Bittersweet Freedom


Here is another lengthy article that I advise you to read and not set aside as TOO LONG to spend time perusing. It will be one of the most important, truthful articles you have ever read, and maybe, if certain Elites of the world have their way, such articles may never be allowed to be printed in future years.

There is A LOT of information to be taken in within these lines, but everything written here is to awaken every American Citizen to the precarious plight of our country. If you don’t have time now, set time aside and come back when your mind is clear to mull through the material presented!

As a reminder, I am a legally vetted Hungarian immigrant to America, author of BITTERSWEET FREEDOM, who came to America (the right way) with her parents during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, and proud to be a naturalized American citizen.

WE ARE BEING INVADED: It is reported that nearly 10,000 individuals are set to breach the borders of the United States, perhaps even by the time you read this article.

They have no desire to seek legal ports of entry, and most have no desire to assimilate into American culture. They are here to take from, and not give to, America.

These “asylum seekers” are angry, forceful, and vengeful, already attacking and violently injuring overwhelmed Mexican Law Enforcement Authorities as they tear down the fences at the Mexican border. These are not ordinary people seeking safe harbor, but rather a pre-organized “planted,” orchestrated MOB, who brutally bombard all those who stand in their way as they illegitimately cross into the United States.

What these people are doing is immoral and wrong toward the thousands of individuals who have waited patiently and legally to enter the United States. If these marchers are not criminals and have no history that would forbid them being accepted into our country, then please go to the back of the line and get behind those who have waited for legal entry into America.

There is NO entitlement to enter our country. Illegals have no constitutional right to enter and demand anything. They are breaking OUR laws by entering without the proper protocols.

When you buy a new home, do you not carefully check out the neighborhood, the schools, the crime rate, what kind of people live in the area? So why would you casually allow anyone into your country that you know nothing about?

Who are these people? Or better yet, WHAT are these people? Already we have too many cases of illegals who have killed, raped, and maimed innocent American citizens. Drug dealers and cartels have entered our communities killing our children. bringing drugs to take American lives and gangs have monstrously “cut-up citizens,” have raped our women, and have spread their violence into nearly every corner of the United States. And then, to make it worse, they bring in diseases once thought eradicated in America to make us sick, diseases that can also kill. I will go the detail of these diseases, later, in this article.

These felonious persons claim poverty as a reason for their maddening behavior at our borders. Poverty is NOT an excuse to enter America illegally. Poverty happens all over the world.

We have American Citizens living in Poverty! These invaders (and they are invaders when they are NOT invited) are coming in because no one yet has had the gumption to stop them. And why do they want to come? Wouldn’t you try to get into a country where you could obtain a free education, free medical care, food stamps for each child you bear on American soil – all paid for by the backbreaking efforts of the American worker? And, what do you think will happen to your neighborhood if this unchecked influx of undocumented people continues to enter our country?

A photo on Twitter showed Hondurans painting a swastika upon the flag of the United States and then burning our brave colors in a show of support of the hoards marching across our borders. Again, think, are those who despise American ideals the kinds of people you want coming into your country?

Look at Europe – Rogue cities have popped up all over the country, so dangerous that not even law enforcement dares to enter. And once here, these unvetted individuals will flock to sanctuary cities and fester their hatred of Capitalism there. Oh yes, they hate OUR system, but they LOVE the free benefits that the “Stupid Americans” give them.

Look at the videos on your television screen, these people do not act peaceful, they act as a mob! America IS the most generous country in the world, but unless you come into our country legally, EXPECT to be arrested.

You were NOT invited. Get a one-way ticket to where you came from and come back in the way thousands of others have come – legally! America owes no one – anything. But all who live within America’s borders owe HER everything – for America is the world’s last haven of hope and freedom – but she is not to be taken advantage of!

At the turn of the century, Ellis Island, New York was the processing center for immigrants coming from Europe for resettlement here in the United States. These individuals underwent strict health screenings before being allowed to mix among the American population.

Not only were they intensely examined for communicable diseases, but their worthiness to be able to contribute to the United States. In other words, would they better America or be a burden on America. The most important questions asked were: Do you know a trade, do you have money, and where will you work in the United States? Australia and Japan, even today, have rigid regulations for entry into their countries. A merit-based system is a system that benefits all citizens of a country.

