Bittersweet Freedom


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Hello TORCHLIGHT Readers:

As noted in my earlier posts, I told you I would speak to you in a straightforward manner, without fancy talk or eloquent words, and I must tell you now that you won’t like what you are about to discover, however, it is all true. At the end of this post you will find the links from where this information was gleaned. Read this while you are Still Free to Do So, for the plot within this post will send chills down your spine, and you SHOULD question how this could be happening in America.

This is a long read, so set aside time to clear your mind. Find a quiet spot, dig in, and be prepared to fight back, or die as slaves.

I know what I am talking about. I escaped from a such a society like the one described below – an evil society being planned for us in the dark recesses of alternative government, otherwise known as “the swamp.”

Buckle up, here we go

This highly confidential David Brock memo was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon while Brock was at a weekend conference at the Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida in early 2017, along with over one-hundred prominent liberal donors, to develop a concise pathway to fight President Trump’s every move and decision. The confidential memo also outlines the plan to vanquish the Presidency of Donald J. Trump through impeachment.

MEDIA MATTERS, AMERICAN BRIDGE, CREW, SHAREBLUE – most people have never heard of these organizations, but those names should perk up the ears of every American from this day forth.

From this moment on, every American should know, and be terrified by what these groups have in store for the future of the Country, and the current leader (and possibly the last if they have their way) of what remains of the free world, Donald J. Trump.

The above-named group’s strategic mandate is simple but frightening, for it goes against the very fabric of American democracy.

First, they plan to block, fight, contest, undermine, oppose, resist and publicly crucify every move made by President Trump. They have already done this during Trump’s run for the presidency and during his nearly two years in office.

But the plot is thicker and more devious than expected. These groups intend to use American Bridge to bring their schemes to fruition, already having a large staff at their disposal they’ve compiled a list of Trump’s business associates and a treasure trove of media/video reels filled with Trump-O-Mania ready at a moment’s notice to use against him according to their agenda.

The left knows that the conservative base will support President Trump regardless of the slings and arrows thrown against him by counter operatives. But, the American Bridge campaign will be a nonstop onslaught against the President, having thousands of hours of videos, books, and research materials available to the Democratic platform. How many anti-Trump stories have you witnessed since his run for office and after his election?

To the point, American Bridge, almost immediately after Trump’s election to the presidency, opened a “War Room,” where a team remains in place to observe the current administration’s policies and employees. They have already scrutinized Trump’s transition team and will continue to watch the personnel and modus operandi used by the Trump administration.

The “War Room” has worked overtime to uncover the still elusive details of Trumps “collusion” with Russia, the comings and goings of his business associates both at home and abroad, his building operations in other countries, and transactions on prospective deals that Trump could benefit from financially rather than for the betterment of America.

American Bridge intends to keep President Trump’s legal team “tied up” as they pound the administration with trivial lawsuits, FOIA requests, and regulatory complaints.

Their plan as noted in the memo states, “The number of stories and the value of TV time for anti-Trump media coverage we generate will break all internal records. Multiple Trump nominations will become a drag on his administration due to the research we unearth. Trump’s approval rating will remain historically low.”

The memo goes on: “American Bridge has a 2017 budget of $14.7 million dollars. This figure represents both the work of Bridge’s 501(c)(4) and its super PAC staffed by 146 individuals. The 501(c)(4) is creating a 47-person war room to take on Donald Trump with a staff of 25 researchers, a communications team of 16 which is feeding out work to the press and doing rapid-response, and a team of six-media monitors. Bridge will also build out a robust digital program to deliver our content directly to voters. The total cost of the Bridge war will be $7.8 million in 2017. The super PAC will also conduct research in 16 to 20 of the most competitive Senate races in the 2018 cycle using two research teams of five people each.”

Again, their focus is to defeat Trump either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020 by redistributing the equilibrium/capacity of the United States Senate, Gubernatorial, and State legislative races and freeing themselves of reliance on the press by reaching voters directly online.

Free Beacon reporter Lachlan Markay who contributed to the report stated that: “The memo, Democracy Matters Strategic Plan for Action, outlines Brock’s four-year agenda to attack Trump and Republicans using Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility, and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.”

