The Nazification of the Justice Department

The strong arm tactics Americans witnessed Friday in the arrest of Roger Stone is a clear indication of exactly how politicized the so called “Justice Department” has become.

The same thing could just as easily have been accomplished with a phone call to Stone’s Attorney. The point here was to maximize News coverage, show the President in the worst possible light, and strike fear in the hearts of all who support him with the message that they could be next.

From the time he was appointed, Bob Mueller has gone out of his way to put people on his team with an axe to grind against Donald Trump. A prime example is Peter Strzok who Mueller later removed because emails surfaced which showed his intent to thwart Trumps ability to get elected. And if that failed, to use every means at his disposal to remove him from office.

In those emails Strzok repeatedly referred to an “insurance policy” which turned out to be the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the President for alleged ties to the Russians.

Of course Strzok knew from the beginning that this was a “red herring” with no basis in fact. He also knew that by simply implying as much, the Media, which has proven itself to be nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, would run with it and find the President guilty before the facts were even in.

The FBI used an opposition research document known as the “Steele Dossier” bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, containing unverifiable allegations many of which were so bizarre no Media outlet other than Buzzfeed would touch it, as the basis for the investigation. They then lied to the FISA Court about the source of the allegations in order to secure approval to proceed.

Almost two years later no credible evidence has been found to support the accusations of collusion between the President and the Russians during the 2016 Election.

Further, acting Attorney General Rob Rosenstein who took over the investigation after Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself for his ties to the Trump campaign, set no parameters when creating the office of Special Counsel. Mueller was given “Carte Blanche” to investigate any and everything that piqued his interest and which would do the most harm to the President and his Administration simply by virtue of implication with the Press as his willing ally.

In addition to Strzok, Mueller has filled his staff with known contributors to the Clinton campaign as well as Democrat political operatives which the Media has made a protracted effort to keep hidden from the Public.

Mueller’s “hitman” is Andrew Weissman whose reputation for using strong arm tactics preceeds him. He used them against General Flynn (who served briefly as the head of the National Security Agency in the Trump Administration before being removed for lying to the Vice President), by threatening to go after Flynn’s son if he failed to cooperate.

He forced both Flynn and former Trump Campaign manager Paul Manafort into bankruptcy which occurred as a result of mounting legal bills in their attempt to defend themselves. Standard operating procedure for the Government in these cases as it has unlimited resources (courtesy of the American taxpayer) and the defendants do not.

There can be little doubt that it was Weissman who was behind the “Circus” that took place on Friday in the arrest of Roger Stone and he will no doubt use the same tactics against him as he has against Manafort, Flynn, and the President’s former Attorney Michael Cohen in an attempt to flip Stone into becoming a witness against the President.

There are few if any with the ability to withstand such an onslaught. The only one to date who managed it is Author Jerome Corsi who refused to cooperate with the Mueller Team to save his own hide by providing false testimony and he has stated publicly that this was exactly what the Special Counsel’s office tried to force him to do.

Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails which no doubt would have proven her guilty of selling influence in her role as Secretary of State in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. She also physically destroyed computer hard drives and cell phones which contained evidence which would have corroborated her guilt in the “pay for play” scheme.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with Clinton’s Husband in the middle of the investigation into the email scandal after which she had to recuse herself.

Then FBI Director James Comey publicly exonerated Clinton of all wrong doing even though mountains of evidence existed which showed otherwise.

Members of the Clinton Team were granted immunity from prosecution simply for providing testimony.

Yet Trump and his allies are being persecuted and may potentially face prosecution where no evidence other than circumstantial has been shown to exist.

If there were such a thing as a free and independent Press, Clinton and her cronies including the former President would be in jail, and it would be Mueller and the members of the Justice Department who would be under investigation, not the President and former members of his campaign staff.

No one looking at the facts objectively could conclude otherwise.

With the level of corruption already evident at the Department of Justice and the recent tendency to treat political enemies worse than known terrorists the question must be asked, how long before these methods trickle down to the average citizen?

Will the next President issue an executive order to spy on critics in the name of National Security? And, given the view of members of the Democrat Party including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that such criticism impairs the Government’s ability to conduct “business” how long will it be before we find the black jackets busting down our doors?

The only recourse we have for preventing this lies with the 2nd Amendment and at the ballot box.

In the words of the worst President in modern history, “Elections have consequences.”

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  1. Great article, enviously succinct, window-pane-prose. The facts revealed should make all American consciences feel dismayed, but also determined to help Trump any way they can.

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