Confused? #MeToo

One day when I was just a young boy, my Father looked at me and said “Son, the man who can understand a woman, can rule the World.” Being around five years old at the time, I hadn’t a clue what he meant.

Having been married twice, and coming close to a third, I now have a thorough understanding.

My intent is not to disparage the opposite sex. I have the utmost respect for people in general, both male and female. However, “bad actors” come with and without a phallic appendage.

There can be no question that historically and in many cases institutionally women had been relegated to the role of second class citizens.

Even during the height of the Women’s movement in the 70’s, one of Television’s most iconic characters at the time could be heard telling his long suffering wife to “stifle” whenever she tried, often in vain, to express her point of view, as if to say simply by virtue of her sex, she wasn’t entitled to one.

As time has progressed women, at least in Western society, have made great strides towards equality. They have served as Prime Ministers, even Astronauts.

Finally during the second decade of the 21st Century the lid was blown off the “cherished institution” know as the “Hollywood Casting Couch” with the advent of the #metoo movement.

Interestingly enough many of the men who at least publicly, were strong advocates of the Women’s movement turned out to be among the biggest abusers, from Charlie Rose, to Matt Lauer. Lest anyone think I’m singling out men of the politically liberal persuasion it must also be noted that accusations of sexual misconduct behind the office door have also claimed the careers of Conservative icons like Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly.

In the midst of all this turmoil, some might call it growing pains, is a level of hypocrisy unheard of in the modern age. Beyond a doubt, no one in a position of authority should use their privilege for the purpose of taking advantage of someone sexually.

That being said, it should not go unnoticed that the majority of reported sex abuse cases in the Classroom in the last 20 or more years has been by women taking advantage of young males. Herein lies the “rub.”

Many of these “educators” have been remarkably attractive, often far above average in physical appearance. The result, sadly, was a double standard in the Justice system. As these cases started being adjudicated, one Attorney went so far as to claim his client was too pretty to go to jail. More often than not, female perpetrators were given far lighter sentences than their male counterparts simply by virtue of their gender, and looks.

Observers of both sexes have been recorded making comments along the lines of “Where was she (referring to the teacher in question) when I was growing up?” or “Look at her, whats he complaining about? He should consider himself lucky!” Never once did these “armchair jurors” take into account the long term psychological damage suffered by the victims which would have implications on their ability to have healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex going forward.

Even within the #metoo movement instances of women also taking advantage of their position of authority for their own sexual gratification have come to light. The most notable being Asia Argento who was outed by Actress Rose McGowan for her sexual tryst with and pay off to a 17 year old male costar.

There is also a Political component to all of this. Too many instances can be sited where prominent figures have been excused for their “dalliances” by Feminist leaders because of their support for Women’s causes in the past, the most notable being President Bill Clinton.

His accusers were cruelly labled as “trailer trash” or altogether ignored by the media, and the left. Though recently opinions have changed because in order to castigate the current President for his alleged behavior, “adjustments” had to be made, their hypocrisy was showing.

Most confusing in the midst of this conquest for equality, is the near universal acceptance (even across generational lines, from young to old) of a series of books and films that seeks to normalize the sexual and psychological subjugation of women known as “Fifty Shades” written by, a female author.

Given all of these events is it any wonder men are confused as to how to approach and relate to the opposite sex? Were one to view this purely from a clinical standpoint, the word schizophrenic would come to mind.

Or, is it simply that females carry so much historical baggage regarding their sexual desires that the only way to release it is for the matter to be taken out of their hands?

I haven’t the answer, or even a clue.

Beware though, the guy who does, (if he exists), is poised to take over the World.

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