The memo contains plans for defeating Trump through Impeachment by expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections by filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, and using “digital attacks” to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency and damage Republicans by partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”

Not only does the document focus on removing Trump from office, but a good portion of it also describes a plan to shut down “all conservative media” in order to achieve their goals.

Simply put, if the Democrats re-take the White House and Congress, anyone expressing views that do not agree with or criticize the spoken word of the Democrats dogma, will be shut down, fined, and / or face possible jail-time as is happening in many countries across Europe. If you are on social media, they will silence your voice by denying your ability to express your opinions on same.

At this point, it gets more dangerous and even more frightening, the memo continues, “Toxic alt-right social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent and poison our national discourse will be punished and halted.”

Media Matters purpose is to nullify information coming from “the right,” by attacking and removing “conservative” web and news sites.

We’ve already been witness to a culture of harassment against Conservatives condoned by both the Media and Democrat members of Congress. If allowed they will deny our use of the First Amendment as well as our right to free assembly.

The Alt left news networks have done a fine job of contributing to “Trump Derangement Syndrome” which is basically defined as the inability to comprehend or understand a logical argument concerning Trump without it being seen as a direct attack upon their person(s.) Just being in the vicinity of a Trump supporter triggers these lunatics to comit acts of violence against those with opposing views.

We’ve already seen the Lefts efforts working against us: They troll our social media networks including Twitter and Facebook, censor our comments, and disallow the real news in favor of “fake news.” How many of you have had your social media accounts locked, banned or censored?

And, who do you think is funding all of this? None other than George Soros.

Media Matters has a detailed list of Conservative groups on Facebook, with Brock and his associates working with Google to erase negative remarks against the lefts platform. Their goal is to shut down all those they perceive as having a strong influence on the thoughts of Conservative groups.

Remember when Glenn Beck was removed from Fox News? That was the result of a Media Matters campaign. Then there was Roger Stone, also removed from CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news, again due to the efforts of Media Matters.

Yet more bad news: The memo details how the Democrats plan to take President Trump out of office, as well as every other Republican. How?

They intend to fill Congress to the brim with Democrats who despise Trump, and by the year 2020, place a Democrat in the Oval Office by any means necessary, legal, or otherwise.

Brock, and those who follow him have given the word for “their people” to push back against all those who do not follow the Democrats agenda.

The most recent example being the mob attacks we witnessed against Republicans during the Kavanaugh hearings not only in public, but at their private residences. We continue to see the rise of ANTIFA, now attacking people on the streets and in their vehicles, using bullying tactics to force them to listen to their hate-filled rhetoric.

The memo states, “Democrats will echo the aggressive, emotive [and hence irrational] messaging Shareblue [a consortium of liberal Democrats unable to accept the result of an election] models and take action accordingly.”

What does this mean? If the above plan is successful, it will allow the Democrats and their cohorts, along with the Funds obtained from Soros, to close down any form of media that does not strictly adhere to leftist doctrine.

There is no doubt the whole thing boils down to the Lefts hate of President Trump and any, and all who agree with his ideology.

If the American people do not open their eyes and ears to what is happening and voice their dissent against this agenda while they still can, then the Left, finanaced by Soros, and guided by Brock, will become the “watchdogs” of all media. They will determine what YOU, a supposedly “free American”, will be permitted to watch on television, read in print, and listen to on radio.

If we, as Conservatives, do not turn up to Vote on the 6th of November, we will find ourselves forced to endure the same horrors inflicted upon the people of Europe by the Nazi occupation which eliminated their right to think and act as free men.

We will be, as the Nazi’s termed it: “Re-educated.” A polite way of saying, taken away somewhere to have our minds rewired to think as the Left does, and if we do not comply, we will not live to think at all.

The United States as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, will cease to exist.

And it will be own fault for not fighting back while we had the chance. I have included links to the source material for this article so you can see for yourselves the evil contained therein in full detail.

Our World is in Peril unless good men and women stand up and take action. Consider this your “Call to arms.”

If not, we will bare witness to the end of Free Expression, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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