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Brexit, Theresa May’s Brigadoon

- Brexit is Brigadoon

The mythical village of Brigadoon, famously characterised in the 1954 MGM movie of the same name, was legendarily a village forever poised in one specific point in time, that appeared only once a year, out of the mountain mists, for a short window of time, whereby the outside world could access the village of Brigadoon, but nobody from the village could travel outside it’s confines, ever.

I doubt if Alan Jay Lerner could have foreseen this use of his musical score and dialogue/singing, as a metaphor useful in describing the mythical nature of Theresa May’s “deal” to, actually not leave the EU as required by the voters, but to stay firmly held in the legal and socio-political grip of the Eurocrats.

To relinquish one’s right to a meaningful vote in an assembly of nations, but otherwise be legally bound to their diktats, is national political suicide.

Theresa May, in being so weak in negotiating a good deal, or no deal, for Britain, and in being so weak as to concede a payment we cannot afford, and that the EU so desperately needs to prop-up its failing economy, has turned advantage to its opposite.

Regarding that performance, thinking people can only conclude that Ms. May is a completely useless Prime Minister, and only repeats the uselessness of her disastrous term as Home Office minister.

The Brexit that May portrays is a myth, she has sold us all out, Brexiteers and Remainers alike, we will be a vassal state, rather than a full member with the few rights that that position allegedly guarantees.

In other words, May’s Brexit is worse than just staying in the EU as we were. It’s worth remembering that she was a Remainer before being elected.

So, our admittedly atavistic paradise of a Britain somewhat as it was in its most affluent decades, a time when to be British was to be a subject of a crown that was admired by those subjects, and the world, as being the embodiment of a rich and proud nation, industrious, inventive, and with everything to look forward to, became a misty eyed dream, it became a myth.

The European Left could not face the prospect of a successful nationalist Britain that was cosmopolitan, but not “multicultural”.

Thus we have a Euroepean wide political division, bubbling like an active volcano, that was last seen in Europe in the nineteen thirties and forties.

Everywhere in “the west” we see this malaise, civilisational collapse, cultural degeneration, political weakness, and mass conformity to false, saccharine morals, which are themselves chimeras, many Brigadoons in a hall of mirrors.

May, by her ideological belief, has managed a future situation far worse than the one rejected by the voters.

The future may not turn out to be what she and her political conspirators in Brussels think though, because the EU, is on the brink of collapse, economically, socially, legislatively, demographically, culturally, and, worst of all, morally.

The future of Europe is Islam, it seems inevitable, for it is everywhere being encouraged and protected, and Christianity is jeered at and subject to hatred, scorn, and ridicule.

The country formerly known as Great Britain, has Sharia courts, has repealed the incitement laws so that Muslims can incite violence and murder with their “protest” chants and placards, but instead we have “hate crimes”, which are apparently always, and only ever, commited by the indigenous majority against an immigrant, agitating, and criminal minority, in this case, you’ve guessed it, the “radical” Muslims.

The economically and socially, and yes, culturally unsupportable mass immigration which voters wanted to stop, will continue. We will have less say over EU policy that affects us, than ever before, How’s that for political duplicity?

Theresa May, in another time, would be tried as a traitor, with all the dire consequences that that indictment incurred.

Instead she is merely a treacherous cretin, too dim to realise what a disaster her misgovernance has been and is, and the extent of its wounding of the national psyche, and of the future of this once great country.

Brigadoon, as a story, is at least entertaining, and thought provoking, but the Brigadoon-Brexit that Theresa May is about to deliver, will bring this shattered country to an end. Britain will finally cease to exist, the future is as Orwell foresaw, the far Left in complete totalitarian control. The death of a civilisation.

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  1. Thank you for those very kind words, you flatter me with such praise, but one tries to take compliments with good grace, as and when, and if, they appear.


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