MORE BAD NEWS: Not long ago, the president of Guatemala admitted in one of his country’s largest newspapers that close to one-hundred ISIS terrorists had been captured within the borders of his country.

As an American Citizen, OR as a Legal Immigrant, why should you be concerned about this fact? Because of one very important point: Because as I write this, Thousands and thousands of migrants from Central America are trying to, force their way across our borders as I write this.

Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have been a backdoor for undesirable elements from African and Asian countries making their way into the United States via the Mexican corridor. Most of these persons are young men, young enough to be considered minors, the majority with criminal histories. They are given the pseudonym of “Unaccompanied Alien Children,” many entering our country alone, and lonely, longing to seek acceptance, and end up committing unspeakable crimes against humanity by becoming part of violent street gangs such as MS-13, which they consider to be their “new family.”

In 2017, one of Guatemala’s largest newspapers, Prensa Libra, published an article detailing the secretive network involved in transporting migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh into the United States.

This plan requires a great coordinated effort: These migrants are shipped to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, then on to Brazil, and then push onward to Colombia. And once there, they are taken to Panama, and then eventually into Costa Rica, and then finally to Guatemala. The newspaper reported that once there, it is a simple process to obtain a forged passport.

This should send off alarm bells in any sensible person’s mind: ISIS TERRORISTS ARE OPERATING OUT OF GUATEMALA! Yes, ISIS. Although this radical terrorist group has been off the radar since the election of President Trump, there are still secret cells festering and waiting for a second chance to spread the terror of their regime.

There is no doubt that mixed within the populace of this sea of humanity heading toward our borders at this very moment, are a few “good, honest souls,” who are seeking a better life, but mixed in with them are Terror Cells sent to “do their dirty work” within our borders. America cannot allow unchecked, unvetted, uninspected and undocumented individuals to simply walk into our country.

We do not know who they are, what diseases float amongst them or if they are criminals, murderers, rapists, gang members or terrorist affiliates. It IS indeed very fortunate that nearly one hundred ISIS terrorists were captured, including many members of MS-13 – but think of the thousands that have, and will elude capture as they continue to illegally push their way into our country, crossing over our border undetected, and forever disappearing from America’s radar.

Who is behind all this migration? Who is behind not only the forced invasion of the United States from the Mexican border but also the Muslim invasion of Europe? These people who are flooding our domestic and foreign borders do not have the money or means to do all the above “jet hopping” to various regions of the world before being “deposited” into the desired location of the hidden agenda. Yes – There is an Agenda.

In 2016, the so-called “philanthropist” George Soros, published a letter in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Why I’m Investing 500 million USD in Migrants.” I am going to state quotes from Soros’ letter, and then give an “everyday language” explanation of the meaning behind all his fancy words.

He begins, “The world has been unsettled by forced migration. Tens of millions of people are on the move, fleeing their home countries in search of a better life abroad. Some are escaping civil war or an oppressive regime; others forced out by extreme poverty, lured by the possibility of economic advancement for themselves and their families.”

Soros knows the score when it comes to “forced migration,” since he has helped in its initiation, and according to Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, who has continued to staunchly refuse the acceptance of migrant quotas demanded upon him by the EU. Orban is quoted saying this about Soros, “His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, supporting everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle, supporting immigrants who inadvertently become part of the international human smuggling network.

Soros continued in his letter, “Our collective failure to develop and implement effective policies to handle the increased flow has contributed greatly to human misery and political instability – both in countries people are fleeing, and in countries that host them, willingly or not. Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring.”

Soros uses the term “Our” in the above statement. But make no mistake, WE are never part of what he is discussing, rather, WE are being told what will take place. He talks of “the proven benefit that greater integration could bring.” His words are nothing more than an oratorical word-game.

When people of his nature speak, they speak in “opposites.” What is beneficial is detrimental. If what he says is true, and all nations are to believe the beneficial cultural and monetary advantages of the above statement, then why do other countries including Japan, Israel, Australia, and China NOT grant citizenship, asylum, and benefits instantly to those who want to enter their country? If accepting throngs of people at your border was so beneficial to a country, why do other countries have such strict entry laws?

Soros also stated, “I have decided to earmark $500 million for investments that specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees, and host communities. I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves. Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.”

