Media Bias

Real “Fake News”

The Media gasps in horror everytime somone utters the phrase, “Fake News.”. Their outrage is as fake as their reports. They know exactly what their doing, they’re just not used to being called on it.

They find the heat unbearable and are praying in November their buddies, (who showed themselves for the “Jackasses” they really are during the Kavanaugh Hearings), will soon be running the “Kitchen.” At which point they hope they’ll “cook up enough trouble” for the President that he’ll be too distracted to focus on them.

While scouring through the headlines on Drudge this morning, I came across this, from The Hill:

“POLL: Dems lead in battlegrounds…”

Follow the link and this is what appears:

“Poll: Dems have 4-point lead in battleground House districts.”

Now, they’re not lying, that is the fact. The implication however is OMG, the Democrats have a four point lead, Republicans need to be scared. Again, not stated, but implied.

What they fail to point out is that this is virtually within the margin of error, in other words, it’s a dead heat. What’s significant about this is less than two months ago they had a 14 point lead in the generic ballot and it’s vanished, virtually over night.

Follow the link in the Hill article to the original story in the Washington Post and you’ll see this in the first paragraph:

“Likely voters who live in 69 battleground House districts across the country narrowly prefer Democratic candidates, according to a new Washington Post-Schar School survey.

To the Post’s credit they do point out from the start that the Democrat’s lead is narrow. However, in the next line they echo the false narrative in The Hill, stating that “the sky is falling” and it’s about to land on Republicans in Congress:

“a potentially worrying sign for Republicans given that the overwhelming percentage of these districts are currently in GOP hands.”

A one point lead, down from 14 is worrying? It should be worrying, for the Media and their lackeys in the Democrat party.

Perhaps instead of “Fake News”, we should start referring to it as “Highly misleading news designed to supress the Conservative vote.”

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  1. Great article, and I applaud your ability to clearly inform Conservatives of the lies in media and from their political opponents. (Much the same thing, much the same people).


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