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The March of Islam

The Left-Liberal ideological stance on mass immigration has remained virtually unchanged since the nineteen sixties.

Everywhere is apparently to end up looking the same as everywhere else – multiculturalism doesn’t support diversity, it strangles it and forces smaller weaker demographics into silence and even extinction.

This happens by means of, for instance, the hideous and stupid, “affirmative action” programs, which used to be called ‘positive discrimination’.

The word “discrimination” has had its meaning altered however, and is now used where we previously said “prejudice”.

This is always a bad sign – the alteration of the language for political ends.

The main thrust of ‘multiculturalism’ however, is the enforced importation of people of radically different and often oppositional beliefs, to our own, ostensibly, historically, Judeo-Christian cultural values.

By doing that and telling the migrants that they need not assimilate in any way, the Left ensures the continuation of their plan for the Deconstruction of Western Civilisation.

The term “affirmative action” is used to describe deliberate bias that is supposed to have an equalising effect, it does not, but it is exploited by a specific, non-Judeo-Christian, middle-eastern religious demographic, Islam, as a way of continually shutting out political opposition.

This mechanism is therefore a means of openly silencing anyone who is critical of the practice of putting people into jobs, housing, and even public positions, just because of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, or other minority status.

All this while too often ignoring those whose qualifications/origins and/or experience make them eminently more suited to the task or consideration.

Any over-active immigrant demographic that is constantly having its numbers replenished by politically imposed levels of continuous immigration, and by high birth rates, is well on its way to overtaking the host nation.

This especially when the host state soon becomes ethnically diversified to the point of the indigenous natives being only the largest minority in their own country.

The geopolitical fudging and cultural criminality of Western immigration policy, leads me to conclude that those who have us over an [oil] barrel, also want us to continue destroying our cultural and ethnic uniqueness and individuality.

They are achieving this sordid ambition by importing into the west, all the uneducated, impoverished, fanatic, and religiously conservative dross of the Arab and Muslim world, as well as some decent peaceful individuals.

The dross in this instance far outweighing any alleged benefit from those many apparently peaceful immigrants who would have come anyway and might have something other than strife and violence to offer.

Islam is the Left’s new ”cause”, mostly because it claims [falsely] to be anti-imperial, is certainly anti-American, (which the Left has always been), and anti-Israel, (again, the Left has always been antisemitic).

The Centre-Left of politics in the US and Europe today, champions Islam in every instance, refuses to condemn its worst atrocities and failures, and has an oppositional stance on Israel, the US, and European democracies.

This political war against the West is being waged from both without and within.

Far too many inhabitants of the west seem to believe that there is a better alternative to our civilization being offered by those who say that their [false] God and their totalitarian ‘religion’, (which is not spiritual at all, but is extremely authoritarian), is the final revelation from on high and must be adopted by the whole world for it to work as its so-called prophet desired.

This same International Left that champions the cause of these intolerant antagonists, also declares that we should pay the price for our alleged ‘oppression’ of those same murderous belligerents, whose leaders and regimes are Actually the ones who oppress them.

The assumption that the imperialism of the West is to blame for all of the ignorant and hate-filled fanaticism of its enemies, is based on a whole slew of propaganda, and lies.

These useful idiots promote a view of history that reveals itself to be not merely uncomprehending, but often incomprehensible, generally compounding those all too common intellectual sins, with a shockingly high degree of moral incompetence.

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  1. Yes, you are … Haha! Seriously though, I’m honoured to write for Torchlight, thank you for the chance to inflict my jottings/musings on a wider audience.


  2. We need islam to revive animal spirits decimated by environmentalism and feminism Besides, thanks o abortion we don’t have enough young people to pay our pensions.


  3. But, of course! This is why the deep state cares so much about Rohynga, Uyghurs, Chechens and Bosniaks. The Muslims and Mexicans are the Atavus of Earth Final Conflict now that the kilology,com of VIetnam has failed to produce enough killers.


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