Bittersweet Freedom


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Many countries in Europe are facing severe criticism from the EU for refusing to accept Muslim refugees/immigrants.

As noted in my first article on Torchlight, my origins stem from Budapest, Hungary. The Ottoman Empire (Muslim/Islamic influence) colonized Hungary for 150 years. They came as hoarding marauders, vile occupiers who raped, pillaged and exerted their religion and culture on the people of Hungary. Finally, after over a hundred and fifty years of bloody war, the Hungarians drove the Islamic aggressors from their soil.

Hungary is one of the most criticized countries for not taking in the displaced Muslim population. But after nearly a century and a half of torment at the hands of the Islamic invaders, Hungary was definitely not going to throw themselves “back into the fire,” to take the chance of permanently losing their country to a people with no intention of assimilating into Hungarian society or giving up their radically different religious practices and culture. During the years of 1541 to approximately 1699, the Islamic raiders spread their jihadist views on the populace, while terrorizing the country in their persecution of the Christian faith.

Hungary was not the only country affected during that timeframe, regions of Europe and Russia experienced the same trepidation and dread at the hands of the invaders. Numerous Hungarian regions were massacred, citizens beheaded, rampant rape was prevalent, and the institution of enslavement clouded the land.

Hungary has not forgotten how it was in those terrible days, and Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, is determined to secure his nation’s borders against those of the Islamic/Muslim faith to preserve the Christian identity of his region, determined not to repeat the horrors of the conquest that shadowed over Hungary for 150 years.

Hungary has been mocked for “building their wall” to keep out those they do not want infringing on their native soil. It is their right as an independent country to build a wall if they choose. Just as it is America’s right to build a wall to keep out those who come into our country illegally without being properly vetted. And we should vet them: we have no idea who these people truly are, what their true intentions are when they come onto American soil, and IF they truly want to assimilate into our culture and become Americans.

Here in the United States, Minnesota, unfortunately, is experiencing the effects of inhaling a radically different culture into their midst. Instead of melting and blending into American culture and society, those of the Islamic faith in that region, as in Germany and Sweden, are determined to wash out all American law and religion and replace it with their own, and in many cases, using violence as a means to that end.

Every country, including the United States, should have the right to decide what outside peoples should be allowed within its borders. Those coming to America, and to other nations, must accept the rules and laws of those nations, and not force their belief system onto countries that have taken them into the “safety of their nest.”

Many people do not understand why, Hungary, once occupied and ravaged by the Islamics/Muslims, would not allow those peoples into their state. After all, the distant occupation and tortures by the Muslims inflicted upon the Hungarian people happened a long time ago, and many people feel they should forgive and forget and be accepting of Muslim people into Hungary’s borders.

But there is one problem, both for Hungary, and the rest of the world, as is evidenced by the horrific scenes of violence in Germany, Sweden, and England on our television screens, and social media video reels: Yes, there may be some “good people” mixed in with the Muslim refugees, but mixed in with them, are those who still believe in the way things were done in “the olden days,” and have plans on inflicting the same pain, suffering, sadism, and persecution as they inflicted centuries ago.

The majority of the Islamic/Muslim refugees do not want to become a part of America. They believe in their Sharia Law, and want to change the laws in many of our cities, counties and states to their Sharia Law by infiltrating through our legal system: running for mayor, governor, etc. They will gain ground through “legal means.”

Allowing large groups of people into our country who have no intention of assimilating to our way of life is a long-term death sentence for American culture, American Values, American Religion, and American Law. This will be the result of allowing unchecked populations into our society.

There is a Buddhist saying, “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog.” A good saying to savor and think on. Makes perfect sense.

America has allowed immigrants/refugees/and perhaps, invaders onto our soil. They now live in our cities and towns and use our very own laws as a way to propel themselves into positions where they can overthrow us. Many are outwardly ungrateful for the freedom granted to them, instead, they want to “take over and rule.”

Ashin Wirathu, a devout Burmese monk, a communal leader of the anti-Muslim movement in Myanmar, said this of the Muslims, “We will build a fence with our bones if necessary to keep them out.” Why? Again, because of all the above. It seems that wherever “they” went, terror and pain followed. Wiranthu’s states of the Muslims in his region, “Myanmar is facing a most dangerous and fearful poison – severe enough to eradicate all civilization.”

Americans, are, as a rule, a kind and humane society, and want to be seen as the caretakers of the less fortunate, but we must be extremely careful that we do not lose our Freedom and Our Country through irresponsible tolerance of those who refuse to assimilate to American values, American culture, and society.

So do not laugh at the countries of Hungary and Burma for their intolerant views regarding the Muslim/Islamic influence threatening to infringe about their lands. Both countries are more than aware of the TROJAN HORSE of the past, who entered the gates of their countries in the innocent disguise of Immigrants. Instead of mocking countries who do not want Muslim immigrants, think hard on the reasons why they would not want them. Study the history of those nations dealings with those of the Muslim/Islamic faiths, and you may well learn a very hard lesson from their heartbreaking experiences.

You cannot take in people who come from barbaric, twisted ideologies and expect them to blend right in with YOU. They cannot and would not, go against the faith they were indoctrinated into for millennia.

If the Muslim/Islamic population is not checked very soon, just as in Europe, America will lose control, will lose her national identity, and we, here in America will become slaves and fodder to a culture of barbarians. If this happens, in the future, your daughters may be forced to undergo genital mutilation and may be forced to marry at age 9, and your sons may be raised to praise Jihad, and the Muslim God will be worshipped in our schools on prayer mats several times a day. But not Jesus.

We cannot allow our government to lose control in this situation, to be complacent, but I wonder if our politicians will try to stop something that they allowed to happen.

One cannot say, “This cannot happen in America!” Instead one should say, “We will NOT allow this to happen in America!

Look at what is happening in England. The culture is lost. They don’t show it on television, but on social media, there are more than enough articles written by those who live there to let us know the truth of their suffering due to the Muslim invasion in their country.

If America does not learn from the past history of other countries, She has no choice but to be educated under the harshest conditions imaginable.

I AM an immigrant/refugee, myself, and a legally Vetted, and Proud American Citizen, determined to fight to keep my America free and safe for all of us. My memoir, BITTERSWEET FREEDOM, describes my parents and my flight from Soviet Tyranny, and now, in America, I face a new battle against an ancient Hungarian foe.

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  1. Easily the best article I’ve read so far, you’re critique of Euroe and the dangers of “multiculturalism”, the practice of telling Muslim immigrants that they don’t hae to assimilate, is spot on. I applaud your courage too, and faith, we musn’t lose faith or we’ll lose the fight.

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  2. Thank you, Conor! You are right, we must not lose our faith, and we must have no fear. We will require all of our deepest conviction of Love for America and courage to face the road ahead.

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    • I actually had “forgotten” that part of history, myself, until I read about all the criticism projected against Orban for not allowing Muslim immigrants into Hungary. It was at that time when all the stories my mother had told me when I was a little girl about Hungary’s past wars with outside invaders that my memory was “awakened.” Perfect proof that it’s good to listen to your parents! Thank you for the compliment!


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