In plain English, this is translated: Soros has set in motion a plan for an unstoppable surge of migrants that will swarm over the border walls of not only the United States, but over the boundaries of all the European Union, by investing his millions to make sure the influx of migrants worldwide is using his investment of $500 million to push the redistribution of people until the mass migrations become inextinguishable, uncontrollable, and invincible.

He has dressed up his “migrant assault language” in the guise of sympathy, empathy, and sensitivity to the wants and needs of those he encourages to take over the demographics of the United States and European nations.

Soros also says in his letter: “This commitment of investment equity will complement the philanthropic contributions my foundations have made to address forced migration, a problem we have been working on globally for decades and to which we have dedicated significant financial resources.”

Just remove the words ‘philanthropic’ (which does not mean at the elite level what you think it means) and realize that ‘address’ means ‘facilitate’ to Soros, and you will understand this sentence correctly; this is a carefully crafted statement of policy.

And Soros goes on: “We will seek investments in a variety of sectors, among them, emerging digital technology, which seems especially promising as a way to provide solutions to the particular problems that dislocated people often face. Advances in this sector can help people gain access more efficiently to government, legal, financial and health services.

Private businesses are already investing billions of dollars to develop such services for non-migrant communities. This is why money now moves instantaneously from one mobile wallet to another, drivers find customers by using only a cell phone, and how a doctor in North America can see a patient in Africa in real time.

Customizing and extending these innovations to serve migrants will help improve the quality of life for millions around the world. All of the investments we make will be owned by my nonprofit organization. They are intended to be successful—because I want to show how private capital can play a constructive role helping migrants—and any profits will go to fund programs at the Open Society Foundations, including programs that benefit migrants and refugees.”

Do you know what this means? It means that ANYONE will be able to access the system that YOU and Millions of others have had to pay into, worked hard for all your lives, and that outsiders who have just arrived in your country, and other EU countries, will be able to access social service programs using a provided cell phone. Soros has set this up. Soros, meanwhile, makes a load more money which he can then plow into the very organizations which will make sure the inflow of migrants never stops.

Soros says: “As longtime champions of civil society, we will be focused on ensuring that our investments lead to products and services that truly benefit migrants and host communities.” And, finally, Soros said, “We will also work closely with organizations such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee to establish principles to guide our investments. Our goal is to harness, for the public good, the innovations that only the private sector can provide. I hope my commitment will inspire other investors to pursue the same mission.”

What does the above statement truly mean? It means everything has already been set up to make this migration happen, and all other countries who give into the acceptance of this migration will make lots of nice money off this human influx by selling out their country/nation.

And, of course, Soros would not be investing in the redistribution of people from one part of the world to the other, and creating this “migration train,” if his bank account would not profit.

Speaking of cultural and ethnic cleansing? Soros is doing it. He has it all dressed up with fancy words, for this is cultural- and ethnic-cleansing all dressed up with a pretty bow around it. In truth, it is a part of a versatile battle – a battle mapped out ahead of time – a battle designed to demolish centuries-long cultures and belief systems of those not only here in America, but in countries around the world. His plan is to change the dynamics and belief systems worldwide.

There is NO “Forced Migration,” it is a preplanned migration on part of Soros and his cohorts to change the demographic map of the world, to annihilate the people and cultures in the countries where these massive migrations take place, all to create the Socialist Democrats wish for a “world without borders.” But in doing so, the Socialist Democrats cannot see that, they, themselves, are being used as pawns in Soros’ game, and when his use for them is over, they too, will be set by the wayside to suffer along with the rest of us.

AND IT GETS UGLIER: The steady flow of illegal, unchecked, and undocumented migrants/immigrants melting into the landscape of the United States has combined to reverse over a century of progress in the eradication of over several diseases that are now making a resurgence among the United States population and into the bloodstreams and respiratory systems of our citizenry, mainly:

Tuberculosis – Medical experts agree that this increase is attributable to the dramatic increase in the number of foreign-born residents of the country over the past three decades. Refugees are arriving in the United States with active TB. As Breitbart News recently reported, the number of refugees who have arrived with active TB over the past five years is huge: 21 in Louisiana, ten in Colorado, eleven in Florida, four in Indiana, eleven in Florida, and nine in one county in Kentucky.

