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Brexit Betrayed


Maybe we should have seen this coming, a few did, and I guess we all had our concerns, but how many anticipated the scale of our disappointment?

The so called “deal” that Ms. May is pushing through, and that has the approval of the EU, (always a bad sign), is not what we voted for, not at all.

The deal has, in effect, been written by the EU, and passed-off as a product of the indubitable Ms. May.

We will, in reality, have much less say than ever before, over immigration quota levels, trade, tax, defence (!), and national state governing laws as well as all other legislation. That’s some deal.

British voters who dared to vote Leave, are being punished by “Brexit” being morphed into the very opposite of what we voted for.

We will, actually, be forced to accept a much worse situation and position, in relation to the EU, than the one we rejected when we voted to Leave.

By this deal, the EU, with the treacherous help of Ms. May, will turn the country formerly known as Great Britain, into just the kind of migrant-filled, “politically correct”, horror-show that we see in Paris, in Malmo in Sweden,in Brussels, in Germany.

This is the work of the international Left, and it fits perfectly with the plans of the international Islamists, for their complete Muslim colonisation of Europe, this is what Soros and Merkel want, this is Brexit Betrayed.


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