International Politics

War and Revolution is coming though the Elites have failed to recognize it.

It started in France with the advent of “the Yellow Vests” and has spread to Belgium, Holland,the UK and Canada.

The catalyst in Paris was the fuel tax placed on the backs of the working class under the guise of reducing the Nation’s “carbon footprint.” The people recognized it for what it was, a fraud and an over reach at social engineering by the Globalist Elites.

More protests took place just this past weekend and they show no signs of abatement.

In the past two weeks the movement has sprung up in Britain in response to the Government’s betrayal of the British People’s desire to leave the European Union. British Police have been seen attacking protestors without provocation in hopes of forcing a violent response in order to discredit the movement. Fortunately they have had the resolve not to engage.

It has just come to light that the German Courts have approved child marriages to adult males provided they are conducted in accordance with Sharia Law thereby abdicating their own standards in favor of a shadow Government Chancellor Merkel has permitted the Muslim population to establish.

All across Europe Elected officials have ignored the will of the ones who have placed them in positions of power forcing them to rise up in opposition and to embrace ideologies they would never have considered were it not for the actions of their own Governments.

While the Liberal Elities decry the rise of Populism over Globalism what they fail to recognize is very quickly they may view the Populists nostalgically because unless they turn back from their current path it will soon give rise to a Nationalist movement not seen since prior to the Second World War. By ceding the rights of their own to Foreign Cultures and Foreign laws with total disregard for those who were born there, they have given them no other option.

Out of fear of reprisal against the Muslim population the British Government has protected the identities of Child rapists and imprisoned and tortured their own people for doing what the Government would not, exposing their names, and their crimes.

How can the common man be blamed for rising up in opposition to such neglect and betrayal?

So too, the People of the United States have been told to ignore the crimes committed against them by foreigners without legal standing whom the Politicians have encouraged to invade in the hopes of increasing and permanently securing their own power base.

The difference between Europe and America is that the People still have the right to defend themselves by force of arms.

While I do not encourage the violent overthrow of existing Governments, unlike those currently in power, I am not blind to the circumstances they’ve created. Unless they recognize and change the conditions which have sparked these violent protests, the sparks will quickly turn to an all consuming flame which will completely re-order the shape of the World for the foreseeable future.

Images Copyrighted Sky News

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  1. Excellent article, as always, getting to the nub the rest of us chase in vain, well done, again.

    Orwell was right, and all my/our writings on the subject have become prophecies that came horribly true


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