Refugees are also arriving with high rates of non-communicable ‘latent TB’ infection (LTBI): 35 percent in Vermont, 27 percent in Tennessee, 26 percent in Indiana, 22 percent in Minnesota, 15 percent in Texas, and 12 percent in California. A large number of people with latent TB gradually acquire active or communicable TB. A recent UC San Diego study concluded that high rates of LTBI among recently resettled refugees poses a health risk to the local community and the general public.

Measles – “In 2014, the United States experienced a record number of measles cases, with 667 cases from 27 states reported to CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD); this is the greatest number of cases since measles elimination was documented in the U.S. in 2000,” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports. (emphasis added).

It’s not been much better since then. “From January 2 to May 21, 2016, 19 people from 9 states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas) were reported to have measles. In 2015, 189 people from 24 states and the District of Columbia were reported to have measles,” the CDC adds.

“The majority of people who got measles were unvaccinated,” the CDC notes, adding that “measles is still common in many parts of the world including some countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.” In 2015, a woman in Washington State died of measles, the first death from measles in the United States since 2003.

Refugees are not required to have vaccines, including the critical MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps, and rubella: “Refugees, unlike most immigrant populations, are not required to have any vaccinations [including the critical MMR vaccine] before arrival in the United States,” the CDC reports.

At least one outbreak of measles in the United States in 2016 raises the question of whether an unvaccinated refugee was the original person who transmitted the disease. “The first reported case of a person with measles in the recent Memphis outbreak, which now numbers seven confirmed cases, was at a local mosque on April 15, according to the Shelby County Health Department,” Breitbart News reported recently:

“Dr. Alisa Haushalter, Director of the Shelby County Health Department … acknowledged, however, that the measles outbreak could have originated with an unvaccinated for measles adult or child brought to Tennessee under the federal refugee resettlement program, something she called “a possibility amongst many”

Whooping Cough – Pertussis, a respiratory illness commonly known as whooping cough, is a very contagious disease caused by a type of bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. These bacteria attach to the cilia (tiny, hair-like extensions) that line part of the upper respiratory system.

The bacteria release toxins (poisons), which damage the cilia and cause airways to swell,” the CDC reports. In 1926, there were over 200,000 cases of whooping cough (pertussis) reported in the United States. Half a century later, the disease had been virtually eradicated here, and only cases were reported in 1976. But a decade later, in 1986, the number of reported cases had crept back up over 4,000.

Now, in 2014, the reported number of cases has increased to 32,971, more than thirty times the number of cases reported just four decades earlier. “Following the introduction of pertussis vaccines in the 1940s when case counts frequently exceeded 100,000 cases per year, reports declined dramatically to fewer than 10,000 by 1965,” the CDC notes. “During the 1980s pertussis reports began increasing gradually, and by 2014 more than 32,000 cases were reported nationwide,” the CDC admits, but fails to point out the simultaneous quadrupling of foreign-born residents of the United States.

Mumps – Once a common illness among children and young adults, cases of mumps in the US have dropped by 99% since a vaccine was introduced in 1967, ” reports: “But occurrences crop up, particularly among close-knit communities. The CDC reports that there have been 688 reported cases of mumps in the US in 2015, including small outbreaks at universities in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Wisconsin. In 2014, there was a mini-outbreak among professional hockey players,” reports. The only way to prevent the mumps (aside from avoiding people with it) is to get the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine.

Though usually administered to kids, you can get the vaccine at any time. It’s not foolproof (two doses are 88% effective at preventing the disease, per the CDC), and its protection can wear off over time, but it’s vastly better to get the shot than not. Booster doses are often recommended during outbreaks. Again, Refugees/immigrants are not required to have the MMR vaccine that prevents mumps.

Bubonic Plague – The United States experienced a significant outbreak of bubonic plague in San Francisco during the first decade of the 20th century. This outbreak was much smaller than those in China and India just a few years earlier but was frightening to many Americans. As PBS reported:

In the summer of 1899, a ship sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco had had two cases of plague on board. Because of this, although no passengers were ill when the ship reached San Francisco, it was to be quarantined on Angel Island. When the boat was searched, 11 stowaways were found — the next day two were missing. Their bodies were later found in the Bay, and an autopsy showed they contained plague bacilli. Despite this scare, there was no immediate outbreak of disease. But rats from the ship probably had something to do with the epidemic that hit San Francisco nine months later.

