Bittersweet Freedom


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I was scrolling through Twitter and found a video taken recently in Portland, Oregon, where dozens of ANTIFA members were in the middle of the streets corralling traffic and throwing unspeakable verbal nuances at the shocked drivers in their vehicles. What troubled me the most, was that nowhere in sight was any Law Enforcement. Where was the Police Chief or the Mayor speaking out against these atrocious, threatening behaviors towards the citizens of the Portland community?

These ANTIFA members were in full control of the streets, calling out strong threats to those who refused their commands, and, those who refused to obey those orders were chased down by angry ANTIFA mobs wielding batons.

View the video here:

As it turns out this type of occurrence seems to be happening quite often in that corner of our world, which leads me to the point of this dialogue: Certain individuals in the UPPER ECHELONS of power MUST be orchestrating and organizing these “Nazi” behaviors.

Yes, Nazi behavior! Even now Socialist Democrats are calling on THEIR PEOPLE to prey on individuals who disagree with their ideology, calling on them to publicly ridicule and ostracize those who are not in attune to their political affiliation: They do this to those of polarizing views anywhere: At their homes, restaurants, work, public streets, or in their cars, as well as actively impeding the free movement those of differing viewpoints as is happening in Portland and other cities across the United States.

I cannot stress, enough, that in order for one to understand what is happening to our American freedom/liberty today, one must understand PAST HISTORY.

The SA was the Storm Detachment or Brownshirts, a group utilized by Adolf Hitler to disrupt the gatherings, meetings, and free movement of his political opponents using harsh bullying tactics, as witnessed in the above video. These tactics were the “mild ones” used in the early years of the Nazi movement to intimate people into “not fighting back.”

Even in those days, the Police, themselves, were “frightened” into being powerless, as noted by the Portland Police lack of interest. Due to zero intervention by Police, the Brownshirts eventually moved into the position of the “protectors,” but not for the everyday citizens, but for their Nazi agenda.

The Brownshirts always appeared in masses at political rallies, demonstrations and meetings to threaten those in attendance into disbanding their efforts by the Brownshirts engaging in open violence and publicly insulting, spitting upon and beating those whose viewpoints differed from their own. All this was done to illustrate that THEY NOW wielded the power over the citizens, and by terrorizing political opponents, discouraged any political competition by squelching free speech.

ANTIFA is a reconstruction of the Brownshirt movement, except, they wear Black.

With the lack of interest in controlling the rise of ANTIFA, one cannot help but wonder if certain state and local government officials have been “bought” to tolerate the influence of this new political weapon.

There is no arguing with Socialist Democrats, Nazis or groups such as ANTIFA. You cannot change their minds about the validity of their beliefs any more than you can change one’s belief in God, Jesus, or one’s religion or political views.

These individuals, with the help of high Political Powers beyond the comprehension of the everyday person, have entrenched themselves into our society so deeply, already, that it is obvious it will take either a Miracle of Biblical Proportions to drive their Evil agenda from our country, or we will be left with no choice but to enter into a civil discourse to reclaim our America.

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  1. Antifa are certainly the modern equivalent of the Sturmabteilung,using the same tactics to control the streets, the problem for them is,the streets of contemporary America in no way resemble the streets of nineteen thirties Germany, all they’re really doing is making everyone else hate them, they’re not going to gain political power, because they cannot use those tactics on voting day. Our concern is that these people believe that what they’re doing has a goal which justifies their methods, it does not, and they will be made to realise that fact by circumstance, eventually. Great article, and a real concern for those who want the freedom of their neighbourhoods back.

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