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Relativism, Apologism, And Silence – Three Unwise Monkeys

Atrocities that are perpetrated against a captive population, in a closed or semi-closed society, as in Sudan, Iran, or Afghanistan, Yemen or [Saudi] Arabia, Palestine and other similarly structured societies, are too often treated as a taboo subject in the west. When it is mentioned it usually receives a pass because it’s ‘another culture’ and we ‘we can’t go criticising others because we’re not squeaky clean’ [a preposterous position].

So it gets passed over as a terrible thing we can do nothing about, except maybe sign a petition or two.

Not that signing petitions is a bad thing per se, but the point being that even when bare-faced apologies are not being made for the horrors of Shari’ah one notices an atmosphere that presumes unaccountability of the guilty.

An embarrassed silence descends on those who shout loudest about things like healthcare, guns, war, secret service agents, bad legislation, the banks and so on, but will wither at any talk of the unforgiveable malice of the way that women are treated under Shari’ah.

The most you’ll get is lip service regarding the idea of international law, of ethical obligations to the weak, the unrepresented, the oppressed. The centre-left defence of women’s ”right” to wear the Niqab is a good example of how ridiculous their position has become.

To equate the mind-set of the racist lynch-mob with Shari’ah is entirely appropriate. Shari’ah courts very often sentence people to be hanged. If they are men, they’re often hanged ‘properly’ [that is to say instantaneously] from a gallows, but very often homosexuals, for instance, are not given the mercy of a quick end.

Women who fall foul of punitive ‘justice’ in Islam are treated mercilessly, and more cruelly than men or beasts, they are more often lynched, which is much slower than ‘the drop’. They are usually strung-up slowly on the arm of a crane, a light-post, even a tree.

When the ‘execution’ under Sharia of the Muslim woman or girl is committed by the husband or father, or another male member of the woman’s family, [a so called ‘honour’ killing], the girls and women are most often strangled by a cord, belt, or rope, similar to being slowly lynched.

None of this is shouted about to any degree by the centre-left-liberal end of the political spectrum, who’d rather be on the safe side and criticise a relatively impotent Christianity and the easily criticised Conservatives.

To end then; I say that barbarism must be condemned, loudly and often, by everyone who likes to think they have a social conscience and any depth of morality, any real ethical principles, for if not, then tacit acceptance, [of evil] becomes the default position of all those who choose to remain silent.-

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