Is this the United States or The Third Reich?

CNN was tipped off by “Special Councel” Robert Mueller’s office that they were going to conduct a predawn raid and arrest of former Trump political opperative Roger Stone at his home this morning.

Armed with cameras, CNN recorded what looked like something out of “Casablanca” as members of the “Justice Department” wearing Kevlar vests and brandishing long guns, surrounded Stone’s home bellowing FBI open your door!”

Roger Stone is a frail 66 year old man. Hardly a threat to a well armed law enforcement agency. Not even Mafia Don John Gotti was treated this brutally when he was taken in.

And what is Mr. Stone’s major “crime?” Doing opposition research on Hillary Clinton for the Trump Campaign.

Keep in mind that the so called “Steel Dossier” which was the basis of the Trump Russian collusion investigation, was actually nothing more than an opposition report containing information that has never been verified which was bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat Party.

The behavior on the part of the FBI today proves beyond a doubt the existence of “The Swamp” and the Gestapo like tactics they’re prepared to use in their obsession with bringing down Donald Trump.

What took place was wholly unnecessary. It was designed to send a message, “If you challenge the “Established Order” we will come for you.”

Democrats were seen high fiving each other as they watched the footage of Stone’s arrest.

This should send chills down the spines of the American People as it reveals the extent to which the Left will go and the methods they are prepared to use against their enemies.

As Citizens of what was once the last, best, hope, of Freedom on Earth, Americans need to stand up en mass against these Nazi like tactics and demand they be stopped immediately!

Below is a link to footage of the arrest.

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  1. One charge here, involving the WikiLeaks data, suggests Mueller & Co. are laboring mightily to avoid running to ground exactly how WikiLeaks came by this data. Remember Seth Rich?


    • Yes, I certainly do. I also remember how anyone who suggested that Rich was murdered for leaking the Podesta emails was excoriated by the Media. It’s also very peculiar that his own Family fought against anyone investigating the circumstances of their Son’s death.

      What really concerns me at the moment aside from what occured this morning is that the Nominee for the Attorney General’s position has such a close relationship with Mueller. Mueller is clearly corrupt given that he covered for Hillary in the Uranium One investigation.

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  2. Muller is a thug. His objective here is to strike fear into anyone who might work with Pres. Trump.
    The FBI could have just called this guy and asked him to drive over to the local FBI office.
    Instead they did a tactical arrest, like for violent criminals.

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  3. On the 30th of June 1934, the SS and Hitler himself, conducted what was to be known as “The night of the long knives”, Whereby all of their opponents, inside and outisde the movement and party, were arrested and mostly shot, some few were hanged. This is precisely what the Dems are trying to do, one person at a time, trying to isolate Trump, and create an empty space around him, because he is the biggest threat they’ve ever had, believe me, they hate him more than they hated Reagan, much more.Some of them probably think of it as revenge for ol’ Joe McCarthy’s blistering attack on the American Left.

    Your article, Anthony, should strike fear into all Americans, it certainly makes me afraid for the future of the republic as we have known and loved her.


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