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The Road to Valhalla

Sweden, like other European nations, has sewn the seeds of its own demise through liberal socialist welfare policies and failure to secure and hold its borders.

Now, entire neighborhoods in Swedish cities and even smaller towns are dominated by Muslim immigrants living off the Swedish taxpayer. What’s more, instead of grateful assimilation, the growing hordes of invaders are now attacking their host. Rape, murder and other violence, once unheard of in Sweden, is on the rise.

One cannot help but wonder: how many attacks against the usually stoic, well-meaning Swedes will it take to rouse the old Viking spirit, if such a thing still exists? Have they, like much of the civilized Western world, gone soft and forgotten their heritage?

The Norse sagas confirm the Viking mentality: Despite the patently false dramatizations shown in Hollywood series like The Vikings and The Last Kingdom, Norsemen were fearless warriors who did not hide behind “shield walls” while they waited for the enemy to attack. They were fiercely independent, took initiative, and brought the fight to their enemies, just as other Viking lands like Norway and Iceland are doing today.

Has that spirit been quelled in Sweden? Have the descendants of once great warriors become sheep and cows? If so, Valhalla will be overflowing with the victims of Jihad. In time, Mujahideen opportunists will arrive as refugees, swamp and sack rich welfare states, then rise to political power and effectuate first Shariah Law, then a Muslim majority.

These very real consequences of an ill-conceived combination of open borders plus the expansion of a lavish and generous social welfare state, borne as it is on the backs of working taxpayers, should serve as a stark lesson to us all.

Salvation for Sweden and other Western nations means fortifying borders and drastically limiting or completely eliminating all social welfare. It’s not only good national security, it’s sound fiscal policy. Until nations rip off the BandAid by weaning themselves of such treasury largesse, the cycle of mounting debts and debased currencies will continue and worsen.

Social welfare, bribes from the treasury which social Democrats call “investing,” has a net negative return to society, as we have seen with every single experiment in socialism, despite the vagaries and platitudes of pretty-faced and silver-tongued politicians. Based on results, it’s an abject failure. The so-called War on Poverty in America, The Great Society, hasn’t moved the needle on poverty but it has capped upward mobility and wage growth, hobbling our best and brightest and keeping many poor.

The Great Society has become an even greater plantation sans frontières. Socialism has gone global as crooked politicians have discovered they could buy votes with goodies paid for by other people, even their opponents, and as crooked citizens have realized they can vote themselves more and more largesse from the treasury. This, along with weak borders and lax immigration enforcement has created selfish bastardocracies of peasant whores ruled by oligarchical parliaments of elite whores.

Only barriers and smaller government can reverse this trend. As in Viking mythology, someone has to bring the hammer down


Just as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, perhaps the foundations and ramparts of the new barriers should be fortified with the bodies of feckless and self-serving elected officials.

It would certainly be a good start.

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  1. Excellently clear analysis, more broad than detailed, but still a well constructed and stark warning to the west to get its own house in order,or kiss goodbye to freedom, and even life.

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