Bittersweet Freedom


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For nearly sixty-five years I have shared my existence with billions of individuals on this beautiful sphere floating in the heavens: the third planet from the sun. From the vastness of space, the earth appears as a serene, peaceful place, filled with love, hope and peace for a sane, free future. However, many of us have come to realize that appearances can be deceiving. Our earth, our only home, our society, is being transformed into a world so psychologically disfigured that it sickens one’s gut to be witness to its destruction.

At this time, I truly believe America, and society as a whole, has reached the tipping point and is on a suicidal path of destruction.

It likely started 10 years ago when Obama was elected as president. Obama worked from day one in office to destroy the fabric, the seams, the stitches that held together “the guts” of the United States of America. America is still oozing from the cuts inflicted upon her soul by Obama’s surgical suicide, and America is attempting to “scab over” and heal from those wounds; however, with the aid of Soros, and all other hierarchy of the DEEP STATE, America is still slowly hemorrhaging, barely hanging on for her life. President Trump is doing all he can, but the Deep State and the Democratic party (most likely one in the same), continue to constantly block all his efforts, and blame President Trump for everything wrong in the country when it is they that are impeding justice. Look at “The Wall,” the Democrats know that sickness, murder, and chaos are contained within the caravans, but they don’t care, as long as they can obtain a new voter base for their dying following.

From here forward, it’s just a question of the form and timing of the collapse… it is coming. The systems upon which sustainable society depends are no longer functioning. Across the realms of politics, finance, science, biology, culture, history, news, knowledge, and even technology, falsehoods are rewarded while truths are punished. The weak-minded are celebrated while the critical thinkers are terrorized and defamed. The perverted are hoisted on pedestals, while the moral members of society are mocked and censored.

Every institution in society now rewards evil, perversion, destruction and stupidity while punishing intelligence, rationality, innovation, and morality. A society that celebrates the mass murder of unborn children while demonizing Christian bakers is a society that has no future. A society that finds knowledge despicable but lies fascinating and viral is a society that has no future. A society that poisons its children for profit with Big Pharma drugs while teaching them that gender biology doesn’t exist is a society that has no future.

A society that heaps financial reward on the paper pushers on Wall Street while confiscating the life savings of middle-income wage earners through central bank monetary debasement has no future. A society that cannot fund its pension promises for tens of millions of state and federal workers — most of whom are going to lose everything — has no future. A society with federal regulators that promote the mass poisoning of the food supply with GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides and hormone-disrupting chemicals has no future, either.

We are past the tipping point of societal suicide. Every institution operating in America today is engineering self-induced destruction. There is no institution that is operating on reason, planning or even common sense. The DOJ has become a joke of justice; the FBI is the most corrupt law enforcement agenda in American history; the EPA promotes the mass pollution of America’s soils through Biosludge, the FDA is a Big Pharma mass drugging propaganda operation; the CDC is a massive science fraud organization that worsens the health of Americans; the IRS is a political weapon that’s used to target political enemies of Democrats. Each of these institutions was founded with the promise to help sustain America, yet each of these now works diligently to destroy society and collapse sustainable society

Our entire concept of what it means to “normal” is being perverted, forcing us to believe that falsehood is now the truth.

A few points: There are no more “men” and no more “women.” Under the label of “feminism,” areas/activities solely dedicated to women are being invaded by true, biological men, who want us to accept them as biological women and women who want us to accept them as biological men (even though they remain physically the same as when they were born). These mentally twisted men and women push themselves into all areas once dominated by men or women: scouting, sports, politics, theatre, film, and disgustingly, the world “accepts” this.

The new LGBTP movement — the “P” stands for pedophilia — is strongly forcing its immoral presence through television, social media, and film. What we once knew and recognized as being wrong and perverted is now endorsed as “normal,” and anyone who states that pedophilia is wrong, immoral, and says that sexually molesting children is wrong will be ostracized for engaging in “hate speech” and not loving pedophiles. If we follow this perverted logic, even being a murderer will be “blessed” by the Progressive Left as long as they claim to be gender fluid. They can simply claim to “self-identify” as a transgender human predator, and in doing so, will obtain immediate legal and cultural immunity for their actions.

These examples are only two of the indicators that prove human civilization has truly gone insane and can no longer function in a rational manner. There is more.

