International Politics

The Fall of Paris

Paris is falling.

When your capital city’s population is more than twenty percent militant jihadi migrants, they inevitably start to exert violent pressure on the state to conform to their wishes.

The only things about French culture that the migrants want to change, are the things that make it different from their own hardline Islamic totalitarianism.

Many people have warned that this situation was coming, I myself predicted, and do predict, civil war in Europe.

The jihadis are taking full advantage of the anti-tax protests by ordinary French citizens, usurping the situation to turn it into full-scale civil war.

The Barcelona Agreement, whereby the EU have struck a deal with the Muslim world, guranteeing mass immigration of tens of millions of Africans and Middle Easterners into Europe over the next three decades or more, is the true signal of globalist EU intentions.

If you live in Europe, sorry, you don’t, you now live in Eurabia al Islamiya, and there’s nothing at all you can do about it, short of revolution. The Left have ensured that violent civil conflict is the only remaining option for both the fundamentalist Muslims, and for the Nationalists and patriots alike.

The war in Europe has started, all over the continent the lights are going out, and a new dark age is descending. Liberty is in hiding. Truth is constanty slandered and denied. Beauty is routinely destroyed, and the future is being arranged as I write this.

The intercontinental monolith of Islam is making its most central ambitions known, we ignore this final warning at our extreme peril. Civilisation will not survive unless it is most vigorously defended. Paris, is just the beginning.

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