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The Siege of Britain

Britain is becoming a Nation under seige. Not by traditional means, but from within.

An underground network of violent Jihadists has begun to emerge. Their goal? To create such fear within the native population they’ll be coerced into silence and submission.

The manner by which the “State” has dealt with Tommy Robinson and his like have rendered many too frightened to speak. Others have turned against him and his followers because of propaganda (for that, read ‘lies’), spread by the Government and its accomplices in the Press.

For years Officials and the Media have attempted to minimize fears by stating that Jihadists represent a minority that does not accurately reflect the whole of Islam.

In light of what’s finally been revealed about the so called “Grooming Gangs” (despite strong armed attemps to hide it) the “Party line” has been shown for what it is, calculated surpression of the truth!

Bit by bit the locals are abandoning the City Centres. It began with the outskirts of the town estates, now almost entirely dominated by the Asian (Pakistanis among others) immigrant population who now number among the many disaffected and are easily stirred to violence against “the infidels.”

Next it was the crumbling commercial districts that had been prosperous in the nineteenth century. Formerly sleepy towns and suburban enclaves have been occupied by people on whom the British authorities have virtually no information. The lack of intelligence and data is both apalling and alarming. Meanwhile, Mosques continue to spring up by the thousands.

These malcontents are being supplied with a frightening range of modern weapons, the deadly capacity of which has required them to be smuggled across the English channel.

As their numbers and supplies increase, the periods between attacks will continue to decrease.

This problem is not confined to Britain, all within Europe will continue to experience an expansion of armed violence.

Some will point to instances where Mi5 and the Police have intervened before their plots have come to fruition, but without proper intelligence they’re playing a deadly game of “cat and mouse” and innocent lives will continue to be caught in the “crosshairs.”

If Government policy remains unaltered eventually the numbers on one side will become too great and a cultural implosion will ensue. This is the ultimate goal of the Jihadists.

Unless the people, and by extension their elected representatives, unite to stop them and their witless proxies, the day is rapidly approaching when “God save the “Queen” will be replaced by “Allahu Akbar!”

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