A House Divided: How we got here, and what may be next.

Someone recently asked me what the Kavanaugh Confirmation meant to America.

The answer is simple, it exposed the fissures in our society that have existed for decades and which up until two years ago, the Elites had managed to paper over.

This didn’t start with Obama or W. , the seeds of discontent were sown long ago.

My perspective may be influenced by the period in which I was born. Even though I was a child, it was clear to see that the fabric of our society was beginning to fray.

My next door neighbor died during his second tour of Vietnam, killed three days after returning to duty by “Friendly Fire.” He, his wife, and daughter had just relocated to Iowa. All I understood at the time was that my friend had lost his life defending our Country. What the war was actually about? Not a clue. I was eight years old. (I would reunite with him 25 years later on my visit to the Wall.)

Tension and fear grew in the community wondering who would be next, as reports appeared too often in our local paper of yet another fallen soldier.

In the end we lost eight men in a town that was one square mile, with a population of less than 9,000.

It prompted our Mayor to write a letter to President Nixon:

“As Mayor of this town of 8,500 fine citizens, I feel the measure of sacrifice to be disproportionate and inequitable in comparison to the numerical population of our community. We are ever mindful of our duties and responsibilities, Our loyalty to God and Country is beyond reproach. While the young men called from our midst seek only to do for their Country, they deserve a fair chance. I, therefore, beseech you, in your capacity as Commander-In-Chief, to cause the war record of this community to be examined and then in justice, save us from further grief, for we have truly given our full measure of devotion. Respectfully, Mayor Cornelius A. Pontier.”

Midland Park, NJ

It wasn’t until I saw a copy of “Life Magazine” at the school library with a picture of protestors and riots and a headline that read, “A New Civil War?” that things finally began to sink in. It was later that same year.

From that point forward things were never the same. People began to divide themselves into two camps: Those who supported the war and the Government that had put us there, and those who were vocally and often violently opposed.

Long after the war ended the “wounds” remained unhealed.

The “Watergate Affair” only served to reinforce in the minds of many that the Government couldn’t be trusted.

It was exacerbated when President Ford gave full pardon to his predecessor, proof positive that the Government was not only corrupt, but protected it’s own. (At least in the minds of the already converted.)

The 60s saw the rise of Leftist groups like SDS (Students For a Democtatic Society) which began the same year as the Kennedy / Nixon election.

Then, in 1969, a violent splinter group “The Weather Underground” led by Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, would begin a reign of terror which would include the bombing of the NYC Police Headquarters, and the Capital building in Washington D.C.

Ayers would later become a Professor at the University of Illinois where he would continue to spew his leftist dogma, indoctrinating an entirely new generation. During his tenure he became friends with future President Barack Obama.

The cultural revolution of the Vietnam era systematically erased what had once been considered societal norms. Duty, honor and Country were no longer in vogue.

As is often the case (in a Democratic society) when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, a political backlash inevitably ensues. This one led to the election of one of the most conservative Presidents in a generation, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The Reagan years began to repair the damage caused by an unpopular war and it’s aftermath. Once again people were waving the Flag and identifying themselves as Proud Americans.

But while Reagan was working to restore the economy and fighting to save Democracy from the “Evil Empire”, the Department of Education, begun by his predecessor, was slowly being infiltrated by remnants of the Anti American movement from a decade before.

Without being noticed (until it was too late) the Counter Culture began its corruption of “Higher Institutes of Learning” and eventually primary and secondary education. College graduates, many products of the “New Left”, would themselves pursue careers in academia and later be responsible for rewriting texts used across the spectrum. The “revised” version” of American history would paint the United States as a modern day “Pandora’s Box”, the singular cause of all evil in the World.

The “Founding Fathers” once revered historical figures, would be deconstructed. As a result, much of today’s youth view them as nothing more than Capitalists who perpetuated slavery for their personal gain, rather than as architects of a new form of government which sought to free men from the shackles of the Oligarchs.

The events of the last two months which saw elected officials physically threatened at both their place of work and their private residences, is the culmination of what’s been building for more than 50 years.

Many have recoiled at what not long ago would have been considered unheard of behavior by members of the opposition Party who not only countenance, but encourage, acts of violence against those with whom they disagree.

The Nation has less than three weeks to decide whether to pull itself back from the brink of insanity, or plunge irrevocably into a state of anarchy. As Shakespeare observed, “What’s past, is prologue.” All that remains of the “Free World”, anxiously awaits history’s verdict.

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  1. This article is brilliant, and it’s exactly what the MSM SHOULD be publishing, but also exactly what they will not publish. When our self-appointed masters will say anything except the truth, we know that things are really, really bad. Thank you for this, it’s journalistic gold dust!

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  2. Back to your roots. I remember you and your camcorder and I gave you a tour of Police HQs at your Fathers request.

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    • Thank you so much Chief Casson, so nice to hear from you. I didn’t see this until just now.

      I take great pride in my hometown and recognize how fortunate all of us were to grow up in Midland Park.

      I have always had the utmost respect for the Midland Park Police, and am ever grateful for the kindness all of you showed our family the day we laid my Father to rest.

      God Bless you,



  3. Do you find the tactics of Antifa, George Soros, Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer unsettling. Harrassing Seniors in Portland for no reason. Telling a 911widow that her husband deserves to rot in hell?


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