Immigration Policy

It’s your Government, make your voices heard!

There’s a problem with our Government, it hasn’t been “By, for, or of the People” for a very long time.

Elections for the most part are a joke.

If a particular group or Party isn’t satisfied with the outcome, they sue or recount until they get the result they want.

Even if we’re fortunate enough to get someone into Office who is actually intent on doing “the People’s business” one of three things happens, they’re shut down, shut out, or in most cases pilloried by a system whose corruption is self perpetuating.

The People we elect have zero respect for the ones they’re supposed to represent. The mock us, call us deplorable, idiots, rubes. To some extent I can’t blame them. We go to the ballot box, cast our vote, and that is the extent of our interaction with those to whom we give total control of our lives.

We “assume” that they’re going, to the best of their ability, do precisely what they were elected to do.

We never bother to check up on them, look at their voting records, or find out whom they’re associating with after becoming a part of the Government.

They don’t act with accountability because we don’t hold them accountable. In the “cyberage” this should be a no brainer, at least in theory, as all of this information is easily accessible.

With as little regard as they have for the Voters, they have even less for our money. That’s correct “Our Money!”

Where do you think the ability to operate the Government comes from? It comes from the money that never reaches our wallets or bank accounts. It’s the cut that comes right off the top. The part that we never see but know only as a “deduction.” It should be renamed and called exactly what it is, a reduction! A reduction in your ability to provide for yourself, for your Family.

I’m not an anarchist. I recognize that in order to function as a Society we need Government. In order for a Government to function it needs money. What I do question is the Government’s ability, and specifically its intent to use it properly.

The Constitution decrees that the purpose of Government is “to ensure domestic tranquility” translation: keeping us safe on our own turf. Secondly “Provide for the common defense” translation: protecting us from external threats.

Lastly “promote the general welfare.” That one is a grey area because it’s very meaning is exactly that, general and therefore subject to interpretation.

I can’t speak for anyone else but as someone who’s income is not in excess of six figures, I count and think about every dollar I spend. That’s dollar, not dollars.

Now, our elected Representatives spend not hundreds, or millions, or even billions, but trillions of our hard earned currency every year. I can’t even fathom that amount of money.

Since it’s not coming out of their pockets, I’m certain they don’t give it a second thought. They simply “write a check” or worse borrow to write the check.

Because of the tax cuts passed last year, the Government is actually taking in more revenue than it previously had and yet they continue to spend more than they’re taking in.

I could go on and on and on, but the bottom line is our Congressmen and Senators have become jaded when it comes to how they spend “the People’s money.” The most blatant example is the revelation that 17 million dollars was spent to pay off victims of Congressional sexual harassment.

Worse they have failed in their duty to the first two directives of the Constitution.

We are not safe on the streets, or in our homes, nor are we safe from foreign threats. The previous Administration cut defense spending to the bone. So much so that we are now behind our greatest adversaries technologically. The Russians just tested a missile that our own experts admit we would be incapable of stopping.

The Chinese are literally putting a ship in the water per day and despite this the President is left begging the Congress for the funds to restore our Military to where it was a decade ago.

The Congress refuses to appropriate the money required to secure and defend our borders.

Something has to change if we’re to have any hope of surviving as a Nation.

So the first thing we must do is stop the Government’s ability to act until they secure the Southern border by funding the wall.

The easist way to accomplish this is by shutting down the Capital switchboard. Not just for a day, but every day, until they capitulate. They will still have the use of their cell phones and computers but it will make it that much more difficult to conduct business. It will also signal to them, the Media, and the President exactly where the “silent majority” stands. There will be more to come but if we can’t accomplish at least this much then we deserve what we get.

The phone number for the Congressional switchboard is listed below along with links to find the names of your Congress-man or -woman, and Senators.

This can be done. I know. I organized exactly such a movement in Orlando Florida in the 90s simply by passing out hand flyers. We shut down the Switchboard of the Orange County Government for three days.

We must be unrelenting, not stopping until we succeed.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

(202) 224-3121

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