There is no stopping the collapse that has already begun –

You’re starting to see the systems of human civilization breaking down everywhere: Young, RELIABLE American workers are vanishing. Those who “serve” us in customer service cannot even answer basic questions about problems they are supposed to be trained for, those in charge of your “security” suffer major breaches in “security” and all your information is compromised for the world to see, questions about customer accounts, there are many physicians (not all, as there are still many who believe in the Hippocratic oath), function at the will of Big Pharma and push the latest drugs not caring or knowing if those drugs will help or harm the patient, and we have those who call themselves “journalists” who have been utterly brainwashed by leftist professors in our socialist-infested colleges having become unknowing dishonest and incompetent and have forever forgotten the real reason one should become a journalist: to investigate, to publish and speak only the Truth.

There isn’t a slice of society that is functioning normally anymore. Our colleges have been transformed into snowflake indoctrination centers for the mentally weak. Those graduating from college today come out more empty-headed than before they entered those “facilities of learning.” Actually, the only thing it seems many of the young college graduates have learned an abundance of is anti-knowledge, or “fake facts” that they been forced-fed to believe to be true. For example, most young college graduates today believe that carbon dioxide is such a dangerous pollutant that it will destroy the planet, yet any real, truthful scientist who graduated twenty years earlier will attest that carbon dioxide is the single most important nutrient for our planet. It is necessary for the maintenance of our rainforests, food crops, grasslands, and even aquatic ecosystems. CO2 is the molecule of life, yet college graduates have been indoctrinated with anti-knowledge that claims CO2 is a poison.

As well, true poisons are believed to be miracles cures. Did you know that smoking cannabis has the same reaction on your system as the cancer-causing carcinogens of cigarette smoke? Today’s young people have had their brains programmed to believe that cannabis smoke is a healing substance. Many of us decades older than today’s young people have seen the results of what smoking cannabis for decades can do to one’s brain. The only way cannabis will work, medically proven, is to take it in liquid form, not inhaling the fumes from its organic compounds.

I could go on with many more examples of the collapse of modern society: The Muslim takeover of our cities by their infiltration through government positions, the Illegal Alien invasion that shows no signs of stopping because the Democrats want and need a new voter base as their current Democratic base sees their socialist ways and are fleeing the Democratic party in droves, the Antifa movement no better and just as evil as the brownshirts during the era of Hitler, parents “denying” a sex classification for their baby, abortion being allowed even until the last month of pregnancy and the vocal cords of the infant being cut so no one can hear it scream and suffer as it dies, young children being trafficked for the use of sexual predators and blatantly trafficked on MSM performing sexually suggestive “dancing” for the enjoyment of pedophiles, the “rigging” of our election system by allowing Illegals to vote and no one having to show voter identification, and the leftwing Democrat Socialist party blatant attempt to destroy the America you grew up in and love, to push us toward a Socialist/Communist government.

So what BAD is coming our way? Mass poverty, disease, suicides, and collapse.

Because of the collapse of reason, civility, law, and order, over the next few years humanity will be tested like never before. As The Burning Platform writes:

“Based upon history, the resolution will not be based on compromise, civility, reason, or peaceful means. The combustible combination of unpayable debt, civic anarchy, and global chaos are set to detonate, creating an era of maximum darkness, death, destruction, and decisions. Making America Great Again will require personal sacrifice, dreadful choices, survival skills, intelligent decisions, and the courage to win at all costs.

The delusion of stock market profits is not going to bail out the mass destitution that’s coming soon for the American people. The “wealth” has all been stolen by the usual suspects: central banks and corrupt bureaucrats. Your dollars will one day be rendered worthless, which means your bank account “savings” will be worthless even if the numbers still appear on your bank account statements. Pensions will be wiped out. The real estate bubble has already begun to collapse, and the bond bubble won’t be far behind now that the Fed is tinkering with interest rates again (in another desperate effort to crash the stock market under Trump).

The sobering truth is that what’s really coming for America won’t look that different from what has already happened in Venezuela. You’re going to see mass unemployment, an exploding population of homeless people and a dramatic worsening of the opioid crisis. Suicides will skyrocket, infectious disease will spread, and the Democrats will incessantly demand you surrender more power to them to solve it all. Bigger government is the answer, you’ll be told… and oh, by the way, don’t forget to turn in your guns or you won’t qualify for government food stamps.

