Media Bias

A Cut Below

If you happen to have Stock in Proctor and Gamble, you should be questioning the motives behind the latest Ad campaign for their subsidiary Gillette titled “The Best a Man can can get” which spends nearly two minutes bashing their target audience. The first thing that comes to mind is, in the era of 30 and 15 second spots who spends two minutes on a Commercial?

The second is, what in the World makes them think that a “Man” would be willingly to sit through two minutes of “Virtue Signalling” which presents a grotesque caricature of males in general.

Are the people in their Marketing Department so deluded that they honestly believe the way to increase sales is by demeaning and belittling the very people they’re attempting to sell their products to?

Are we supposed to be shocked into lauding them for their boldness and then rush en mass to the nearest retailer and stock up on what has been for years nothing more than overpriced crap?

Seriously, they sell the holders with a couple of cartridges for Ten Dollars or under. Then when you need to re-up, they rape you on the cost of replacements.

One has to question if perhaps Hillary Clinton has something to do with this the “models” are so similar.

Based on this line of thinking she should have won in a landslide for labeling half the voting Public as “deplorable.”

We all know how that turned out.

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  1. This article is our problem….bashing its core audience….if I’m gilette and bullies and potential rapist or men that agree with that are my core audience then it’s time to rebrand anyway.


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