but serious people, people who could help get someone suitable elected, or who maybe could be elected themselves, if the Right doesn’t get its political act together by the time that Trump is leaving office, then America will be lost, to the one-party-state party, and to history.

I hope and I pray, that President Trump can get enough done before the Democrats come in and mess it up, and I hope he, and what they’re trying to do to him, will wake enough Americans up to the scary fact that he won’t be around forever to fight in every decent American’s corner, that someone else with his cojones, will have to take on that huge task, or the worst nightmares of Jefferson, Madison and co, and of all of us who love America, will come true.

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