Bittersweet Freedom


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The Roman Empire lasted a period exceeding 500 years. The Decline of the Roman Empire, compared to what is happening in America today, is an accumulation of several causes, but the parallels to what is happening RIGHT NOW in America, compared to Rome’s decline, is too “in your face” to ignore.

The Roman Emperor had the legal power to rule Rome’s civil and military affairs with the Senate acting as an advisory body, as President Trump has the legal power to suggest Bills and pass laws with the approval of the senate and house. And as in the old days in Rome, there were power-hungry minds determined to “do in” their Emperor by whatever means necessary (directly or indirectly) as is mirrored by the left’s tactics in the ridiculing of public officials, terrorizing news media hosts at their homes, Nazi tactics of Antifa against American Citizens, and framing our President of crimes never committed.

As per two old sayings, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and “”Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” (Soros).

The Roman senate was an assemblage of powerful, wealthy politicians, who inevitably became corrupt and lived a debauched and immoral lifestyle, the same unscrupulous, nefarious behavior we have witnessed recently in our own branches of government (politicians practicing pedophilia, lying and encouraging others to lie to further their own agendas).

As in the days of the Roman Empire, and even now in America’s political arsenal, there has been a rapid decline in morals, especially amongst the wealthy upper classes holding political office. And now, as then, this has created a devasting impact to the governments of Rome and the United States through outward displays of adulterous behavior, and the twisted attempted glorification of “normalizing” child pedophilia.

Emperors, such as Tiberius, kept groups of young boys for his pleasure, Nero had a male slave castrated so he could take him as his wife, Elagabalus forced a Vestal Virgin into marriage, and cross-dressing Emperor Commodus enraged Roman citizenry by sitting in the theatre dressed in women’s garments. Sound like a familiar scene from recent times?

The decline in morals also affected Rome’s lower classes. Religious festivals such as Saturnalia and Bacchanalia where sacrifices, ribald songs, lewd acts, and sexual promiscuity were practiced. Bestiality and other lewd and sexually explicit acts were exhibited in the Colosseum arena to amuse the mob. (Recently a huge animal sacrifice by Muslims was done in an American stadium, and a Muslim individual was caught having sex with an animal.) Brothels and forced prostitution flourished (today’s rampant sex trafficking and the kidnapping/grooming of very young girls to be “used as wives” in the Muslim community). There was massive consumption of alcohol, as there is an opium crisis of mammoth proportions raging across our country.

The corrupt power of the depraved politicians grew to such an extent that they not only felt it was their responsibility to DISPOSE of an Emperor if he didn’t see things their way, but they also felt their Wealth and Power gave them the privilege of deciding who the new Ruler should be. (The left’s attempts to remove Trump from office and replace him with “one of their own.”

Different factions of barbaric hoards forced themselves over Rome’s borders, some assimilated, and others fought against the Roman citizenry to instill their own ways and values. (Migrants crossing over the Mexican border. Muslims taking over Europe and imposing their views and beliefs over the landscape).

Frequent rebellions rose between the outside “invaders” and the citizens of Rome due to the higher taxation required from the citizens to absorb the care of those illegally within Rome’s border. The constant influx of outside people forcing their way into the city overstretched the spending capacity of the state. (The migrant influx, if allowed will drain America’s resources, causing a heavy tax burden on the people of America. Also, the migrants will acquire medical and housing benefits without having to pay for those services as do the American people). And, just as in our military today, the outsiders (the invaders), and other foreign mercenaries were allowed to join the military and become part of the Roman army. There was only one problem: the outsiders, who really did not want to give allegiance to Rome, but wanted the “benefits” from Rome, became knowledgeable of Roman warfare and military tactics and used the newly gained knowledge to fight against the Empire.

The high cost of defending the Empire caused the government to levy heavy taxes, to not only fight to keep future invaders from entering their country illegally but to care for those already blended into the system. Therefore, even though the empire was wealthy, the everyday citizenry failed to enjoy the wealth as the money was used to defend the empire from future warring invaders and to care for those illegally within their walls.

The reason for not prosecuting those who had entered illegally into Rome was because those coming in illegally were used as cheap labor, but that cheap labor resulted in the unemployment of the citizens of Rome, who then became dependent on hand-outs from the state.

The Romans attempted a policy of unrestricted trade, but this led to working-class Romans being unable to compete with foreign trade. The government was forced to subsidize the working-class Romans to make up the differences in prices. The result, thousands of Romans chose to live on subsides sacrificing their standard of living for a life of idle ease. The massive divide between the rich and the poor increased still further.

The thousands of unemployed Romans became bored, and with nothing productive to do with their time, the people turned to civil unrest and rioting in the streets.

Then, “Life became cheap.” Bloodshed led to more bloodshed and extreme cruelty. (The fall of Chicago, with their shooting/killing, rampages unchecked by their own governor and mayor). The values, the ideals, customs, traditions, and institutions, of the Romans declined. The basic principles, standards, and judgments about what was valuable or important in life also declined.

The total disregard for human and animal life resulted in a lack of ethics – a perverted view of what was right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable. Any conformity to acceptable rules or standards of human behavior were lost. Sound familiar?

During the time of the Roman Empire there were not only foreign wars, civil wars, street fights, fires, and revolts there were also natural disasters such as plagues, famines and earthquakes. The people looked for someone to blame and people became easily susceptible to the new religious ideas brought in by the uninvited migrants now living amongst them.

Christianity was proclaimed by Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, declaring himself a Christian, issuing an edict promising the Christians his favor and protection. Attitudes in the Roman Empire changed from being antagonistic to becoming pacifistic, but unfortunately too pacifistic, (today’s version of liberal snowflakes) to where people no longer looked at the invaders of their land as “invaders,” and welcomed ALL into their country with open arms, but to their detriment, for more and more uninvited groups of migrants and outside invaders breached the borders of Rome, when until at last, in the year 555, a form of bacterium known today as Yersinia pestis (responsible for the Black Death) one of the diseases carried by the “invaders” spread, and nearly 55% of the population was decimated, never to fully recover.

Today, diseases once thought eradicated, have once again become prominent, as the migrant caravan nears our border bringing with them diseases that are making a resurgence among the United States population, and into the bloodstreams and respiratory systems of you and your children: Tuberculosis, Measles, Whooping Cough, Mumps, flesh-eating parasites, intestinal parasites, scabies, Ebola, and Diphtheria.

Why is it we never learn from past history? If the parallels I’ve drawn aren’t enough to wake up America, then she is doomed to become Rome’s twin sister, and destined to Fall, in the wake of corruption, perversion, and pestilence.

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