Soylent green suddenly doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore. Except in our dystopian society, even the Soylent green will be too toxic to consume, since today’s average human being is a cesspool of heavy metals, prescription drugs, and pesticide residue. (I know, I’ve tested thousands of samples of human hair vs. wild animal hair in my analytical laboratory, and wild animal hair is pristine compared to human hair.)

Ultimately, the poisoned will feed on the poisoned. The clueless will vote for the clueless. The desperate will sell their bodies to the desperate in exchange for one more toxic meal. Social media will be the last cruel joke on humanity as the depressed, malnourished masses take to SnapChat to pretend their miserable lives are awesome… even as they contemplate suicide after the conclusion of each video clip.”

There are years of chaos to come:

The suicide of humanity is underway and accelerating rapidly. Unless there is a Mass Awakening among Humankind, a miracle, I don’t believe it can be reversed, and we can only watch as it plays out over the next several years, accelerating in 2019 and further into unimaginable chaos following the 2020 election (regardless of who wins). The election of Donald J. Trump as our president has given America a brief reprieve while he is office, perhaps a chance to awaken and redeem ourselves, but if we do not, if we cannot, then once President Trump leaves office, we are surely headed for the worst scenario.

Violence will spill into the streets, where deranged, lunatic Leftists will have to be met with force to prevent them from burning down America’s cities. Martial law is a distinct possibility, yet even martial law cannot prevent the collapse of modern society since the root causes go far beyond the mere lack of civility.

America has raised a generation of chemically-intoxicated, emotionally fragile morons. The media has abandoned any last pretense of engaging in “news reporting.” The tech giants have sold out to the communists and globalists, and every cultural institution of our modern day has gone all-out to promote transgenderism and pedophilia while attacking morality, reason, and truth. The vaccines cause brain damage, the food causes cancer and the institutions of science teach climate change quackery. Meanwhile, at least a million Americans are hooked on opioids and other painkillers, and the day the pharmacies run out is the day these people go “full zombie” on society.

You will need to be armed to survive what’s coming, and the police and sheriff’s departments will be powerless. 911 services are already breaking down on a regular basis, with nationwide telecommunications infrastructure failing with stunning regularity. If you don’t yet own a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun, you’re already late to the game. There will be mass violence — especially in the cities — and only the prepared will survive.

The coming chaos could last a decade, and all the ugliness of cultural depravity, child sex trafficking, substance abuse, political corruption and critical failures of law enforcement will be more exposed than ever. Many people who are working middle-class jobs today will find themselves living on the streets, begging for food, performing sex acts for money and stealing to avoid starvation. Homeless tent cities will rapidly expand in America’s largest cities, (they are already beginning), and Democrat-controlled sections of America will resemble Third World shantytowns, complete with every type of disease breakout including cholera, HIV pandemics, and untreatable bacterial infections.

As you consider the collapse of law and order across society, keep in mind that people who are not willing to kill in self-defense to survive violent attacks will be killed themselves. I highly recommend you read the book, “When Violence Is the Answer” by Tim Larkin. In that book, you will learn that surviving the coming violence of society is not so much about knowing fighting techniques but rather having a mindset that enables you to unleash acts of extreme violence against those who initiate attacks against you first. The book is largely written for women, by the way, to protect themselves from rapists and muggers. But it’s also very informative for men, also.

If killing to survive make you feel uncomfortable, you do not yet have the mindset to survive the coming violence. Defending your life against violence is a mental choice, but most people are incapable of carrying out the necessary actions to save themselves, since they’ve been told their entire lives that only “bad” people shoot others, for example. In truth, good people sometimes shoot bad people to save lives.

America fought her way to a “rebirth” during the Revolutionary War to win her Freedom from England. Those patriots built a new society. The old mindset had to “collapse” to allow for the birth of a new, clean, logical, democratic, and humane mindset.

Our NEW SOCIETY cannot be born until the old, defiled and degraded one we are living in today collapses. Your job — and mine — is to help rebuild society on the other side of this, making sure we create a society based on real justice, individual liberty, free speech rights and the utter dismantling of all corporate monopolies that currently enslave humanity.

