Most people around the world and even most Americans are stunned to learn how corrupt and easily manipulated the voting systems are in America. Much of the world sees us as an example, not a cesspool or swamp, so the reality surprises them


We have dead people and people who don’t even live in a district anymore still registered on our voter rolls. It’s very easy for someone else to vote for them.

How? Well, all of our most heavily-populated cities are run and have been run by corrupt Democrat political dynasties for the past 70-100 years. In such cities and counties, it’s very easy to check the books and pull the voting machine levers at the last minute for all those people whose names are in the registration books who either died or didn’t show up to vote by the end of the night on Election Day. Yes, dead people are voting.

Who’s there to stop them? Who audits the vote?


We also have “early voting” and “absentee voting” by mail—who knows who those voters are? How are they verified? How are they tabulated?

Tens of thousands of “new” votes are suddenly “found” in boxes in storage rooms, by…teachers? Always in heavily Democrat-dominated districts. Votes are almost always magically “found” in every election. Especially in the close races. Especially in heavily Democrat districts. Do you believe that? And always, the media and the left insists these “newly discovered” votes “must be counted”.


Democrats have made it illegal to ask for ID at the polls in most states. You can only imagine why.

The left and the media say requiring Voter ID is somehow “racist”, and they have successfully convinced low-IQ minorities and half-wit liberals of that, but it’s clearly only because they can’t cheat if biometric Voter IDs must be presented, in person, with one’s picture and fingerprints on it, at the polls.

There is also something called a “provisional ballot” which is issued to people who present themselves at the
polls saying they have no ID and no registration but would LIKE to vote…and they are given a ballot…This is permitted under our laws!! This is mind boggling!

We also regularly have more votes than registered voters—in every election, again, only in Democrat-dominated districts. Media doesn’t openly report it.

Project Veritas has sent people to the polls and they have filmed actual poll workers assuring them that someone who isn’t a citizen or who is a DACA recipient can surely vote. It’s “no problem” the poll workers say. We “do it all the time” they say.

We also have people voting multiple times in addition to non-citizens and illegals voting in some areas. Cases have been found. Mainstream Media doesn’t openly report it. They bury the story.

We also have voting machines that “malfunction” and switch votes to the other party. Funny how it only seems to mostly happen in heavily Republican voting areas.

We have different voting systems in different states. Some have paper ballots,
Some have analog machines. Some have punch cards with “chads”. Some have computerized machines. There is no uniformity in voting systems. Each state decides independently what system to use and who to grant contracts to.

Our computerized voting machines, in districts where those kinds of machines are prevalent, are easily hacked and votes can be changed.

We also have an estimated 40% of our vote-counting and tabulation being done by offshore corporations .

One of the biggest of these corporations is affiliated with George Soros, the billionaire and leftist political activist with deep ties to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, many Democrat politicians, and also to an electronic voting company with voting machines in 16 states.

The chairman of the London-based company, Smartmatic International, is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. He works under Soros. Malloch-Brown is on the board of the Open Society Foundations, run by Soros. His brief biography on the Smartmatic website says he was also formerly the vice chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and of Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Who gets these contracts? That is a decision made by state officials, states run by Democrats, whose campaigns were heavily financed by Soros and other big leftists.

According to a two-part report released in September by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a cybersecurity think tank, one of the easiest and most effective ways to alter the outcome of an election would be to gain access to a company that controls the voting machines. For example, a code to change how machines weigh how votes are counted could be installed by a software update. The script could be programmed so that it self-deletes at a set time.

The report also notes that electronic voting machine companies do not perform extensive background checks for employees, contractors, or interns. “Any employee, contractor, or intern could be an insider threat, capable of altering the hardware, firmware, or software of e-voting systems,” the report states.

“With physical access to a machine for less than a minute and for less than $15, a system can be compromised.”


George Soros has a long history of financing left-wing organizations, and, according to Politico, he has provided close to $25 million to super PACs and other organizations that supported Clinton and her campaign.

In addition to financial support for Clinton, emails from both Soros and the Clinton campaign published by WikiLeaks and DCLeaks detail their communications and ties.

In emails from January 2011, Soros even gave foreign policy directives to Clinton on how to handle unrest in Albania. Emails from October 2014, with recipients including top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and John Podesta (the founder in 2003 of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress and Clinton’s campaign manager), show how the Clinton campaign went out of its way to “make Soros happy.”

Soros is also known for making large donations to push his political goals. Even in local and state level elections.

The Denver Post reported on Oct. 12 that Soros was “pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars” into a negative ad campaign against incumbent District Attorney Pete Weir, a Republican, in the race for one of Colorado’s 22 districts.

In September, The Associated Press reported that Soros gave $300,000 to a political group opposing the reelection of Joe Arpaio for sheriff in Maricopa County, Ariz.

Also in Arizona, a new political committee linked to Soros is being accused of violating Arizona election laws. The AP reported that an attorney representing Republican incumbent Bill Montgomery’s reelection in Maricopa County filed a campaign finance complaint against the Soros-funded Arizona Safety & Justice.

It states, “Soros has been spending millions of dollars this year to support Democrats in prosecutor races around the country and all but one of his favored candidates have won.”

Lord Malloch-Brown has also not been secretive about his political views. Like Soros, he has supported many left-wing issues, and is a strong advocate for globalism—a position he describes in detail in his 2012 book, “The Unfinished Global Revolution.”

His company, Smartmatic, provides technology for governments around the world used in smart cities, public records, and electronic voting systems. According to its website, it has offered technology and services to electoral commissions in 307 U.S. counties in 16 states.

These include swing states like Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the results from which could determine the outcome of crucial elections.

Without swift action to eradicate the corruption, arrest and prosecute and imprison the perpetrators and financiers, and immediately plug the holes in our voting system, America and all countries claiming “democratic” voting are lost. Without our immediate opposition, the Globalist Revolutionaries will win and we will be well down the Road to Serfdom.

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