Today, human trafficking from underdeveloped countries brings the same risks to the United States population. Today, this horrible disease still persists in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America (from where our recent throng of illegal immigrants are migrating from).

And there are more underreported incidents of other diseases brought in by those entering America without proper medical screening: including zika, flesh-eating parasites—cutaneous leishmaniasis, Ebola, leprosy, intestinal parasites, HIV, scabies, and Diphtheria.

The astounding liquidation of these maladies in the United States during the twentieth century was a phenomenal achievement of American civilization, and these diseases were thought expunged from our shores, until recently. Now whooping cough, tuberculosis, and even measles are making a comeback not only to children but the adult population.

American children are not prepared for the diseases that are being brought into the country by illegals who are not properly screened, as they slip through the cracks (and as we see on the news today, unchecked migrants pushing their way toward our borders, pushing through our border gates and fences), who will end up disappearing forever into the vast outlying reaches of our country. Furthermore, the screening requirements for immigrant students is suspended compared to screening requirements for citizen children to enter public school. This exposes American children to diseases they might otherwise not have been exposed to.

This planned “Southern invasion” has been orchestrated to arrive just in time for our mid-term elections. This is not immigration it is an invasion. If you look up the term invasion you would see the following:

Archaeological evidence indicates that invasions have been frequent occurrences since prehistory. In antiquity, before radio communication and fast transportation, the only way to ensure adequate reinforcements was to move armies as one massive force. This, by its very nature, led to the strategy of invasion. With invasion came cultural exchanges in government, religion, philosophy, and technology that shaped the development of much of the ancient world.

Only this time there is no cultural exchange intended, but rather cultural extinction – by both the Muslim and “Southern” invasion of America. Again, the majority of these individuals have no intention of becoming “Americans.” They wish to impose their laws and beliefs on the American public, and plan to do this through the slow infiltration of our political systems, taking places of power within our cities and states, until one day, the America we know today, the America of our childhood, will be no more than a distant memory, a fairytale told to your children’s children in future years.

There are forces at work within our own government against our government, against our people, and mainly against our President, for he was the one who was not “meant to be,” and “they” will stop at nothing to bring him down, including the perfect timing of this Caravan to reach our American borders in time to cause chaos among us. This is just the beginning, more and more of these caravans will breach our borders, more and more illegals will decimate our election system being allowed to vote illegally to change the voting demographics of this country.

The cure for this disease of invasion is a simple one – remove all incentives – no jobs for illegals, no food stamps for illegals, no education for illegals, no housing programs for illegals, and any child born to an illegal in the United States will: 1) Not automatically become a United States Citizen, and 2) The parent will not receive social aid for each child. Only those entering the country through legal means will be entitled to social service benefits.

AND OUT OF ALL THE BAD AND UGLY, THERE MAY STILL BE SOME GOOD: The Socialist left (what used to be the Democratic party) welcomes this infestation into America in order to gain a new voter base since their constituents among American Citizens is dwindling due to their radical politics, they look upon these migrants as grateful ALLIES, encouraging them to despise a Republican President and Republican agenda, and by our social services systems pandering to the every want and need of these illegal persons, it only encourages future hoards to flock into our country for a handout.

As an American Citizen, YOU can bring some good out of this migration disaster – VOTE for those whose support immigration reform, support closed borders, who support the needs of the everyday American.

If you sit at home on election day and do not vote for the candidates and policies that will correct this process than you will be contributing to the encroaching, illegal deluge into our country – and, they will keep coming! The marchers at this time number close to 10,000 people, however, this group is expected to be joined by another well-organized group of nearly 40,000 Mexicans in a few days, all designed to create pandemonium in our country by election day.

This inundation of illegals marching into our country are coming as part of a greater plan to change the American landscape from our reality into theirs, and their reaching our border at this specific point in time is not coincidental, but part of a long-term plan not only dictated by Soros, by the Socialist Left, but also by an echelon of Elite individuals whose power over every citizen of the world is greater than we could ever imagine. And if they are not stopped, it WILL be the End of the World as we know it, and the beginning of a nightmare we will not be able to awaken from.

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