The Road to Serfdom begins with control of our education system, through teaching and curriculum, to control the the minds of our youth.

It continues through the redefining of words and changing dictionaries and encyclopedias to mean what they don’t. It continues through control of internet search engines and scrubbing sites to deliver the “desired” results and hide “undesirable” ones, making sure that searchers do not get all the results in a balanced fashion. It continues through the “crowd-sourcing” of encyclopedic information, as real encyclopedias are relegated to dusty basements and Goodwill stores. It continues through the dividing of the population by identity, age, race, religion, and socioeconomic status, and then pushing a deadly ideology, and ultimately confiscating all guns except those held closely by government, their cronies, and their jackbooted bodyguards, so that the people can’t fight back against their tyrannical oppressors.

This is the real “Blue Wave” and the boards they are waxing are the Planks of Autocratic Statism. The “zero sum game” they’re so fond of talking about isn’t between rich and poor, but between state and citizen. One exists freely only at the direct expense and control of the other. Either big government drowns the citizen in a blue wave of taxes and draconian regulation, or an empowered and patriotic citizenry brings government to heel under the strength of our Constitution and Rule of Law. This is the epic battle we are fighting.

Instead of focusing on people like new Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s glaring gaffs, or her privileged upper middle class background, or her lack of any basic knowledge of how our government operates, or her lack of any experience aside from being a bartender, let’s focus on what counts: her rabid insistence on pushing a dated and murderous autocratic redistributionist hate ideology that has already killed 150 million people in the world.

She isn’t alone She didn’t start this fire, she’s just a fan to the flames that choke our prosperity.

Instead of reading rubbish like Harry Potter, or not reading at all, as most of our youth admit they don’t, we, and they, should be reading Plato’s Republic, Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, Rules For Radicals, For The New Intellectual, The Little Prince, The Dependency Agenda, and Shakedown Socialism.

Anyone who has completed these books will have a rudimentary understanding of what is happening now. Anyone who doesn’t simply hasn’t a clue, and should sideline themselves from this conversation until they enlighten themselves. Otherwise through their ignorance they throw gasoline on the flames.

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  1. We don’t have an education system rather we have a indoctrination system. There is no logic and reason, right or wrong. For they are the product of a racist, imperialist and sexist thinking. Sounds crazy or absurd.

    About a year ago there was a professor of education that complained that mathematics was racist because it was ‘developed’ by white Europeans.

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