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The Mystery of Melanie Shaw Pt 2: An even bigger mystery.

When I began writing this story, I believed there would be articles that I would be able to refer back to that would verify Melanie Shaw’s history. Specifically I was hoping to find something in print that would show the timeline of her abuse. After searching for more than a week, I’ve come up empty handed.

It’s stunning to think someone this well known would have no articles written about them in any publication, anywhere. The only information in print refers to her incarceration.

That being the case, I’m using what I’ve been able to cull from videos on YouTube. I am by no means disputing Ms. Shaw’s claims. It appears there has been a concerted effort on the part of persons unknown to erase her entire history. At the very least, one would expect there would be an article stating that her claims had been investigated and there was evidence either corroborating or refuting them. There aren’t.

This makes the circumstances surrounding her imprisonment all the more suspicious. Has intellectual curiousity vanished entirely from the British Press?

The following is what I’ve been able to piece together based on her video testimony and that of others.

According to one, which offers a brief history of her life, she was abused and raped from the age of three by members her own family. Upon discovering this, the Government removed her from her home and placed her in foster care where she was also abused, amazing. Once this was uncovered, she was shipped off to the Beechwood Children’s home. She would be raped and abused there along with the other inhabitants.

Three for three. Could it get any worse? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. She stayed at Beechwood until she was of the age where they had to release her.

She described in detail one incident that occurred when she was sixteen.

She had been assigned to clean the fence in front of the building when a member of staff who had raped her previously approached her. Reluctant to get near him for obvious reasons, he assured her nothing would occur because they were in public. She mistakenly dropped her guard at which point the man took the belt from his pants and put it around her neck.

According to Ms. Shaw he was a large in stature, a body builder, and at the time she was quite thin. He forced her to perform oral sex. When he was finished he cautioned her not to report the incident at which point she made the mistake of asking, “What are you going to do, kill me?” He said “Yes, you won’t be the first.” She then made an even greater error when she said, “Prove it.”

The man replied he’d been wanting to get this off his chest for 10 years. He went on to describe how he’d murdered two boys on separate occasions and how he’d disposed of the bodies. One he burried on the grounds underneath clay. The other he burried shallowly in an area that was going to be used for a new football pitch. The Government effectively finished the job for him.

Realizing he’d made a mistake by confessing to her, he informed her that he would now have to kill her. Just as he was about to proceed, the groundskeeper showed up. Melanie called out to him and her assailant released her. She was explaining to the groundskeeper what had occurred when the other man put a knife to his throat. At the time a staff meeting was in progress and Melanie screamed to attract attention. The Cook came out along with other members of the staff and the Police were called. The man who’d assaulted Melanie later died in Prison after being convicted of raping multiple children at Beechwood, but he was never tried for murder.

After being released Ms. Shaw was given no assistance by the Government and ended up living on the streets. Unsurprisingly, considering her circumstances, she became involved with drugs. Eventually she turned her life around, and had a son.

However she was unable to put what had happened to her and the others out of her mind. She was determined to seek justice for herself and the rest of the victims despite the fact that the easiest course of action would have been to remain silent. That was when the real trouble began.

I’ll dicuss those events in the next installment. Below is a link to the video I used to put this segment together.

To be continued….

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  1. Mr. Rizzuto’s courageous article, the Mystery of Melanie Shaw, Part 2, an Even Bigger Mystery, left me stunned, and terror seized my bones as I placed myself in the place of not only this sexually abused, and nearly murdered woman by children’s home authorities but as I began to wonder how much of this goes on around the world? Even here in the states? And when law enforcement co-conspires with the perverted authorities who oversee the children’s home, what can be done? The only thing we can do to save children such as Melanie is to brazenly bring these abuses of children to light, calling for full investigations of not only the children’s homes in England, but cold-calling “raids” if you wish to call it that, of all children’s homes around the world to “surprise” check on the conditions children are forced to live in. There should be a worldwide outcry to LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN who have the courage to beg for help, and to fully prosecute law enforcement officials who look the other way, and “throw the book” at those who sexually abuse any child, whether in a children’s home or other circumstance. A truly brave, daring, bold and gutsy article, superbly researched and written. I applaud you Mr. Rizzuto for this remarkably astute work of truth!

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  2. A brilliantly concise exposure of government complicity, and conspiracy, in a case where the horror increases with every new revelation, This is investigative journalism at its best, well done, my friend.


  3. Children’s Care Homes = modern day Death Camps.

    We are all expected to uphold the Law – the police are just hired full-time persons working for us because we cannot police Law and order 24 hours a day ourselves – but nonetheless we do not have any less authority than the police to make arrests and punish. The Law demands child rapers and murders be put to death. The commercial code Legal system only applies to corporations via a binding contract and cannot be enforced upon people.. For no man can make the law (for he who breaks the law cannot make the law and there is no man without sin) – God alone makes the Law (King James Bible – 10 commandments is the Law).


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