Specifically, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Big Pharma companies must be utterly dismantled and eliminated from future society. The money supply must be owned by the People, not private globalist banks, and government must be held in check with strict term limits and constitutional budgetary limitations. Even better, government officials who lie must be prosecuted for lying to the People, and elected representatives must give up all personal wealth for life in order to have the honor of actually serving the country (rather than their current mode of operation which is to exploit their political power for personal financial gain).

Finally, the People must maintain power over government operatives. For example, federal prosecutors who destroy evidence and obstruct justice should face the death penalty. Elected representatives who attempt to destroy the liberties of the People should be subjected to immediate prosecution and life imprisonment. Government authorities who collude with private industry to poison the people with dangerous drugs, pesticides or policies should be subjected to lifetime bans from public office (as well as heavy fines and possible criminal prosecution).

In 1956, my parents fought the Red Army, during the Hungarian Revolution, and during that year, we risked our lives to escape from the very same deranged “world” that is being forced upon America today by a small, deluded faction of society. My father told me, not too many years before he died, how evil will be accepted in the world “One day, the “world” will meet in the middle. We will be “them” and they will be “us.” It looks like that day is upon us – today.

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  1. Indeed, that is a great argument. The Inca, Aztec and Maya (all Quechua Phoenician Arabs according to their pyramids, facial features and language) in fact committed suicide in the name of false notions of earth worship. God gave the earth for man to exploit, but pagans instead think we should worship the earth. Today all the major nations are imploding demographically because of environmentalist population control canards. Alva Myrdal invented social security as a form of population control, because folks would have less kids if someone else provided for their old age. But now we need to import kids to pay their pensions,

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  2. Consider this sad post: “Sister Margaret Farley, a Yale Divinity School professor, has drawn the ire of the Vatican by making theological arguments in favor of homosexuality, remarriage after divorce, and female “self-pleasuring.” Sister Donna Quinn, a feminist nun in Chicago who is opposed to the church’s stance on reproductive rights, has personally escorted women into abortion clinics. A group called Roman Catholic Womenpriests, which includes former nuns, ordains women as priests and holds female-led masses. In 2010, after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops publicly opposed Obamacare because of its allegedly “pro-abortion agenda,” Sister Campbell wrote an open letter to Congress urging (note the deliciously Vatican-inciting language here) a “life-affirming ‘yes’ vote” on the bill. The letter was signed by 59 sisters, including the president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), a group representing 80 percent of all nuns in the United States. After the health care bill passed, President Obama personally thanked Campbell at the signing ceremony and later awarded her a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic convention.”


  3. I was with you till you said that someone obstructing the course of justice by destroying evidence should face the death penalty, that’s too extreme a punishment for such a crime. Indeed, using the argument of an all-too-powerful-state, I would not gift them the power of life and death over the citizenry. We know there are an embarrassingly large number of wrongful convictions every year, so, you can let someone out of jail, and apologise and compensate them, but you can’t unhang someone, or ungas them.

    Who would volunteer, to go to the loved ones of the wrongfully executed innocent, and apologise on behalf of the state, for murdering their nearest and dearest? Saying to their Mother, or Wife, “Sorry about that, we meant well, uh, better luck next time,huh?”.


  4. One cool thing about assisted suicide is they can use the assisted suicide meds for executions
    now that the left has cowed pharma to stop making lethal injections.


  5. A lot of physicians were totally blind sided by the similarity of the opioid name oxycontin with the hormone oxytocin


  6. Reading this from the future, on October 18, 2020, given the fast-forwarding by all that has happened in the last 22 months, I am forced to wonder if there is any hope at all for this dying civilization. So many moving parts. Once we reached the place where anything goes, then we also must accept that everything does. History reflects not a few once great cultures having collapsed under the weight of its own stupidity.


  7. Again, reading this in the future – 19th December 2020; much of what Judith outlines is more or less a reality.

    I was particularly struck by the line: “Young, RELIABLE American workers are vanishing. Those who “serve” us in customer service cannot even answer basic questions about problems they are supposed to be trained for,”

    As one of the very first schoolchldren in the U.K to experience what became known as “comprehensive” education (replacing the old exam based progression system) I saw very quickly- at 11 years old – that this was a polcy designed to justify reducing educational standards.

    Years later, I understood to what end; it is a major tenet of the move leftwards and the breakdown of societal structures and safeguards.

    An uneducated, gullible, apathetic society doesn’t fight back.

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