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Criticism = Hate
Offending someone with words, is a criminal offence for which the defendant can be jailed.

Telling the truth about immigration is Hate Speech, yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s a criminal offence too.

Actual hateful speech, is now lawful, what used to be classed as incitement, ie. ”behead those who…” is no longer an offence, the Labour party took it off the law-books when they were last in office.

Certain words are now no longer able to be uttered at any time or place, and schoolchildren are being indoctrinated with the ideology of the hard Left.

The Poltical class which actually did ‘the long march through the institutions’. are responsible for the youngsters being taught all about ”inclusion” not free speech, censorship, not freedom of conscience.

Brexit is trapped between two camps of malevolant socialists, both of whom despise the Leave voters, and agree with each other.

You’ve guessed it, ‘diversity’ (actually translates as uniformity), is also high up on the list of how to turn the west into a human zoo, a sociological experiment run by these damned politicians and their media whores.

If I were a much younger man right now, and with good qualifications, I’d be wondering just where to go to avoid all, or at least the worst of this shit, but those possible alternatives are shrinking in number every year.

It’s now too late for any but the worst of policies – deportations etc.

This is the mess we’re inheriting from the dimmhi-wits that got themselves voted in by political dimwits, and, kind of obviously, the more time that passes while we do nothing about being colonised, then the less we will ever be able to do about it, it’s pretty late already, we’re at war for heaven’s sake, and we’re not even acknowledging that fact.

Salaam – Peace – Shalom.

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